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28 March 2013

Don't be scared of the big bad spray tan!

So I am jumping really far away from my normal blogging topics today to discuss spray tanning. 

I am the biggest sunless tanning advocate.
People often say, "Oh my gosh, you have the most beautiful tan, what do you do to get so dark?"
Actually, no one asks that. But moving on. 

If you want to be bronze, thinner, glo-geous, thinner, prettier, thinner...
Go sunless.

I hear so many people say...
"Am I going to be like Ross from friends?"
"Am I going to look like the New Jersey tan lady?"
"Am I going to be orange?"

Do you really think tanning salons could continue to charge $35-$55 for a spray tan system that did any of those things? No way! You get what you pay for and as long as you do Mystic or Versa you will be golden. Literally. 

So since I spray tan 1-2 times per week, I will appoint myself an "expert!" 

{before pic}

Don't shower, don't work out, don't sing in the rain, don't pass go, don't go directly to jail.
Just watch real housewives marathons and do nothing.
Although you will be wearing a barrier cream while you spray, it doesn't block everything. Wash your hands right as you leave the room (put your clothes back on first obvi) and that will prevent having dirty looking hands. Some people prefer to wait about 2 hours, either way, get em washed! 

For the mystic tan there are so many choices...
Light, Medium Dark
Bronzer or no bronzer

Try something different each time. It is best to start out with the light cartridge to see how dark your skin will develop the color. Don't be scared of the dark cartridge... it is actually my personal favorite.
The solution develops differently on everyone's skin. 
Fun fact:
The more protein you have in your body, the darker the color will develop. 
So eat that meat kids! 

Nearly every salon out there has a website with a coupon for their Sunless Tan.
Use them! If you have never done a spray tan before, I can almost guarantee you will get a discount on your first couple of sessions! 

AND here is my after picture when I follow all these steps correctly...

Venus Trapped


  1. Oh girl. Your after picture looks beautimous. You really rock that spray tan, love!

    1. I mean I hate to brag but, yeah I know. I was looking really good that day. hehe

  2. haha i love spray tans and I am a BIG advocate for not damaging your skin. i love me a good spray tan, excellent tips.

  3. Love the versa! everytime i get it done people ask if I just got back from vacay!

  4. I got one done once and it came out great but then I thought I was getting too dark so I showered. silly me. ps you look amazing in that suit!

    1. aww thanks, I worked soooo hard to get bikini ready for that photo shoot!! hehee

  5. You've just inspired me to get a tan before I go blonde again. I am lookin pretty pale!
    p.s. Go DUKE!

  6. I feel like this post was directed to me.....still scared but I am now thinking about taking the plunge! xo

  7. So now that I got a brain in my head and refuse to set foot (tush) into a tanning bed again, I've considered spray tanning but am scared it'll streeeeeeak! But as always, VIM gives me hope for life and shit, so perhaps my weekend will now be spent spray-tan couponing.

    Also, the chicks in the first pic should try striking a little more gold and a little less blush.

    1. gurrrrrrrrl. You will not streak! I promise. Go forth and coupon.

  8. Your after picture is awesome ;)
    I want to try it now! I'm still scared though. Not of turning weird colors but of getting sprayed in the face and of being streaky because I would probably suck at the "be patient" part.

    kidding. i don't think i have the wherewithal for that.
    but in other news - i'm a pale freak and i hate it.

    1. I straight up just had to google what wherewithal meant. Solid work on using that work in daily jargon.

  10. I love me some tan in a can, oh yes I sure do!

  11. I've done a couple of posts on this. I love me some Mystic Tan.

  12. Goodness, I need to get me a spray tan!

  13. I work at a spa and its really advisable to go for a full body exfoliation before a spray tan ladies!
    Also to wear loose, black clothing and open shoes.

    Really helps!

    Cool post! Very informative! I need a spray tan so badly!

    New follower x

  14. thanks for this post... i recently came back from arub and our damn cold weather practically froze my tan right off as soon as i stepped off the plane so i've been thinking of getting a spray tan. does it smell weird? i ask because those sunless tanners that come in a tube smell plastic-y. i don't want to walk around with my whole body smelling like a condom, kwim?

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