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20 October 2014

Things To Consider Before Setting Off On A Road Trip

This post has been written in collaboration with Super A-Mart.

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a road trip. You and the family, and nothing but blue sky, the open road and the endless country stretched before you. You have packed your bags, topped up the car with fuel, and you’re ready to go. But are you? Before setting off, take a few moments to consider a few simple precautions that will help you have a holiday of a life time and not the vacation from hell.

Take A Kitchen
It isn’t always going to be possible to find a good restaurant, or even a mediocre one, while you are on the open road. Sometimes you’re going to need to stop and feed yourself. Picnic sandwiches are fine for the occasional snack, but why not take along a portable barbeque so that you can cook something more substantial in a park or rest stop along the way. Brands like Zeigler & Brown make fantastic portable grills, available from specialty barbeque stores like BBQs Galore.

Plan Ahead And For The Worse
Before setting off on your long-distance trip, make sure you are ready for every eventuality. Prepare a travel route in advance with alternative options should you come across an unexpected road closure. Mark out petrol stations along the way and note where there are long distances where you will be unable to fill up. Do some similar research on motels and hotels in the areas you are travelling.

Join A Roadside Assistance Club
Roadside assistance clubs or services are the travellers’ true friends. They are reasonably priced and will quickly come to your rescue when you find yourself in trouble. Packages range from basic roadside assistance to full services where hire cars and accommodation are provided while your vehicle is being repaired. The best part is that you only need join a group in one state and you are covered throughout the country.

Get The Car Serviced
Take your vehicle in for a service before you leave, even if it isn’t due for its regular mechanical tune-up for some time. Make sure the mechanic is aware that you are going on a long-distance trip and ask that your car be given a premium check. It is incredible the number of people who go on trips only to break down part way into the journey because they have failed to check the oil, water, power steering fluid, or brake fluid.

Take Your Documents On The Trip
It’s a good idea to take all your important documents with you – not just a driver’s licence but also registration, car insurance and medical insurance papers. Should the unthinkable happen and you are involved in a serious accident or otherwise hurt, it will be important to have all these details handy. This should go without saying, but also make sure everything is up to date.
Preparation cannot be rated too highly. Follow these simple precautions and you can at least be certain that you have prepared for some of the most obvious things that can go wrong on a long-distance road trip.



  1. I had never thought about taking a portable grill. That's genius!

  2. i've never heard of roadside assistance clubs!! maybe i should join one.

  3. A portable grill is a really good idea!

  4. This is so smart! My best friend and I are planning a road trip along the US West coast. This is going to be mighty helpful come the time. I didn't even think of joining a roadside assistance club. Thanks for the clever post! xx-Hailey


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