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05 February 2015

What Should We Do This Weekend?

I've got seven ladies I want you guys to meet today! If you're like me, come Friday at 5pm, the same question starts rolling.... "What do you want to do this weekend?"

"Well, I dunno what do you want to do this weekend?"
"Well I dunno what do you wanna do this weekend?"
"Well I dunno what do you want to do this weekend?"
Etc. etc. etc....

So I've asked each of these ladies to list out what they would do on a weekend they didn't have any plans! I think what I've learned from reading their lists, is that I need to binge watch something on Netflix this weekend... but what to binge watch?! Any suggestions?

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T.O. & fro

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5 Things Mar Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?

1. Lie in bed for a few extra hours with a big cup of coffee.

2. Go for brunch at my favourite local breakfast joint.

3. Get outside with my camera in tow.

4. Invite friends and family over for a tasty dinner.

5. Finish the night curled up on the couch with my husband and a glass, or two, of wine in hand.

A Labour Of Life 

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5 Things Linda Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?
1. Go to a vineyard

2. Go to a microbrewery

3. Shop

4. Go to a music festival/concert

5. Go to any sports event

Route Bliss

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5 Things Christina Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?
1. Sleep in.

2. DVD marathon with a new to me tv series

3. Explore the trails at the local arboretum

4. Seek out some bargains at a flea market

5. Curl up with a good book or two

Handbags & Handguns

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5 Things Misty Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?

1. Read a book

2. Go to the movies

3. Soak up some rays

4. Have Mexican and margaritas with friends

5. Stay in bed and binge watch something on Netflix

Hey Kerri Blog

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5 Things Kerri Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?

1. Since its winter and freaking freezing here in Canada... Go ice skating at the outdoor rink

2. Binge watch a series on Netflix while eating Chinese and drinking wine in bed.

3. Learn to knit and make myself an infinity scarf.

4. Head downtown to my favorite sports bar for some hockey, wings and beer.

5. I've been slacking like crazy on this lately, spend a day organizing; my blog life and makeup vanity being the first two on the list.

 The Grits Blog

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5 Things Ashley Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?

1. Go on a movie binge with my partner in crime - i.e. sneaking into multiple movies at a theater.

2. Take the dogs to the beach and watch them bark at the waves because they just don't get it.

3. Spend an outrageous amount of money - like $100 because that's a lot of cash to me - on makeup at Ulta.

4. Go wine tasting at one of the local co-ops.

5. Stop by my favorite fro-yo place and taste every single flavor and then go with the same flavor I always get - tarro with sprinkles and gummy bears.

Constantly Seeking Wonder

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5 Things Kati Would Do On A Weekend With No Plans?

I'm pretty easily content.

1. Go to a concert (or two or three)

2. Catch up with my pals over happy hour

3. Go on an adventure to take some photographs to add to my collection

4. Have a delicious dinner with my family, full of my favorite foods of course

5. If the weather is nice, go for a walk around the lakes



  1. There are some great ideas here!! Hi Mar!!! Yay! lol

  2. I like you capture your sponsors!

  3. Now what do with a preschooler on the weekends? I need to know! lol!
    Man if I could binge watch something it would probably be Friday Night Lights or One Tree Hill. I have seen every episode of each of them but they never get old! I mean Texas Forever right? Boy do I love Tim Riggins!

  4. Thanks for having me Sarah! I will definitely be indulging in a bottle, or two, of wine this weekend. All while binging on Netflix!

  5. Thanks for the shoutout Sarah! I will definitely be partaking in happy hour and photographing this weekend just as I said I would!

  6. Some great lists from some seemingly great women. Thanks for sharing!


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