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03 October 2014

The Big Secret Reveal #ineedsparkle

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If you remember the last time we met over sparkle, Khloe and I were keeping a secret from you and discussing how much #ineedsparkle? PS, I knew what the secret was the whole time muahahahahha! 

*Drumroll Please* I'll let Khloe take it away...

Ta Da! Meet Sparkle! I'm going to be honest, if Carrie Bradshaw likes her money hanging right where she can see it, in her closet.... well then I like sparkle right where I taste it, in my cocktail! All sparkle errything is my motto in life, so it is about time someone transfused that beautiful glitz and glam into a cocktail! 

Hpnotiq Sparkle is a sparkling liqueur that captures the bright color and delicious taste of original Hpnotiq infused with Champagne-like bubbles. Hpnotiq Sparkle is a festive cocktail that’s as special, fun and unique as the time of year. I mean, the tagline itself sums it up: “A lot of bubble, and a little trouble.”

Hpnotiq Sparkle should be served chilled and in champagne glasses. Part of the excitement of Hpnotiq Sparkle is the moment when the cork pops and the liquid bubbles up. There is a limited supply of Hpnotiq Sparkle and it is only available from October- December. If Hpnotiq Sparkle isn’t available Hpnotiq and champagne is another fab, celebratory cocktail.

If you remember a while back, Helene and I even made a whole bunch of cocktails featuring the delicious goodness that is Hpnotiq!

My mom is coming in town today, and I think that is the perfect excuse to pop the bottle of Hpnotiq Sparkle sitting in my fridge right now.... not that anyone ever needs an excuse for bubbles and sparkle! 

Oh and did I mention she'll be meeting CB for the first time? Yeahh.... any advice on meeting the parentals? Or even horror stories? At least we will be having the first meeting over bubbly, so what could possibly go wrong?


  1. go big blue?! and yay for cb meeting!!

  2. I have never drank Hpnotiq before. I'm going to have to give it a try.

  3. I love the packaging, but I'm kinda scared of that blue color...haha! Good luck with CB meeting the parentals! xoxo, ganeeban

  4. I guess I'll have to buy a bottle for my post baby celebrations.

  5. I have a photo of my mom choking my now-husband during the first weekend they met...


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