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29 October 2014

Creative Ways to Make Money + A Tory Burch Flats Giveaway

When I was working back in Tennessee as the Marketing Director for a chain of salons, my job focused around coming up with unique, original and creative promotions to drive sales and make money. Original being the key word here. There are a lot of copy cats in this world, I see them every day in blog land, and they also exist in business. Drawing inspiration and copying are two very different things. 

.... aaaaand tangent has commenced.... 

But anyways, back to money making. If you are creative enough to come up with an idea for your company to make more money, I can pretty much guarantee you will have job security. I'm not as involved in sales in my current position, but in the past I used to have a blast brainstorming new promotions to get clients in the door and take all of their money! I'm a hustler babyyy, I just want you to know.... 

For example, I recently found out that AT&T now offers what is essentially a lease for a new iPhone. Talk about genius. They no longer are only getting your money every two years, they are getting your money every single month by charging you a premium to basically rent an iPhone from them. You're happy because you have that pretty iPhone 6, they are happy because they have more money from you than ever before. Better get you a sturdy case... (shameless plug) 

I'm not hating right now. It is ideas like that that separate the men from the boys, as my dad used to say. You may not be in marketing or advertising professionally, but as a blogger you 100% are. You should always be thinking about new ways to make money from your blog. New sponsor opportunities. New Etsy ventures. Heck, even tiny ideas can make a huge impact, like utilizing the bloglovin like button for giveaways!

This whole ramble thus far is basically to tell you I have a great idea for Facebook. (I know, I know, I know... horrific irrelevant ramble leading up to my point, my bad!

If you could pay a fee to see private profiles on Facebook (or insta or twitter), would you do it? 

I realize this idea breaches every single privacy law every created for social media. But would you? Would you pay to see your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's Facebook page? Or what about her Insta profile? Accounts that were previously on lock down, now open for a flat monthly fee to Facebook. 

I'll go ahead and start the discussion with no shame... YUP! A whole lotta YUP! 

I feel like I've hit the jackpot when people don't realize their Mobile Upload Album is public (surprisingly a lot of people don't catch this), I would be filled with days upon weeks of entertainment if I had access to everything, at anytime. 

So, what about you? Would you pay for that privilege if it was say.... $14.99/mo? Leave me a comment, I'm curious! 

I also have teamed up with a great group of girls for a a fab giveaway today! 

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  1. I wouldn't pay $14.99 a month. I think that's just too much money that would add up quickly but I like where your heads at!!

  2. You definitely need to think outside of the box for marketing & so forth no matter what you're doing these days! I'm way too much of a cheap scape to pay just to see someone's private profile. Plus, I don't think I would care enough to want to pay for it - I would have to really, really need to see it bc of something major, not just for fun.

  3. I wouldn't personally pay the $14.99/month, but you know who I bet would? employers or at the very least hiring managers, I know when someone applies to work for us the first thing I have to do is try to find them on facebook...

  4. I can GUARANTEE you I would delete any account of mine that would let that happen and obviously wouldn't pay it myself. I imagine it'd cause some issues with stalking, but (like Kasey said) it would benefit employers.

  5. Sweet giveaway! To answer your question, I wouldn't want people being able to pay to see my profile so I think I'd prefer not to see theirs.

  6. I am cheap and always broke so no, I probably wouldn't pay the $14.99. BUT I'm also a boring old lady who's been with the same guy for a million years so it's not nearly as enticing to stalk his exes. If I were dating someone new, I'd probably say SIGN ME UP!

  7. I think that is a great idea, but I don't think I'd sign up.. I don't have anyone that I want to stalk that badly, yet.

  8. That would end up 2 ways, I would either pay for it and since I know everyone can see my pictures now, I would Photoshop marry myself to Alex Skarsgard and "vacation" every week in an exotic place (my life has to be better than my ex's) or I would freak out pack my belongings and move back to Colombia where people still live in trees wear loincloths and plant weed all day long (not true, but there has to be a place in the world where social media won't follow me)


  9. Nope! I'm way too cheap. Also, I don't have facebook. I actually rather suck at the whole online stalking thing, I get distracted by pinterest and shopping. And I'm a brat - once you're out of my life, it's pretty much like you died. I will never again look at anything you do online because I just assume you're dead.

  10. Nope. I’ll stalk but not if it requires extra effort. Plus, like Stephanie said, once someone (like and ex) is out of my life.... F’em.

    Michael @ CrazyTragic{almost}Magic

  11. I might have paid for this in college but then again in college I was broke so there's that.
    ~Elise @

  12. I think it would depend. I would probably pay $14.99 to be able to see every Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for a year. But If I had to pay separate for each person or each time I looked I probably wouldn't, I want to creep on too many people for that. One thing I would for sure pay for: being able to secretly look at every LinkedIn profile

  13. I would pay if it comes with an HBO subscription LOL.

    But seriously doe... I think ignorance is bliss so the less you know the better.

  14. I personally wouldn't ever pay for that because I don't care enough about what other people are doing. But I'm sure potential employers and colleges would do it.

  15. I feel so conflicted! Part of me wants to say yes because I'm nosy, but the other part of me wants to avoid those rabbitholes altogether and just stay out of their business! I'm totally at a draw, but I do like the idea of you rapping "I'm a hustler baby..."

  16. I've heard Facebook does that already - giving corporations access to private profiles for a fee but it may just be a tactic to scare us youth to stop oversharing our lives. I wouldn't pay $15/month, or even $5 because I see it as the past is the past and I wouldn't want to stir up any feelings of jealousy or bitterness, etc. regardless if we ended on good terms or not.

    However, I'd admit that when I do Facebook stalk people, I get a bit excited when I see public albums/posts they're not aware of, haha.


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