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01 October 2014

The Bachelor Drinking Game + A Cash and AdSpace Giveaway

While I still attempt to sift through the gobs of unread emails today (ps why are emails so hard to keep up with?!), in an attempt to come back to normalcy after the festival high I rode all weekend, I've got my friend Samantha taking over for me today. Samantha is a North Dakota based blogger who is so happily married it shows all over her blog (hello they just celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss!) She even has a new linkup called The Blogger Men Tell All that you need to check out! Maybe I can get CB to come guest post one day..... lolzzzzz! Anyway, I'll stop talking here and go start talking to my e-mail inbox instead and let Samantha take it away with a bomb drinking game and a giveaway! 
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Hey-Hey Venus Trapped readers! I'm Samantha and I blog at The Samantha Life.

I can hardly even believe that it's already October - once again the summer has flown by! Although I love summer and lake season, there are so many great things I love about October (and November and basically any other month you consider to be Fall): 

+ comfy sweaters
+ cute boots
+ awesome hats
+ plus so many other great fashion-y things that this fashion non-expert looks forward to. 

But, not fashion-related, I always look forward to my favorite TV shows starting up again. And what better way to celebrate their season premieres than a drinking game to get the party started?! 

I mean, who doesn't love wine or a good beer at the end of a long day? Follow these guidelines and you'll sure to be smiling buy the end of the 2-hour Season Premiere of 'the most dramatic season ever' of The Bachelor in the upcoming months:

Good luck :) My latest favorite drink recipe can be found here if you need a little drink-spiration. I'd love if you stopped on by my blog! 

//// Giveaway time ////

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  1. festival high. me too. now only if that would cure my stomach ache and my cough.

  2. hahaha every time there's a hashtag. Gotta love modern day tv

  3. What drinking games.
    I'm Hosting BBCA(Blogging for breast cancer awareness). I hope you will join in. Read more about it on my blog.

  4. Wonderful, thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  5. OK, I've never seen The Bachelor, but this post had me cracking up!!! Too funny! :)

  6. If only I watched The Bachelor, I could get drunk. Oh, wait, I have fireball.

  7. Girl, I've been waiting for you to do an ad sale for MONTHS.


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