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18 February 2015

6 Tips for Boosting Self-Confidence

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Ah yes, Miami. The land of the prettiest girls, the most beautiful sun kissed skin and bright white teeth! As you know, I've been in Miami for the past 9 days for the Miami International Boat Show. Last year, I wrote a post about the distorted self-perception women, myself 100% included, have about their appearance. I felt totally self-conscious in Miami last year, and I still struggle with thoughts of I'm not pretty enough or skinny enough or my hair is too frizzy. I find myself comparing my body, and looks, to others. I hate that I do that, but I still do.

But this year, I didn't want to go through the same feelings of inadequacy all over again. So, for this year's trip, I armed myself with a few quick tips for self(ie)-confidence!

Tip#1- Actually listen and receive compliments
I am the world's worst at sloughing off compliments. For example...
Friend: "Sarah you look skinny in that outfit! Have you lost weight?"
Me: "Oh my gosh, no. I've been eating all of the pizza. I'm gross right now."

Why can't I just say "thank you so much" and really take that compliment to heart? Not only take it to heart, but consciously remind myself that I received that compliment. Someone thinks I look skinny today... that is fantastic news! Nothing can bring me down when I have an outfit on that I think I look skinny in!

Tip #2- Sit up straight
Sloucher: party of 1 right here. I constantly slouch in my seat. No one ever felt beautiful and confident sitting slumped over.

Actively remind yourself to sit up straight. I once read that sitting up straight can actually help you believe your own thoughts. Sit up straight and tell yourself that you're the bomb... and I bet you'll just believe it!

Tip #3- Know what your confidence game changer is
I want you to think about something you can do that would immediately boost your confidence in a group of people. Everyone has one. Maybe it's applying a bold red lip and you've turned from shy to spotlight hog. Or you have a color you wear that you've gotten compliment after compliment on, and you know this color will change your whole mood and demeanor.

Mine is when I am able to make someone laugh. I feel so good about myself when I've cracked a joke that everyone dies laughing at. I also sometimes break my arm patting myself on the back after a killer joke, and that is totally ok! I say break your arm from time to time in the name of self-confidence!

Tip #4- Actively ditch anything that can make you feel self-conscious
I am SOOOOO bad about getting a manicure, then letting the polish chip away for days longer than it should. When I'm having a conversation with someone, my mind is consumed with thoughts about hiding my nails out of view instead of listening to what the other person is saying. Either paint the nails, or remove the polish... ditch anything that will make your mind dart to self doubt.

Tip #5- Constantly Smile
I owe this one all to CB. I never used to think my smile was anything out of the ordinary. In the past, if I was ever asked what my best feature was, I would have probably said my blue eye color.

Since meeting CB though, he tells me every day how much he loves my smile. When I remember to follow tip number 1, I feel that anytime I smile, I look and feel prettier.

Tip#6 - The quickest, fastest and easiest way to feel beautiful? Whiten Those Teeth
Losing weight takes time (plus, sadly, eating stuffed crust pizza is frowned upon while dieting and counter productive), dying your hair is expensive, a new wardrobe is fabulous but expensive.... but a white smile? Fast, easy and makes a huge impact.... and not to mention, it is a great self(ie)-confidence booster!

Before I left for Miami,  I took a trip to Walmart and picked up the Colgate® Optic White® Express White toothpaste. To boost the speed and power of whitening your teeth, it has more than two times the professionally recommended whitening ingredient versus Optic White Sparkling Mint toothpaste. You can actually get whiter teeth in as little as three days, and all you have to do is brush your teeth as you normally would*! At walmart, there will actually be a roaming demo in 550 stores on 2/28/15 to promote the new product. Ambassadors will be roaming aisles giving out $1 off coupons good on Express White Toothpaste! 

Here is the aisle where you can find the Colgate® Optic White® Express White toothpaste to try for yourself! 

So whether you are at home, or traveling to a place like Miami, what are your tips and self-reminders for boosting your self(ie)-confidence?

*For best results, use as directed for 4 weeks.



  1. I just sat up straighter in my chair!! love your prettay face!

  2. Posture alone is a huge game-changer in confidence and demeanor! I'm glad you traveled prepared this time!

  3. Love this! I'm leaving for a trip to Miami tomorrow morning and was worried that my pale skin would make me stand out. I'll be happy knowing that my skin may be pale but it's healthy!

  4. I did the same thing Helene did - as soon as I read that line I was like, holy crap SIT UP STRAIGHT! I'm with you on all of these. Sometimes my confidence waivers, but a lot of times I "fake it until I make it" and weirdly enough, I start believing it.

  5. As cheesy as this sounds, I give myself pep talks when I need an extra boost of confidence. It totally works!

  6. Very romantic that your dude loves your smile. Lucky gal.
    Texas Jak

  7. You do have a gorgeous smile! Show it off!

  8. Ohhh I love the tip about the confidence game changer! I always feel better when I curl my hair and wear a cute dress.

  9. we cruised out of Miami last week and I noticed the boat show was going on, totally planned on trying to hit the show to say hi but after cruising we decided to go to Fort Lauderdale so lazy gal that I am we never made the show, one of these days... Ottawa Boat show is going on now you should be here ( not really because of the snow and cold but hopefully one of these days). Love this post, spot on

  10. I totally agree about smiling! Even when you don't think you have a great smile (which CB is right yours is wonderful dear!) it still can make a huge attitude change. Just smiling makes me subconciously change my posture and my mindset. It's like smiling makes me think "I got this."

  11. I'm a terrible slumped, too. And I've been thinking about how I need to whiten my teeth. I did it years ago and I think it's time to do it again.

  12. These are great tips Sarah! I am so bad at receiving compliments. I need to learn to accept them and just be happy! And you are right on with ditching the self conscious crap! Thanks!

  13. You should link this up for my you Re beautiful linkup that is on the blog today!! It's a perfect post to build self confidence and self love!!

  14. Great tips that I totally agree with! Just a simple smile can change everything! #client


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