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22 October 2013

Where Are Your Nuts Located?

The other day I was feeling particularly crafty and I decided to tackle the Hex Nut Bracelet from Honestly WTF. We all know my prior track record with Pinterest projects so I'm assuming you can guess how this went down.
I started by trying to track down the right materials. Finding the rope was no problem. I chose two different kinds of rope to experiment with: one suede, one leather. 

Here is where it gets tricky. Unlike all the other people I read who did this project, I didn't just have NUTS laying around the house in an abandoned tool box. I went into Lowe's and walked around for 20 minutes unable to find the nuts section. I was praying I would stumble upon the nuts on my own and not have to ask the Lowe's man, Excuse me sir, where are your nuts located?

Then voila, there the nuts sat. Dodged that bullet.  One problem though, I couldn't find any BRASS nuts.. grrr.

Then the Lowe's man comes up and says, "Can I help you with something?" and without thinking I blurt out, "Uh yeah, I can't find your brass nuts." GAH!

ANYWAYSSS... I grabbed my nuts and ran outta there!


I had to tape down the rope, AND YES I bought new tape for the occasion!

You need about 18-20 nuts. Braid your rope for about an inch.

Then you will start braiding your nuts into the rope. 

Then continue braiding another inch down and tie off the rope.

I suck.
 That is the ugliest bracelet I have ever seen in my life. 

You know what isn't ugly
 (or it might be if you're going to talk about how you're dressing up as Miley from the VMAs)
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  1. brass nuts. ha. i wouldn't say it's the ugliest bracelet ever, but don't you love how stuff never turns out as good as it looks when other people do it? grr.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. I'd have probably left and scratched the whole project had I been forced to ask where the brass nuts were.

  3. I would pay money to watch you ask a Lowes man for his brass nuts.

  4. hahaha.. the Lowe's experience is hysterical... By the pictures leading up to the final it didn't look bad at all, but then looked different when you put it on your wrist. I wonder why? Maybe it needs to be tighter? if that's possible. It's a cool bracelet though! A for effort! :)

  5. I don't think the bracelet looks bad! Plus you made it so it makes it way more special than anyhting you would buy at a store. Also, I will be linking up tomorrow!!! Cant wait.

  6. I'm not sure i could ask someone where their brass nuts are without laughing my ass off.

  7. it's not so bad! i made a few that look kinda hideous but i wear them anyway because i made them. rock yours!!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. I tried to make this bracelet too!!! Yours came out way better than mine did!

  9. it's not THAT bad. it's kinda like a manly bracelet it'd make a great gift for michael

  10. WAIT NO that is so cool! If I was crafty, I'd make it!

  11. HAHAHAHAHA!! Your intentions were good!! It looked like it had real potential to be a great bracelet .. and then.. it just wasn't, was it!? I was hoping so much that it would look awesome and that I would be at some hardware store asking for my own brass nuts. Oh well.. YOU TRIED.. and boy, did you ever! I mean, you even bought new tape for the occasion. Don't give up! I'm sure there will be a DIY project you will master my friend !!!

  12. It's not that bad! It's just one of those Pinterest crafts that won't look right unless Martha Stewart herself does it. Like 99% of everything else on Pinterest. It's way better than whatever my attempt would look like though, I'm sure! x

  13. Heh heh, brass nuts. And I agree with Amanda that it's not that bad, not as bad as some projects I have tried. Who the hell are these pinterest wizards who whip up these crazy awesome crafts?

  14. haha what was his reaction? I would not be able to ask that without a straight face!

  15. I would have totally said the same thing and then run away, mortified. And that is NOT the ugliest bracelet ever. It's a cool idea.

  16. I think it totally kick ass and I am so going to try it.

  17. Brass balls would have been worse than brass nuts.

    You're brave for the attempt. Most of the time, I pin things knowing I will never ever ever make it.

  18. Lol. Where are your nuts. Ha. The title totally had me thinking this was a breast cancer post follow up. Great attempt...not sure if it looks worse in real life compared to the photos, but from where I sit it looks good!

  19. Maybe some thinner rope would have done the trick? Not a bad first try!

  20. LOL, from an experienced Lowes shopper, its an overwhelming store and some stuff is hard to find if you have no clue where to start looking. I'm sure the guy got a little chuckle out of it (or else his brass nuts need some attention!) As far as the bracelet, its not bad! I think maybe thinner rope is how they got their so close together? IDK, i'm SO not crafty so I give you props for trying!



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