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16 February 2015

Meet The Farmer's Wife + $50 Cash and Ad Space Giveaway!


It is the last day of the boat show today! That means only two more days in Miami and then I will be reunited with my man and my pups! I think I can... I think I can... I think I can! The show has been great so far, so I'll be excited call this thing a wrap this trip up until next year! I'll be at the show 10-6 today, so I've asked the pretty mama to two handsome boys, Amy, from The Farmer's Wife to take over for me. Amy is sharing a little bit about here blog, her babies, her precious family and even asking for a little advice about growing a family! 

Plus, Amy is giving away $50 and I'm throwing in ESPN sized ad space!!! What more could you want this holiday Monday morning?!

I'm Amy, and I blog over at The Farmer's Wife.
I was a farmer's wife before it was considered cool...thanks to The Bachelor.
Speaking of The Bachelor, are you a fan?
If so, you probably already know that I have been on it.
No? Well, here's proof.
Hanging with my homies.
I had approximately one second of fame.
High five!
It was kind of a big deal, since, well... I live on a farm. In Idaho.

Now that you know about one of my guilty pleasures, let me tell you a little more about me!
I am married to a studly farmer. 
Not only is he smokin' hot, he is a a beast in the sack.
Kidding. Or not.
We met in college, he won over my heart and moved me away from my Cali roots.
That's our story in a nutshell.
He has had a couple of debut's on my blog including a "man behind the blog" post and a recent interview that he did with me.
He is a real peach.
This, alone, should make you want to...
{the farmer's wife}
You know you want to.

I have more than one farmer in my life though!
We have created two mini farmers together.
Our oldest is Broderick... aka Brody.
He is the sweetest most hard headed boy ever.
He also JUST turned four, which kind of suffocates my heart a little bit.

We also have precious Beckam.
He is a joyful and fearless little guy...
who loves animals and tractors.

We are currently on the fence about bringing a third little munchkin into our family.
Anyone out there have three kids... or come from a family of three kids?
How is it? One kid always getting left out... or always enough love to go around?
This is why I blog, to get life altering decisions answered by my blog friends.
Help a sista out.

A few other things I like to blog about:

I'm not afraid to share some embarrassing stories with my lovely readers.
That one time a girl used my toothbrush to clean the sink because she thought I stole her dildo... you'll just have to read it for yourself
Or that time TSA nearly made me miss my flight when they found a bullet in my baby carrier. Thanks farmer.
Or when I had to have surgery while I was pregnant. Maybe more traumatic than embarrassing.

I like to cook, errr bake. 
I share some pretty fab recipes.
Salted caramel apple hand pies? YES. In my mouth.

I've got a thing for throwing parties too.
Maybe you would call it an obsession.
Either way you should definitely check out...
I've also got a new train party comin' attcha real soon.

Or perhaps you like room/house renovations?
Brody's big boy room and Beckam's nursery are my favs.

I also totally love my sponsors.
If you would like to join in on the fun, I'm offering a special deal to all of you foxy readers!
Check out my ad descriptions HERE and enter code VENUS to get 50% off any ad space!

OH, and just because I already like you all so much, 
I have 50 bones to give away to one lucky winner!
Get entered below!

Hope to see you around.



  1. I'm glad to see someone loves the bachelor as much as me! that is so awesome! and can't wait to check out her recipes - yum!

  2. Funny, I follow September Farm (did I find her here?) and as soon as I saw these pictures I knew this girl was from Idaho. (Side note: I spent a semester living in Idaho and visited a few other times.) It's confusing/interesting to run across bloggers who are friends with each other (in real life)?

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