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28 October 2014


I have a lot of superstitions. I'm clearly a nutcase sports fan, so yeah, naturally I do. I've written about them here and here and here. But thanks to Taylor and Helene, I'm here to tell you more crazy things I do in the name of superstition. 

I constantly feel the need to knock on wood after saying anything even remotely positive about my teams. 

Oh that was a great pass... knocks on wood 

Offensive Line is killing it... knocks on wood (also, never said that last night)

What a great job by the water boy... knocks on wood

Basically my dogs think there is someone at the door at all times during a sporting event. 
There is not a second that goes by in a game that I don't think that my actions directly impact what is happening on the field or court. Last night I sat up, laid down, sat back up, stood up, moved around, sat back down again... just trying to find some position that seemed to send the Cowboys good vibes. I obviously didn't find one. 

But how about in everyday, non-sports life? Yeah, I've got them there too. 

1. If I see a stuffed animal of some sort sitting by himself in a store, I have to buy him. Or at the very least, find him another stuffed animal friend to go sit with. What can I say, I've seen the Velveteen Rabbit one too many times. 

2. I have a little lucky bear in my car. I got my driver's license on St. Patricks Day and my parents left a bear in my new car with a "lots of luck" shamrock tied around his neck. I've never gotten a speeding ticket when I've been in the car with that bear (knocks on wood) and I walked away, relatively unharmed when this happened

So yeah, that bear will forever have a seat reserved for him in every car I own from here on out. He was the very first thing I grabbed out of that mangled little light blue car you see up there. He now wears a beautiful vintage handkerchief, that my dear friend Lisa gave me on her wedding day, which she had embroidered with my initials. Making him feel even more special, and like he is keeping me that much safer! 

3. And now, I have a new favorite superstition....
Chalupa Batman and I always kiss at least twice. Before you vom on me, let me explain. 

We were hanging out one day, and he kissed me and I joked... "Nooooo I want another one! I could never just have one of those! They are like potato chips!" So from there on out, we always kiss twice. Maybe it is for good luck, or maybe it is just because, well, kissing is fun... but either way! I think it is a pretty cute superstition to have. 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.. go ahead and judge. 

Hiiii everyone. I'm Sarah and I'm smitten with a boy...
Hiiiiii Sarah! 

Helene in Between Blogtober



  1. Hold on. I had not heard the kissing twice thing! I love that. Michael and I always kiss at red lights. And say goodnight a certain way. I could continue but I don't want to continue making anyone feel ill. I also never heard the bear story. Every time I see pictures from your car wreck I cringe. That is terrifying.

  2. D'aw that's cute. Kisses definitely are like potato chips! One is simply not enough. I'm not really superstitious. I believe in karma; that kind of counts for something. Your poor mangled car; looks like your bear really is lucky. :] // ☼ ☯

  3. Those wreck pictures are terrifying! The kissing twice is suuuuper cute.

  4. Yikes, those pictures gave me a chill! glad you had lucky bear with you! I would definitely be the same way. And I think the kissing twice thing is cute!!

  5. Wow! When did this car crash happen?! I remember seeing your car the day I met you in person and it did NOT look like that!

    Glad you're okay! That bear is so cute!!

    I think it's cute you guys now have a thing! I'm sure the first of many :)

  6. Oh man I just love giddy Sarah.. it's too dang cute. Ps. Is it weird that when I read that I clearly pictured what Chalupa Batman looks like and I wonder if it is ANYTHING like what he really likes like? WEIRD. Also, whenever Brian and I ask each other a question if we like the answer we say "Good answer".. it started out sarcastic because I said something like "Does this outfit look okay?" and he said yes or something and I said good answer and now we say it all the time and I like to think it's "our thing". Mushy upon mushy!

  7. Oh my goodness, those wreck pictures, so scary! So glad you're alright!

    I'm not very superstitious for the most part, but with football it's a different story. For a while there I was convinced that if I closed my eyes and didn't watch a pass, we would be more likely to catch it. Plus I'm all over the place watching a close game. Like ants in the pants, can't sit still, up and down. I think I drive Adam crazy sometimes.

    The two kisses thing is adorable! :)

  8. The pictures from your wreck just gave me chills! Holy cow! I love the 2 kiss cute!
    ~Elise @

  9. Your were super lucky anything happen to you. The two kisses is to cute.

  10. "They aren't weird until they stop working!" Best line about sports superstitions, because its so unbelievably true! I love your last superstition, no judgement here :) PS - I'm glad you walked away pretty much unscathed from that accident, it looks awful! xoxo, ganeeban

  11. I think we all have some kind of superstition or routine. If I don't double-triple-quadruple check my flat iron, it will definitely be left on and my house will absolutely start on fire.

  12. Really though, the kissing thing is kind of cute! I have a little good luck horse on my dresser that I make sure is comfortable before I go to sleep. Probably a little weird, but eh.

  13. I definitely have the sports superstitions. And I ALWAYS knock on wood too.

    The kissing thing is adorable!


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