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17 October 2014

The 17 Best Things About Football Season + Win a YEAR's Supply of Ozarka Water

For Fan Friday this week I want to talk about football traditions and celebrations. This list below was inspired by the "Taste the Texas Tradition" campaign Ozarka launched this season, celebrating the many football traditions, from tailgating to victory celebrations. Ozarka, the 100% natural spring water from Texas for 100 years, is proud to support the Southlake Carroll High School football program as the official bottled water of their Dragon Stadium.

In honor of #TexasTraditions and #H2Ozarka, I've compiled a list of 17 of my very favorite things about football season, both high school, college and professional.  

1. High fives from strangers 

2. Screaming Screeching over a touchdown... regardless if you are at the game or at home

3. The utter rage I'm filled with when someone from the other team cheers near me

4. The highest highs (IT IS ALL ON ME... DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!)

5. The lowest lows (no one talk to me for the next several hours)

6. Winning on a kick in the very last second of the game

7. Football has taught me how to love

8. The pride I feel when players who went to my school, go on to do incredible things in the NFL

9. I have built-in plans every weekend from 11am Saturday until 11pm on Sunday

10. Showing up the boys on football knowledge
11. Getting all the compliments on a t-shirt I made

12. College gameday 
13. When your rival loses... and then cries

14. Pick Six

15. The first game of a new season when you can be totally optimistic and the crushing blow of defeat hasn't set in yet. 

16. Neyland Stadium
17. The SEC

So those are my 17 favorite traditions and celebrations around football. Now it is your turn to share your favorite football traditions with Ozarka on Twitter or Facebook using #TexasTradition and #H2Ozarka.

You can only get Ozarka water in Texas. It comes from carefully selected Texas springs including Piney Woods Spring in Wood County, Moffit Spring in Walker County, and Roher Spring in Henderson. This leads me to one of the coolest giveaways I've ever gotten to host on VTIM.... 

Calling all my Texas readers, you can win a year's supply of Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water! Just leave me a comment below, telling me what your favorite football tradition or celebration is, and I'll pick a winner at random to win the year's supply of Ozarka water! If you are entering, be sure to include in your comment that you do reside in Texas! 

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  1. A lot of the gifs made me laugh! I love football, and have to say #6 is my favorite... he went to Texas! :) Hook 'em!

  2. Love them all (except for maybe #16)! The girl in gif #13, when your rival team loses, is my sorority sister. hahahaha LSU fans had so much fun with that picture during the National Championship game that year! She was such a good sport about it!

  3. I love all of these...except that shirt should say "Gator Clap One More Time."

    1. WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. Now THIS is the idea of all ideas right here.... I'm going to make this shirt happen.

    2. I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend I didn't see this Nadine. CHOMP CHOMP. ;)

  4. This list is perfection! Especially that Muschamp gif! BEST.GIF.EVER.

  5. I like the first weekend of football, when everyone is sooooo excited, and all of my friends get together to watch our favorite games... and yes, I do live in Texas

  6. This gifs are awesome... I literally laughed out loud at a lot of them. I love football for all of these reasons as well, we may not agree on the same teams NFL or College BUT we can agree on SEC, and most of our feelings about the game in general and I LOVE watching Game Day. I can even remember sitting, alone, in my hotel room the day of my wedding watching Game Day, before all my girls got there for hair and make-up most looked at me like I was crazy - I have only one other BFF that is a girl that shares my love for FB, although she's a Cowboy fan, you would love that about her... drives me bonkers ;) hehe #1 Gif the dude with the beer, favorite forever!

  7. LOVE this list! Tailgating though! It needs a place on the list. We take it real seriously here in Lubbock. As a Texas Tech fan...#6 breaks my heart a little. Losing on a last second field goal is crushing!!!

  8. Ugh, I forgot your a Cowboys fan... I suppose I can let that slide because I kinda sorta like your blog. A lot. It's your lucky day. I don't let things like this slide too often, ha.

  9. I'm with every single one except for 16. Let's just change that to Jordan-Hare Stadium. Other than that.. YES to every single one!

  10. Oh how I love Peyton. I have a sweat shirt that says Peyton Freakin' Manning. I have to wear it every game.

  11. These are glorious. Of course you gave a shout out to Peyton. Totally deserves it. Also, I'm so glad the lowest of lows gif is a Michigan fan. O-H!

  12. I'm still perplexed as to how my comment went missing. ANYWAY these are some of the best gifs of all time and my fav football tradition is eating all of the fun foods!

  13. I love football season too! It's my second favorite season!

  14. You're missing one thing... FAT MAN TOUCHDOWN. Definitely the best of all the things.

  15. I live in the UK and I am going to my first game at the end of the month - I am so excited!

    Amanda Leigh - Desperately Seeking Something

  16. Sarah have you seen the hacked Lane Kiffin coaching page floatin around twitter? Or the Tosh.0 skit of him answerin phone calls???? Tweetin them to you RIGHT NOW!!

  17. Agree with most of these! And they totally apply to allllll sports!

  18. I need that shirt!!! Unfortunately, I don't think it'd go over well with me living in Tuscaloosa. Somebody may pull a real gun on me!

  19. I love Lee Corso!

    You know he's a Nole, right? CHOP CHOP!

  20. Can I just say that I love that you love the Cowboys?! My brother is named Dallas after them haha :)


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