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24 February 2015

I Swear That Camo Hat Is Not Mine

All hail mother nature (no pun intended) for blessing Dallas with a Monday Snow Day. If Monday is spent snuggled in flannel sheets, then did Monday even happen? I wasn't able to get into work yesterday, along with the rest of Dallas. It was a ghost town out there. I'm not hating on Dallas, nor am I judging how a city could shut down from a relatively small winter storm. Dallas, unlike where i grew up in Virginia, just isn't equipped to handle snow and ice.... and why would they be? Why spend the money on tons of snow plows for a snow that happens maybe once a year? Alas, no one can safely travel on iced over, unplowed, unsalted roads. Better to just stay in the flannel sheets, no?

This weekend, before CB, everyone else in Dallas and I went to the grocery store, we managed to check a whole bunch of activities off our to-do list... starting with the Deep Ellum Wine Walk this past Thursday with Helene. If you happen to ever be in Dallas on the third Thursday of the month from 5pm-8pm, drop everything you have planned, bring $5, and go to Deep Ellum instead.  

Three hours... Unlimited wine.... $5... Keep the Cup... #Boom. 

One of the stops was Kettle Art Gallery, so our poses below were supposed to be "artsy". Duh, can't you tell what I'm doing here is artsy? Or nah....

Or how about this pose? Very different. Very artsy.  

 Then we found this very confusing contraption, we were not sure what it was for? We were told it was vintage... Anyone know if we were even close to using it correctly? 

A winederful time had by all! 

On Friday, CB and I went to our first movie together... ever. I'm just not a big movie person.... aka, I'm not someone you should ever invite to bar team trivia. We saw 50 Shades Of Grey. I had only read about half of the book--- reading just isn't my thing, go ahead and judge me. Also, did I mention you probably shouldn't invite me to bar team trivia?

To sum up my thoughts: It was depressing and I would not see it again..... But I was very ready to go home afterwards..... get it? got it? good

We had a very busy Saturday, and the secret was somehow leaked to Veenie, who was ready to go bright and early Saturday morning. I blame General, I told him not to tell her. 

Joke was on her though, look at her face when I told her she wasn't coming to the brewery tour with us later that afternoon...

Baby steps, CB, baby steps...

We had plans to go to Granbury that evening to see CB's family, so we decided we might as well make the most of driving an hour and a half from Dallas, and check out Revolver's brewery tour! The original forecast called for 70 degrees and sunshine, and that is what I dressed for. Although I was unprepared and frozen, this brewery did not disappoint.  
The band playing, Shotgun Friday, was the bomb too. We had seen them play at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth once before, which I talked about in this post, so when we walked up and I spotted them on stage, I may or may not have screamed a little bit. 

Four beers later we were feeling good! Next up, CB's brother was nice enough to take us out fishing on his boat. I was given this wonderful camo hat to wear, so I apologize in advance for the likelihood that you will be unable to spot me in any of these photos. *note to future Sarah: come better prepared with your own hat. 

I did not catch this fish. 
I did not catch any fish. 
I was the only person in the boat not to catch a fish.

The fish just probably couldn't see me or my bait with that hat on....

Then the ice came.
Please allow Veenie to demonstrate how I spent the rest of my weekend.... 

Are you covered in snow?? 
Or are you in Miami?



  1. Looks like y'all had quite a weekend! And I totally feel Dallas on shutting down on snow days.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I'm covered in snow, but that's a lot more expected up here in northern Wisconsin!

  3. hhahah. "Arousingly Depressing" is how you just described 50 shades.

  4. Our snow just melted here in Oklahoma! My husband and I were in Dallas last weekend and headed back home just in time to miss the ice in Texas but hit it in Oklahoma. PS, I didn't make it to NYLO this weekend :( BUT I will definitely be back!!!

  5. Looks like you had a blast this weekend!

  6. first, why do i look angry in ever single pic? oh well. you look cute in camo. SORRY. I heard 50 shades wasn't that good but now i'm definitely not going after your review. even if you did hurry to go home. NUDGE NUDGE.

  7. Hey Sarah!!! I LOVE these posts so much, I swear I precariously live through these photo's lol!! I enjoy them so so much!! And how cuuute is Veenie!! Adorable!! ;D XOXO


  8. OKAY that wine tour though. either Atlanta needs one or I need to move to the big D

  9. Ok CB, I see you making those small baby steps! And I need to figure out how to bring this wine walk to NC!

  10. Totally covered in snow, totally jealous of your fun weekend! I'm currently lying in bed reading as many blog's as my little heart can take.

  11. That looks like a great weekend.

    I'm not in Miami, I'm someplace better: California. No snow, but our mountains look gorgeous from my window.

  12. 16 inches of snow, MSU canceled classes for a whole week, UK canceled a couple of days, and my water froze 3 times and busted once. I am sooooo over this winter.

  13. We got like 15 inches of snow in Kentucky last week and it's been cold as balls since. I am so jealous of the wine walk! What an awesome idea!

  14. Sounds like you had a great time! We have not even seen one flake of snow where I live in Washington. I am not complaining.

  15. Yep. Covered in snow for a few months now. Murr. 50 Shades was thoroughly meh for my taste, but I do think the guy is pretty attractive. The pictures while fishing look gorgeous! I miss having color in the sky. It's all grey these days...

  16. Its freezing and snowy in Chicago so I feel your pain. Looks like a great weekend so probably worked out great to have a day to snuggle in bed!

  17. I was wondering if we would hear anything from you on the winter storm in Dallas. In fact, someone from The Weather Channel did a live shot in Deep Ellum and immediately I thought of you. (I believe my exact words were, "Husband! They're in Deep Ellum, that's where SPORTS GIRL lives!!" Yes, I call you Sports Girl, because I have shared several posts with him and that's just who you are in my blogger girl reference list. #oops) Anyway! We have been ice/snowed in all week so far and can I say it has been LOVELY!? Not sure if the hubs would agree...but whatev.

  18. Richmond had snow last Tuesday and the place shut down until the next Monday pretty much. True story. I live here! LOL I am now battling this winter nonsense trying to get out of Richmond tomorrow to see my fiance' in California before he deploys. Mother nature hates me!

  19. Looks like a pretty great weekend to me! I am BURIED in snow up in Boston. Just buried. My feet want out of these snow boots, please and thank you.

  20. Oh those puppy dog eyes, a person could fall in love with those eyes...............just saying
    Fishing I don't do, I don't like seafood and fishing is boring.............and I don't do boring


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