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29 October 2013

Handshakes and a Halloween Drinking Game

There are some do's and don'ts of excelling in an interview. When I lived in Tennessee, I conducted interviews on a weekly basis for the company I worked for. I have certain, simple things I look for and if I don't find, I will tune out the rest of the interview. The biggest, and most important that sets the tone of the whole interview is the handshake...

Handshake: If you don't shake my hand correctly, we're done. This goes for men and women. Just because I am a woman, doesn't mean guys should curtsy instead of shake my hand properly. I promise, my hand won't break into a billion pieces when you shake it. 

Don't do any of the following: 
Use the tips of your fingers to squeeze the tips of my fingers
 Don't offer me a "pound-it!"
 Don't shake with the LEFT hand
Don't just place your hand in mine and just let it sit there
Don't offer your hand to me like you're the queen

I assure you I am not the only one who thinks this way. Give a proper, full handshake with a hearty squeeze. If you don't, you WILL NOT get the job, I can guarantee that.



Shortest rant I've ever had on this old blog, huh? Well I wanted to keep this thing short and sweet today so you can meet the gorgeous, Setarra! I usually beg suggest that my sleepover pals make a drinking game for their feature post! And boy do we ever have a drinking game on our hands today. I can't believe this was made by a Redskins fan (jk lollllzzz lylas)!! Seeing as I'll be traveling for work on Halloween, I'll for sure be playing this in my hotel room. Take it away, girlfriend!

Hello Everyone! Setarra here from Quaintrelle. Life has been pretty darn interesting since I recently moved down to Northern Virginia from NYC. I moved in with my boyfriend after loving via long distance, we got engaged annnnd after 3 months of unemployment since moving to VA, I finally got a job! This Friday marks my first paycheck in what feels like forever so you know I’ll celebrating over many dranks this weekend :)

When Sarah suggested coming up with a drinking game for VTIM, I immediately thought about Halloween … And while I have no plans whatsoever to wear a costume this year (I tend to get dressed up every other year), you better believe I will be stalking following everyone else’s shenanigans for Halloween via my favorite form of social media, Instagram! With that said, pull out your drink of preference and get ready to play “The Hallow-Insta-Drinking Game.” (say that 3 times fast)

A Jack-O-Lantern They Made
Some Kind of Pumpkin Infused Beer
Their Halloween Decorated Fingernails

Police Officer
French Maid

When someone posts a picture of themselves in a costume that barely covers their assets and you think“Thank goodness I’m not walking around in the cold in THAT.”

When you see the cutest baby dressed up in the cutest costume and involuntarily feel your ovaries get excited…

Someone posts a REALLY scary picture of a Clown and you scroll through to get away as quickly as possible before that image ingrains itself in your mind and gives you nightmares.

Someone posts a picture of what they wore last year (or the year/s before) kudos to Halloween happening on a Thursday this year … #tbt

When someone posts their Halloween pictures on Instagam NEXT WEEK courtesy of another lovely hashtag … #latergram

When You ‘Like’ A Picture Of Someone’s Costume Even If You Kind Of Really Don’t Like It.
Thank goodness Instagram doesn’t have an ‘unlike’ button...

And that’s that my friends! Don’t forget to swing by my blog, Quaintrelle, and have a Happy Hallow Holiday!
xo, Setarra


  1. Left handed handshakes bother me...but what if the person is left handed and shakes with their left hand?! Do they still NOT get the job? ;)

  2. OMG with the handshake thing, yes and thank you!!!! Where can we publish this for all the business world to see please!?!

  3. Hahahaha! Only through blogging, would you see a Redskins and Cowboys fan work together to come up with compatible blog material ;)

  4. Dead fish handshakes are THE WORST. My ex boyfriend had a terrible handshake--probably why we didn't last longer than two months.

  5. I got the worst handshake of all handshakes the other day and it made me hate the person. it's important!!

  6. Hah! All of your descriptions for terribly awkward handshakes are spot-on.

  7. I recently shook someone's hand the other day at the swimming pool. He's this super douchey guy that Rob is in the fire department with and I was meeting him for the first time. After I shook his hand, he said, "wow.. good handshake.." LOL!? I hope that's a good sign. I always give a firm squeeze. It is so important to give a firm handshake. Now eye contact.. THAT is where I have issues. I can go a whole exchange and then think.. did I look them in the eyes once??

    And, I like this drinking game.. very creative. Too bad I would just seem like a big fat alcoholic if I played it. Haha

  8. oh lord the limpy is the worst of the handshakes. I don't want to feel like i am shaking hands with a dead fish.

  9. by the sounds of this drinking game, i'll be very drunk ha. love it!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  10. First of all: I LOVE that image with the "unemployed" handshake. It made me laugh so hard. I especially hate during the "sign of peace" in church when people barely hold my hand. So awkward. Then I feel overly aggressive doing it right!

    (end rant)

    Instagram and drinking?? Two of my favorite things!! :)

  11. YES YES YES on the Hand Shake! I mean seriously I'm judging you hardcore if you give me a weak as hand shake. I can't tell you how many times I've written someone off after I've shook their hand, especially in politics. My firm hand shake grip should never be tighter than a guys, ever! Sadly most of the time it is!

  12. I totally judge people based on their handshake. If you use the tips of your fingers, I automatically hate you. If you don't look me in the eye, you need to grow some balls. Those are my two pet peeves when shaking hands for sure.

  13. Oh my god, yes. I do judge bad handshakes too. Sometimes there can just be an awkward moment where you have sweaty palms or something, or you're at a weird angle, but then just acknowledge it with a joke, like a "whoa, that went awkwardly, let's try again" with a big smile. And I agree that eye contact is everything.

  14. I <3 the Halloween drinking game. Also, good handshake advice. I abhor horrid handshakes. :)

  15. I HAAATE the fingertip squeeze. I've found it's usually older men who do that to me. I always feel embarrassed and violated.

  16. Oh my lanta I hate limp hand shakes. Literally gives me the willies.

  17. My dad always said that you can't trust someone with a bad handshake!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  18. Seriously, how do people STILL not know about the handshake etiquette???!

  19. That drinking game is a drunk night waiting to happen! Awesome! :D

    Lynsey | Eternally Wanderlyn

  20. I don't know what a "pound-it" is, but I thought you could had added don't try and break my hand unless that is what a "pound-it" is...........

  21. No matter what age, setting, or anything "pound-it" needs to be a thing in the past.
    I have middle schoolers who think it's "cool" instead of a normal handshake.

  22. Wimpy handshakes make me CRAZY! Yuck!

  23. Totally agree, whimpy handshakes are the worst! I am so judgy about them.

  24. YES. This is one of my pet peeves! GRAB my frickin hand, sissy!
    And I'd be more than a little buzzed already playing that game. Can't lie.

  25. I totally agree on the handshake! I HATE when people "shake" my hand and its like they just limply stick out their hand and don't do anything else.

    -- SarahChristine

  26. What's the deal with no shaking with the left?? I don't, but why?

  27. Good advice! I can't believe how many people give a "dead fish" handshake -- including several of my girlfriends! Biggest pet peeve, EVER!


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