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31 October 2013

Someday I will.... + a Q&A

I really wanted to link-up with Taylor yesterday but I had the group giveaway planned. What does that say about you when you are late to the Someday I will... linkup?? I feel like it is necessary to tell you that I purchased the wifi on the plane to write this post. That means you are obligated to read it all, right?

The Daily Tay

Someday I will... Start watching a television show that is not called: Family Guy, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Saved by the Bell, Real Housewives, Bravo TV Network. I'd rather watch reruns of these than new episodes of anything else.

Someday I will... Not stress about what people think about me. Does she like me? Does she not like me? Is she mad at me? Is she mad that I said that? Should I have said something different? Am I ugly? Do I look fat in this? Is it bad that I'm wearing black tights and a blue dress and tan boots? Sheesh it was exhausting just listening to myself type that. Why do we all care so much?

Someday I will... Not get irrationally, fly-off-the-handle angry at convenience store clerks. *Inserts Card* *Please enter Zip Code* *Please enter pin* *Unable to authorize--- beep beep beep* *Please see clerk* *Goes inside* *Clerk asks, "Did you want to pre-pay? How much would you like to pre pay?* "No I' didn't want to pre-pay, I don't know how much I want to pre-pay!!! I apologize that I have yet to memorize the exact gallon quantity my car will hold!!!!!  I just want to put my little card in the slot and have you just take out the correct amount of money for the correct amount of gas it will take to fill my tank!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah, someday I won't get that angry.

Someday I will... Enjoy cooki---- HAHAHA no.

Someday I will... Opt to buy 1 investment piece rather than 45 shirts from Forever 21 for the same price. 

Someday I will... Stop having such a ridiculous emotional attachment to things like stuffed animals, and birthday cards.

Someday I will... be a sideline reporter. 

I'm going to end on that one because it's the one I really want to happen. Now I want you to meet Ashley from Rainstorms and Love Notes (and get to know me a little better too while we're at it!)
We're both athletic-themed car selfie takers, what more could you want?

A:  James Gandolfini. My husband and I were in the middle of watching our way through the Sopranos series when he died, and we were crushed to learn that he'd passed away.
S: Heath Ledger. I just feel like he really wasn't done making his mark on the world. I still can't believe he is gone!

A: Anything that would hurt my family (also, wear a Ravens jersey in public)
S: Anything that would hurt my family (also, wear a Kentucky jersey in public) Sorry but Ashley's answer was just too perfect.

A: Entertainment Weekly, for writing a world-famous novel that's been adapted into a movie, of course
S: Maxim. That would mean I've suddenly become a super hot bombshell. Also, this magazine is my guilty pleasure. The articles are really very funny.

A: Jigsaw puzzle, all day, every day. I maybe even have a jigsaw puzzle app that I play regularly...
S: Jigsaw. I tried a rubix cube once and it made me feel like a total moron after about 7 seconds.

A: One afternoon during my freshman year, I was speed-walking to get to the bus on time, and I tripped and fell to my knees in the middle of the hallway. I guess my jeans were kind of slippery though, because I went sliding across the hallway, which caused everyone to stop and stare. If my life was accompanied by music, the record definitely would have screeched to a halt at that moment.
S: Similar story. I was playing JV basketball, (and I know what you're thinking, you had to play JV? Yes, I am a good samaritan and paid my dues until it was Varsity time) and my dad was driving me to school for my game. We had to dress up for home games, so I was wearing the only thing I owned that I considered dressy, hooker boots. Why my mother purchased those square, chunky heeled, knee high boots for me I'll never know. Well as I go to jump out of my dad's truck and run inside, I jump and slip like in the cartoons (in my hooker boots) right on a patch of black ice. The boys JV basketball team was all standing outside and saw the whole thing. I cried through the entire game as the vision of me falling in front of the boys basketball team replayed over and over.

A: I'd go with 2012 - I started a new job, got hitched, first discovered Breaking Bad, and I got caught up in the election coverage and the Summer Olympics. It was a good year!
S: Not freshman year during JV basketball, that's for sure. This one is easy, my 21st year. College, sorority life, lived with great friends, had no responsibility.... all the stuff I'm dying to have back in my life again!

A: Don't Lie by Vampire Weekend
S: Levels by Meek Mill

A: Smooth, because no food should ever be referred to as "chunky"
S: ^^^^^ That.

A: Brooke7510 - my middle name, plus the months of my dad's, mom's, and my birthdays. It was 1997, people!
S: Sribby2210 - S for Sarah. Ribby for I have no idea but I'm sure I thought it was clever as hell when I first came up with it 22- for Sheryl Swoopes 10- for Chipper Jones

A: To be honest, I already have the Magic Bullet and the Perfect Tortilla Pans, but I'd love to add the Chillow to my collection.
S: Hah! Magic Bullett makes me giggle every time. Mind is in the gutter. I'll tell ya one I want and one I don't want. Want: Hot Buns Don't Want: Air Curler (just stick a wad of bubblicious in your hair, go stand out in a hurricane, and voila-- meet the Air Curler!)

What do you guys think, isn't Ashley fabulous?? Go tell her hey girl heyyy! 
Or tweet her "Hey Girl Heyyy!" if you're really an overachiever! 

Oh, and congrats Sox fans :) 
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  1. someday we will both figure out how not to care. i pretend sometimes. but it doesn't work. and you can be a sideline reporter!! i could totally see it!

  2. I totally support your dream of becoming a sideline reporter! I would watch you all the time!! A woman who actually knows what's going on?! Crazy!

  3. I totally had those chunky heeled hooker boots. And I thought I was such hot stuff in them.

  4. The Air curler comment was classic! Glad I am not the only one who will be late to the party for the Someday I Will Link up :)

  5. We may or may not be the same person. I die for old season marathons of RHOC, have kept every birthday card I've been given for the past 8 years and will always justify buying one in every color tshirt if they are $3 but will never be ok purchasing a $40 shirt.

    Love this post!

  6. girl, you shouldn't care what people think of you! and people will always have an opinion no matter what we do so there's no point in wasting our energy to change their minds. keep doing YOU!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I love your answers so much! Oh, and I totally had chunky heeled shoes too, and I thought I was hot stuff when I wore them.

  8. never give up being emotionally attached to birthday cards....but with that said. don't take your love for stuffed animals to a strange addiction level, please.

  9. Someday we all will realize that we don't really need to care! <3

  10. Ughh the caring what other people think is a big one for me too!!!!! But for me, it's more of people I used to know/ be friends with than people I just meet. Is that weird?! I have such a complex about it. I have so many posts in my drafts, but I'm nervous to post them because I don't know who could be reading my blog. It's not like they're bad things to post about, they're just more vulnerable and I'm not sure I'm ready!!! ughhh being a girl is hard!

  11. Also loved the whole question and answer. The hair curler. I can't! and I would go back to Junior year of college in a heart beat!!!!

  12. Someday I'll get over Gossip Girl, but for now I'll keep re-watching the episodes. Nothing compares!!

  13. Love this post!!! I think most girls would deny the fact that they really do care about what people think and what they look like. It's also the one thing every girl wants to stop doing. Will we? Probably not. I think I care too much sometimes but in this society it will never go away.

    I also really love the Q&A, and that you included yourself in it.

  14. I loved reading everyone's lists. Don't feel bad about being late... I wanted to do it and missed the boat entirely! lol

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  15. Gossip girl, yes. Can I be your assistant when you're a sideline reporter? My AOL screen name was...sftballswtness

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I read your post so you didn't feel like paying for airport wifi was a waste!
    And no, I didn't only read your post for this reason. I always read your posts :]

  17. I get really angry at the gas station pumps for that also. It is so frustrating!!!!


  18. I hope someday you get to be a sideline reporter!

    Also, the celebrity I'd bring back from the grave is River Phoenix.

  19. I look forward to being in my 40's and higher.. Those bitches don't give a F what people think.. They have better sex lives, they have confidence and they wear what they want. I look forward to being a confident, "mature" woman.
    Good q &a.. I enjoyed all of your answers!

  20. I love this Q&A! Such a fun idea and I'm super glad you took the plunge for airplane wi-fi :)

  21. Just know that when you're a famous sideline reporter, all of the men in my family will be complaining every time you speak. Ha!

    But I will root for you because I know you'll be better than that damn Holly Rowe.


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