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20 February 2015

The 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

I realize this isn't imperative information, but actually it is. I have a bleacher report Facebook troll. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, when I told you about the guy who was Tom Brady's butt buddy facebook white knight?  Well apparently he just sits around, just waiting for me to comment on a Bleacher Report Facebook status update. 

Exhibit A...

Do you guys remember Leah, Devon Still's daughter who was diagnosed with pediatric cancer? Well Bleacher Report posted this and my heart melted all over everything....

I got so excited and emotional and happy and giddy, so I commented... and here comes Corey, my facebook angry elf......... 
I mean, what?! This is a comment on how beautiful and strong this young lady battling cancer is. I realize everyone came to my rescue in the comments, but good lord if that doesn't infuriate me. What on all of God's green earth is wrong with people? 

Aside from that, how bout that beautiful little girl Leah though???

Major League Baseball is picking up the pace! 

Today, the MLB is scheduled to announce 4 new "pace-of-play" rules that will speed up the game. Last year, MLB games averaged a total time of 3 hours and 2 minutes, compared to 2 hours and 33 minutes in 1981. 

Last season, there was a ton of discussion that baseball had, quite frankly, become boring for fans. Younger generations was not purchasing tickets or watching games on tv because the games were so dang long.

Here are the 4 new rules:

1. Managers must stay in the dugout during replay challenges
2. Hitters must keep at least one foot in the batter's box during at-bats 
3. A prompt return to play after TV commercial breaks
4. Timed pitching changes. 

The NBA trade deadline was yesterday at 3pm and in a span of about 2 minutes there were approximately 32,432,245,235 trades. The trades consisted of a frenzy of guys I'd never heard of... plus Kevin Garnett. Garnett was traded back to the Timberwolves. I didn't know he was still in the league. The man is 38 years old. Isn't he the guy that used to do those Sprite commercials?

Speaking of NBA, did anyone watch the NBA all-star game? Defense is overrated I suppose...

Moving along.

Let's talk about what a beast Mo'ne Davis is. She is the 13 year old pitcher that put a beat down on all the boys in the 2014 Little League World Series. She was the first girl ever to win and pitch a shutout, and the first African American girl to ever play in the Little League World Series. This chick is the bomb. 

But this girl can do more than just pitch a baseball. Watch the utter embarrassment she lays down on Kevin Hart in the celebrity all star game.... 
Gif Via
Dang girl. You think some colleges might be interested in her?????!!!!! 

For number 5 today, I want you guys to meet Jamie from Gunters Abroad! Jamie and her husband Van met at Auburn  and have lived all over the south, but are now residing in the UK. Speaking of the UK, her guest post today is all about why living in the UK has been fantastic thus far. As someone who has never been there, but is dying to go, I'm taking notes!!! Maybe I can convince CB to take a little road trip across the pond...... hmmm.... food for thought. 

Take it away, Jamie!


Hi VTIM readers! I’m Jamie from Gunters Abroad! You may have
seen me hanging out on the sidebar this month….eating some gelato in Rome, yum!
My blog chronicles mine and my husband’s adventures while living in the UK. We
are big time travellers, drinkers, skier/snowboarders, golfers and Auburn
fans!! (Sorry Sarah!) While I could gush about some of our specific travels, (which
include places literally all over Europe
) I want to bring the focus to our
host country, the United Kingdom, and tell you just a few reasons why living
here is AWESOME.

Why Living in the UK is Awesome (in no particular order)


The birthplace of Golf. The Holy Grail. I
cannot describe to you how amazing it is to step onto a Scottish golf course
and play. Never mind that there are 14th century castle ruins off in
the distance. Surreal experience no matter how crappy you play that day! And of
course, the best places aren’t just in Scotland. Whether you are playing
in England
around a castle, or even hopping
a plane to the mainland with your clubs
, you will not be disappointed at
the options offered to you!

You may have dreamt of living the princess
life as a little girl or being a knight in shining armour. And here in the UK, you
can relive those dreams! Castles are literally
and we go and seek them out whenever possible. My favourite
castles are the ones that are ruins to be honest. It gives them an eerie feel
and you can just imagine the ghost of a knight popping out at any moment, or
maybe a queen with her head cut off for that matter!

My favourite castles include: Alnwick
, Tantallon
(pictured above) and Arundel
 (below) just to name a few. And those are just the ones in England. Super.

One of my favourite bits of living in the
UK…..the language. While there are some obvious differences in our words (I have
a whole list here),
I still am amazed on a regular basis by some of the phrases that I hear! And
while it is funny to hear silly phrases, I am finding that I am adopting a lot
of the slang which should make for an interesting challenge when we return to
the States one day. A few of my adopted terms include: ‘Brill’, “cheeky’,
‘cheers’, ‘chuffed’, ‘knackered’, ‘dodgy’….wow, as I’m typing, I realize I
could on and on!! Anyway, point being is that it is seriously fun to figure out
what someone is trying to say sometimes! And my British friends and I will swap
accents for the night which is the perfect drinking game!

Food glorious food’ (hello Oliver) While
you might have heard that British food is bland, I’m here to rebuke this
statement. British food is amazing. Whether its pub grub or Sunday roast, the
freshness in British food is amazing. They really strive to locally source
their ingredients and it makes a world of difference. While I do miss my
favorites, like a good round of chips and salsa, a good steak and ale pie
will suffice for now.

And the BEER. Goodness, how will I ever
drink a run of the mill beer again in the States?! I’ve actually learned a lot
about drinking while living in the UK. And it is totally normal to go for a
pint on your lunch break. America’s got it all wrong my friends.

Travel obviously
Now this is what my blog mostly revolves
around….our travels. We love to visit new places, drink their alcohol, eat
their food and learn a little bit about the history and culture along the way. We
have been to so many places that I would have never dreamed of being able to
visit while living in the States. We just returned from our second trip to
Prague which is our favourite European city. You can’t beat $1.50 on a fresh
pint of Czech beer! And while Prague is our favourite, places like the Greek
islands and Amsterdam run in a close second. Or skiing the Alps….that’s another
good one.

See? Living in the UK is pretty sweet I tell you! So come
along and see what else we are getting up to over at Gunters Abroad! Take a
look over on my travels page and get lost in some wanderlust for the day
instead of working, you know you want to! Thanks for having me on! 

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  1. I have never enjoyed baseball because it took so long. I once dated a minor league player and never attended any of his games.

  2. I loved everyones reaction when Mo'ne Davis crossed Kevin Hart! Girl is crazy talented!

  3. I cannot believe you have an internet troll. that is kinda hilarious. also cool that every stepped up and called him a whack job. people, are weird. So many new rules for baseball. that just seems silly.

  4. Your internet troll's bad attitude is impressively horrible. Like you said, what a distasteful move, given it involves a beautiful little girl with cancer. I've just given up commenting on Facebook and I had to give up Reddit altogether... I just get too invested and angry when I talk to people like that.


  5. I will never understand internet trolls. They make no sense to me. Like, why are you wasting so much energy just being a jerk to someone you don't even know??

  6. GET IN THERE MO'NE. Mo Mo'ne, mo problems.

  7. I will never understand why the NBA makes the majority of their trades in the middle of the season! Playoffs are coming up we don't have time to mess around finding people new homes!

  8. I love these lists! The little girl walking the runway, like you, makes my heart so so happy. And I really didn't know who this Mo'Ne girl was, but 13? Holy smokes!

  9. What on earth with that troll? I'm glad everyone came to your defense! And seriously how cute is your baseball outfit?! Reminds me of A League of Their Own baseball uniforms!

  10. YAY BASEBALL!!!!

    And seriously. That Corey guy has problems. I'm glad all those other guys jumped in to defend you. Can't have you getting in any cyber bar fights, now!

  11. Mo'ne Davis = Da Bomb!
    Leah Stills = Da Winner!
    Corey Flocka = Da Douchebag!

  12. But really, what is with that Corey guy? Somebody needs some anger management.

  13. I'm all about freedom of speech, but shouldn't we have a way to ban idiots like that from the Internet?! In more important news, Leah Still melts my heart and makes me proud to be a Bengals fan! I'm so glad the new commissioner is making moves to speed up baseball. I'm a fan, but it's true - those games can drag. I think speeding up pitching changes will really help.

  14. hahaha I can't believe you have your very own troll. I think that means you're officially famous! also. Mone is such a boss! I love her.


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