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09 October 2014

My Breezy Room + Ad Space and Infinity Scarf Giveaway

Today I have a special guest for you, Kala from My Breezy Room. There are several reasons I like Kala, but the main reason is that makes me feel hopeful that I may one day find that DIY gene that has been hiding deep inside me this whole time, too scared to come out and play. Maybe all DIY hope is not lost for me, there is still time!! I'll let Kala explain a bit more... 

Oh, and we even have a nice little giveaway for you today too! 


Hey Venus Trapped in Mars friends! I'm Kala and I blog over at My Breezy Room about painting furniture and home decor.
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Two and half years ago, I didn't have any hobbies at all. I remember interviewing for my first "real" job the week before I graduated from college, and my soon-to-be boss asked me what I enjoyed doing in my free time. I didn't think admitting that I spent any free time I had in college drinking was probably the best answer, so I mumbled something about working a lot to pay for my tuition and not having time for hobbies.

After moving to Kansas City I realized how much more expensive drinks were here and decided finding myself a hobby probably wouldn't be a bad idea. So I started a blog. I wasn't really a crafty person, but it couldn't be that hard right? After about a week I realized I didn't actually have anything to blog about.

Then my mom let me know about a brand of chalk paint she saw on the news and said we should take a class. We signed up and painting furniture has been my newfound hobby ever since. In fact, a few weeks ago I even quit my job to work for a faux finishing company and sell my own painted furniture!

Here are some of my favorite pieces! (Click on the pictures to see the before-and-afters.)
turquoise french dresser
Green Dresser
How to Paint Clean Stripes
Finsihed Dresser

The nice thing about painting furniture, especially as a broke twenty-something, is the money it can save you. You can find great deals on awesome furniture at garage sales and estate sales and then make them pretty again. So for those you that are like me and are still putting off completely decorating your apartment or house until you have the funds to actually afford decorations, painting old fur-niture is a great way to add in fun pops of color and fill in some of that empty space!

Come on over and check out my tutorials and before-and-afters. And for those of you not as interested in the crafty side of things, sometimes I let my sister, a true fashionista, take over to share her beauty and fashion tips. I promise you'll find something you like!

One last thing, since quitting my job, I also decided to open an online shop selling scarves. I'm offering 15% off your first purchase with the discount code BREEZY15 and I want to give away one of our super cute scarves!

And just to sweeten the pot, I'm going to throw in some ESPN sized ad space, along with one of Kala's infinity scarf found here

So let's get our giveaway on, shall we? 
a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. wow! this makes me wish that I would start a hobby!!

  2. What a great hobby! This is really making me wish I had another hobby ha ha.

  3. that's incredible! it's so brave to quit your job and chase your dreams!

  4. I need a for real hobby. I don't think blogging counts.

  5. Thank you for the giveaway; that's a beautiful scarf!

  6. I love love love Kala! Meeting her last fall was such a huge blessing! :)

  7. oooh love her furniture makeovers! i love painting furniture too but i've been lazy/busy lately.


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