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18 October 2013

Fan Friday: NFL Approved Purses

I'm pretty sure I put everyone to sleep last week with my post about fantasy football tips, so I think this week, we will keep it a little lighter for fan friday around these parts! Let's talk purses that are A- OK for NFL games. If you remember my rant here about the 8 things the NFL should have banned instead of purses, then you know that you cannot bring purses larger than a clutch to the games unless they are horribly hideous clear NFL logoed bags or a ziplock bag. Worst thing I've ever heard seeing as this lady brought a dang picnic smorgasbord to the Rangers game a few weeks ago. 

Here are the guidelines:
You can bring ANY bag that is...
6.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall or smaller

And guess what? The security dude doesn't have a dang ruler out checking the bag to make sure it is the right size. There is no slot you have to try and fit the bag through to confirm it's the proper size. There is no mascot statue holding a measuring stick saying, "Your bag must be this small to ride this game day ride." 

I parked for the cowboys game about 1.5 miles away from the stadium. The farther away I walked from my car, the more I started formulating scripts in my head of things I'd say to the gigantic security guard if he told me my bag was too big. 

"But sir, I brought this bag to the game last week and no one said anything to me!"
 ^^^ this would totally work

"Can you hold my tampons for me while I take my bag back to the car? I don't have pockets."

*Ugly cry* while simultaneously stacking tampons on the table

But alas, I got up to the security checkpoint and he didn't even make me open all of the compartments, let alone question its size! Here are some tips for bringin a bag that is one or two inches larger than the guidelines. 

1. Go to the MALE security guard. Never ever ever go to the lady. 
2. Carry tampons, even if you're not on your period. Dudes freak out at tampons
3. Don't be a dummy with the purse you choose. Bring a bag that is close to the right size. Don't be dumb and hope you'll sweet talk your way into the game with a gigantic purse. Ain't gonna happen sweet cheeks . 

Here are some great bags, for every price point, that I'm confident would be fine for NFL games. Now, I'm not a security guard, nor do I work for the NFL (unless you're needing someone Mr. Jerry Jones?) so don't get all huffy with me if they end up being too big. But like I said, I'm confiedent these will be just fine. And the best part? Since I'm trying to save money, I've found you online discount codes you can enter at checkout, for each bag, just simply click the image or follow the directions below each option!

Even if you hate this purse, (but who would?!) you can actually use this coupon to get  an additional 30% off of everything on sale at J.Crew from now thru Sunday!
How to:
1. Just click here 
2. Click Reveal Code
3. It will automatically take you to the JCREW website. Search for item #03956 (that purdy bag above) and you'll enter that code provided at checkout for 30% off your entire purchase!
How to:
1. Just click here 
2. Click Activate
3. It will automatically take you to the Nordstrom's website. Search by the item numbers I've provided you, and you'll automatically be provided with free shipping and 6% cash back from

My point with this way-too-much-going-on graphic is that Express has tons of options. I have a coupon for you for 15% off if you'd prefer to shop in-store or online. For online, all you have to do is enter your email address and you get 15% off plus 3% cash back!

Have you found any sites with great bags that are NFL appropriate?

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  1. i'm a fan of waist packs; not old people fanny packs but stylish ones. they're small enough to hold the necessities and hands-free. and i totally agree with you about guys and tampons! they get all nervous and weird around them and want nothing to do with them LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I think the purse ban is so silly! I mean, yeah, why do you REALLY need to carry a huge satchel into a NFL game where where you'd have to set it on the ground... but if it's for the purpose of of lessening the chances of smuggling something in, they've got other things to worry about. Haven't they seen that bra-bladder thing that you can fill with alcohol? Next thing you know, we'll all have to go bra-less.

  3. The chance of my going to an NFL game soon are pretty slim considering we live a few hours from professional teams (waaah), but I still want to load up on some of these bags!

  4. I hated that ban too! Thanks for the ideas though!

  5. i pretty much want everyone of those bags so thanks for that! Also, now that baseball post season is going on I am finally into sports so I can link up! I have watched so much sports lately, you would be proud

  6. I just don't understand this ban. I mean...I can go to a hockey game with no issues! ;)

  7. small crossbody and tampax compak tampons are the way to go. it is annoying but I see it as packing as if you are going out for the night...less is more!

  8. Yes, tampons never fail to get you through the door! I still don't fully get this ban, it's like they don't want more females to enjoy NFL games.

  9. Hahahah tampons. Too true. I never, ever, bring a purse to sporting events just because of the line. ID goes in the pocket, phone goes in God's Pocket (ya know, my bra) and I bring my dad to pay for things. Win. Except then we have to stand there and wait while my mom goes through security with her giant bag. She'll never learn.

  10. I keep meaning to do this link-up every Friday when I see it, but I always end up forgetting =( Cause quite frankly, it's a fantastic idea! I'm gonna write it down this week so I can have something prepared next time. Heck, maybe even a late-Friday-night blog post is in order...

  11. yes can't wait to use all these deals!! and seriosuly good point about tampons, good to know ;)

  12. don't be jealous that you didn't think to bring the pringles to the rangers game... was it the salt & vinegar kind?! those are my favorite.

  13. Great post as always! I have been to a couple of Browns games so far this year, and at our stadium they actually have a bin of sorts that you must place your bag in if they think it might possibly be too large. I have actually watched them turn away women who were carrying bags that weren't clear too :( I know some women were actually featured on the Cleveland news because they had a bag making party....took clear bags (Size appropriate) and added the Browns duck tape to them here and there to have a little bit of privacy.Hope they get rid of this horrible rule soon!

  14. This post makes me sad because I wish I was worrying about how I was going to get my purse into a Ravens game, not how I am going to get myself into a Ravens game. :(

  15. See I love you. You researched sizes and price points and provided sales codes. You're like a blogging purse fairy god mother, and I don't even go to NFL games.

  16. They may not have a ruler at games where you live....but they do here in Arizona for Cardinals games! My clutch was actually a tiny bit UNDER size and they still measured it with a little ruler! I use a Coach wristlet type thing that I got at the outlets for about $20.

  17. WHY DOES SHE HAVE NO SHOES ON WITH HER PICNIC? That's all I can think about, you are in a PUBLIC place with NO SHOES ON. Ummm, NO.

    We're headed to a Chargers game in a few weeks and I have the PERFECT little bag for this! :) I was going to try and shove everything into my pockets, now, no need!

  18. This bag requirement is crazy! I have to carry 2 (really bulky) epi pens that don't fit in a small bag, also I have to carry a lot of medication around, which leaves me with a big ass bag all the time. What does the NFL want people like me to do?! Crazy people!


    1. Hey Kristin -- new NFL rules actually WILL let you take things in for medical reasons. so no worries. I also have a PortaPocket size that fits EpiPens, too:

  19. I understand no0t bring huge rucksack things but come on... a handbag?! That's crazy and sexist (thought using that would make it sound even worse haha). I think using tampons is the best idea for any kind of male issue hahah... Excuse me, I have tampons in my hand, can I cut in line? I see it working haha!!
    Missy x

  20. They have a rule in our city now that the bag has to be CLEAR!!! Not good for hiding tampons or anything else for that matter. Who has clear bags? They will sell you one at the gate if you don't but all bags must be cleared-Pun intended.

  21. Dang it! I think I was planning on linking up with you one of these Fridays! But I forgot what my brilliant post idea was! Don't you just hate that!? I think of a good idea and if I don't text the idea to myself I forget almost instantly! Hey, I'm listening to your song while I comment.. I like it. Lots of f-bombs! :)
    Oh and I don't go to NFL games.. but if I did- then I would remember this purse tip- so thank you!

  22. Cute bags!! Makes me wanna buy one.. ;) Also, I LOVE that Weeknd track.

  23. how funny would it be if they actually made those security guards stand there with a damn ruler checking bags....

  24. Hi Sarah and friends! I have a solution that I designed and patented after dropping a spare tampon on the gym floor and getting mad (true story!) ...PERFECT answer to this bag ban situation, and acually for WAY more than just tampons's for all those things you may want NOW and don't want to lose (or get stolen like your cell, ID, cards, etc). Try my patented PortaPocket.... and lose the worry, not your stuff. woo hoo! Works almost ANYwhere on your body, and it's super comfy, detachable, interchangeable and easy to use. See what I mean at Use code NFL to get 13% off any order right now at :) xoxo

  25. Great post! I'm still SO annoyed at this rule, obviously there are no females on the board that decided this. However, your tips are helpful. Thanks doll! I also think I'm going to wear a jacket with MANY pockets and just stuff shit in there. ;-)


  26. The ban is the worse. I do the tampon thing and one time to an giant game I went to with my cousins they didn't want you bring in food. So I told them I have diabetes so they let me bring in my food.

  27. so much YES for the tampon card. i just love this so much.

  28. Heres a better looking clear bag, but I'm a bit partial. :)

  29. I get lots of compliments asking where I got my bag. I just love it. Its handles were a little shorter than pictured, but that does not bother me one bit.
    Louis Vuitton shoes

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