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21 October 2014

C'mooooon man! (+ A Starbucks and Ad Space Giveaway!!)

With all the absurd things I've seen lately, I'm contemplating writing a weekly post inspired by my main man (I think he is my main man, I realize he has no idea I exist) Chris Carter called, "C'mooooon man!"

It would feature stories riddled with absurdity, like how that cruise ship wasn't allowed to dock anywhere because one person on board had a 1% chance of having Ebola. Or how the entire city of San Francisco is banning the song Royals by Lorde for the duration of the World Series. Or how we were watching MNF last night and flipped it to shark tank with three minutes left in the second quarter... only to return at halftime to hear Chris Berman tell us, "Man, if you flipped the channel to Shark Tank with 3 minutes to go in the second quarter you are a raging idiot, you missed the best 90 seconds in football history" (I paraphrased there). 

C'mooooon man!
Ok, I kind of don't mind San Fran banning Royals, that is pretty funny. I'll remove my c'mooooon man for that one. 

So any who, that is just a little segment I'm kicking around in the ole noggin. While I'm doing that (and patiently waiting until Christmas when I can torture the dogs with the reindeer hat again) I've got a special guest for you today. Karli, the prettiest mama (almost, any minute, could be right this second... x2) I know was kind enough to take over VTIM today and even host a giveaway for you guys! 

Take it away, girlfriend (before you pop, preferably!!) 


here's the thing.

i started this guest post as a confessional. it was a confessional all about how when i was dating my now husband i broke up with him on the phone. drove an hour to his house in the middle of the night. broke into his house in the middle of the night. crept into his room and stood over his sleeping body and said, "hi. it's me. karli." 

that gave him a good scare. i like to keep things spicy in a relationship. and what better way to do that  than to show your 17 sides of crazy?

so like i said...that's what i was going to write about.

but then i thought...why not really spill it and just share little samples of what you get when you read September FARM on the semi-regular.

we could start our blogger/reader relationship off with a post about what really happened on our wedding night.
and when you finish up with that you can snag a blast from the past from my college days when i decided it was a great idea to compete in a local beauty pageant.
that really happened.

or why not fast forward to just a few months ago when i revealed what our second babe is going to be in a gender reveal photo shesh. spoiler - i'm the most awkward person in front of the camera.
double spoiler...i'm going to have a baby any day. this is happening.
and i already play mom to the wildest animal that ever was...we call her kaye.

then, maybe at this point you've decided...this karli gal...she's not so bad. and if that's the case, i strongly encourage you to participate in a friday weekly link-up i co-host for 150+ gals. it's called oh hey, friday! i'm into should be too. these are the facts.
now you have a snippet of this...a touch of that, allow me to woo you further. 
if you're looking for a new gal to sponsor...well let that be me. i'm offering 30% OFF all ad spaces for VTIM readers. just use the code VTIM30 and you're in bizz. check out my available spots here.
or maybe you're just not ready to make that kind of commitment. i get it. let me just entice you with the chance to WIN a Saturday Confessional ad spot + a $25 starbucks gift card. mmm...that sounds nice. 


  1. I love the "C'mon man!" idea! There are so many absurd things, you would have material for years! :) And love Karli! :)

  2. C'mon man, you can easily watch the replay online. Oooh did I get you fired up with that one?

  3. Love both parts of this post!! haha.. so great!

  4. Great idea and it is 100% ridiculous about the ship not docking.. Sometimes we really drop the ball on things that could of be prevented but REALLY? a 1% chance and no dock rights... Ugh!


  5. I haven't been able to listen to the song Royals since the ALDS....


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