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31 October 2014

Is This A Costume?

...VTIM Presents... 
:::: Is This A Costume? ::::

1. Is This A Costume?
2. Is this a costume?
3. Is this a costume?

4. Is this a costume?

5. Is this a costume?
6. Is this a costume?
7. Is this a costume?

8. Is this a costume?

 9.  Is this a costume?

10. Is this a costume?

11. Is this a costume?
12. Is this a costume?
Naughty Nemo???!!?
13. Is this a costume?

14. Is this a costume?

15. Is this a costume?

Any questions? 

HAH! All in good fun, kids! Be whoever you want be! 
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Happy Halloween!


  1. Love. If you look at comparisons of men and women's costumes, the difference is truly appalling.

  2. YES!! I was Grumpy Cat this year for Halloween!

  3. The basketball one? HELL NO!

    I'm in costume today. It's original and cute and doesn't look like any of these. I win.

  4. excuse me but number 9 is totally my girl britney spears from the Oops I Did It Again Video. And also a MAJOR camel toe threat. So... maybe you're right. nope.

  5. These all look to me like drunk chicks fell into their closet and walked out in whatever worked... in the dark I might ad ;)

    I don't get it.. sexy clown fish nemo???

    It's going to be freezing tonight here in AL - I sure am glad I'm wearing a flight suit and ghostbuster gear instead of tights, and booby coverage. ;)

  6. Bahahaha I gotta laugh and raise my hand cause I'm guilty since I'm wearing a tutu today lol.

  7. I went to my town's "Halloween store" and Party City twice and was just like- is there any scenario where I DON'T walk out of here looking like a slut? Guess not. So I'm making mine and it shall be awesome

  8. I'm dying at the March Madness one and the fact it says "Madness" on her jersey hahahaha

  9. YES YES preach. Jenna marbles would say.. what are dis?

  10. omg yessssss. best post all day. kudos

  11. Made my day! Thank you for pointing out slutty does not a costume make.

  12. Your too funny. I was at the store looking at costume the other night. I swear some of them look like they needed to be in sex shop. A lady was standing next to me and said I guess I will go out in my underwear and bra this year.

  13. haha love it. I hate when people try and use Halloween as an excuse to wear as little as possible. Not okay.

    Midwest Darling

  14. Well now I'm seriously re-thinking the tutu I put Clara in last night... hahaha! No seriously, I love this post. It was snowing in Chicago last night (crazy, right?!) and I was not-so-secretly laughing because all of the scantily clad girls looked really cold.

  15. So many of those would rank a fail in my books

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  17. hahahah, this is priceless and amazing. LOVE!

  18. Haha I LOVE this post! I have been playing around with adding gifs to my posts as well. They really crack me up!

  19. OMG! Best thing I've read/seen all day...maybe all week. New reader and I will definitely come back. LOL! Love your sense of humor.

  20. Hahaha! Sexy Nemo, noooooo :O.


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