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27 October 2014

Halloween Treats + Dog Costumes for Gee and Vee

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As I'm sure you already know, my two pups, General and Venus (aka Gee and Veenie) have been two of the most important things  in my life. They aren't like family, they are family. And what do you do with the little ones in the family this time of year? You dress them up in a dog costume, bribe them with Halloween Treats and torment them for your personal viewing pleasure. 

This year I wanted to shower the pups with treats, in more ways than one. They are always cooped up in my apartment all day long, so we headed out to what used to be a lake (but is now a beach due to a terrible drought here in Texas) for a day of frolicking, running, hopping, skipping and jumping! All I asked in return was that they wore these costumes for my personal enjoyment. They obliged (sorta). 

Before heading out for the day, I stopped at Kroger to pick up their favorite treats. This also gave me peace of mind that they wouldn't stray too far from my side, should an enemy squirrel cross our path. 

Kroger this year has the cutest website ever for howl-o-veenie (hah, Veenie!). You can take a quiz, as shown above, to determine your pet's halloween personality, make an adorable framed image and even get coupons for your favorite brand of dog treats like Pup-Peroni and Milkbone.
I even picked up a little costume for myself at Kroger for only five bucks, a sweet little cat costume so I could play dress up with the pups! Granted, I have an epic costume planned for this weekend for a more adult halloween celebration, but more on that this weekend via Instagram. But seriously, if you know me at all, I think you will love my costume...

With a plethora of Milkbones and Pup-Peroni in hand, CB, me, Gee and Vee all headed to trick-or-treat, doggie style! I apologize in advance for the toothache you are about to have, because these pictures are SO SWEEEET! 

"Woman, you have exactly 8 more seconds of me wearing this so get your pictures done, will ya?" 
-- General

I'd say we have one happy unicorn and one happy shark on our hands! I can't wait to hear and see what you guys will be dressing your pets up as this Howl-o-ween! Show us on instagram and twitter by using the hashtag #TrickOrTreatEm. 
Because, dog costumes. 


  1. Unicorn dog costume? Genius. I can't wait to see your costume for this weekend!

  2. this is so super cute! i love these pics. Framers for sure

  3. So cute! Looks like they were being good sports!

  4. I love their little costumes!!!! This is the cutest! :) We had to get Bella straight up child's large for her costume haha.

  5. Oh my I love that shark costume. Fantastic.

  6. These pics are too adorable makes me wanna buy my baby a costume lol

  7. Cute costumes! My roommate dressed her dogs up as a shark and a lobster and then she dressed herself up as a chef. It was pretty funny!

  8. Love the costumes you picked out. I have a weird dog. She doesn't like milk bones.

  9. Those are AMAZING. Lola & Quincy get costumes from my mom every year and they get angry when they see that box open. This year - Q is a pirate and Lola is a punk rock chick. It's perfect.

  10. I can't decide which costume I like better, probably the maiden riding the dog...but the shark is pretty cool too! Looks like you guys are having a great holiday! #client

  11. These are great! Please tell me you got a picture of unicorn Veenie with your fluffy unicorn stuffed animals!?!

  12. my pup will be a shark too! too cute.

  13. OMG sooo cute! I dressed my dog as a shark. I wish I had seen the unicorn costume first.


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