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07 August 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Cooking a Nice Dinner

The good lord blessed me with many strengths. I can catch a bottle mid-air, right before it hits the ground. I'm really good at picking the perfect emoji at the perfect time. I have nothing but sheer patience when I go shopping at Forever 21. I can parallel park. I'm really good at drinking beer. Like I said, many strengths. 

One strength I was not blessed with is cooking. It's not that I can't cook... well ok it's that I can't cook. I just don't know what to do. I was never taught the cooking ropes when I was a kid, mainly because I was either on the basketball court, or on the couch watching Saved by the Bell reruns. 

The grocery store is a scary place for me. I go to exactly 4 sections in the grocery store:
1. Bagged Navel Oranges
2. Wine (duh)
3. Breakfast Bars
4. Frozen Dinners

Sure there is the occasional time I get wild and crazy and hit up the canned soup aisle or venture over to get some fat free feta if it is on special for 2/$5, but it is usually just in-and-out grabbing all of the lean cuisines I can fit in my cart. 

All this buildup is just really to make it clear to you how big of a deal it is when I make a meal that doesn't involve a microwave. 

Yesterday, I made a meal that didn't involve a microwave... and here is my story. 

also: no judgey faces. I know there is a lot of crap on the table.  I just moved in and have been gone all of July, sheesh.  

I recommend this one for the steak. Because us newbie cooks need all the humor we can get!
And I was one lucky duck because my girl Magen and her mom helped me with the recipe for the sides and dessert! 

 -- And by easy, I mean I set the fire alarm off.  --



  1. Yay for cook. It just takes time and practice. Worse case you miss up and have to order food. Which has happen to me a few times.

  2. did you really set the fire alarm off? you crack me up. but at least you cooked! PROUD OF YA

  3. Top Shelf Sarah!! Get it girl!

  4. Agreed on not skimping on the wine...that's the first step in all my meal prepping. :) Look at you gettin all Monica Gellar on us ;)

  5. I have a feeling there were two of those plates and two wine glasses on that table....and they weren't for you, veenie, OR general!!! ;)

    Also, that looks delicious. When can I come over?

  6. I think we are the same person. I can catch like Megatron, but cook like a blind monkey on drugs.

  7. Can I just say that I am DYING to know whoooo you cooked this dinner for. Please tell me a day will come when we get more than just grinning emojis.

  8. And just WHO prompted this sudden cooking spree, hmmm??

  9. Hey, I am impressed! That looks scrumptious!!

  10. 2 steaks... hmmmmm... you know you are killing us woman!!! But good job, looks deelish!

  11. UGH the grocery store is a scary place for me too! Just the thought of it kinda gives me anxiety. I have developed a routine and always just get the same thing, go to the same aisles and God forbid there be a bunch of people at the store or I rush myself through and get my batooskie outta there!!! Its just so intimidating, all those people who know what they are doing, you know because they all host their own cooking shows on HGTV and are giving me stares like this chick doesn't know what she is doing!!!

  12. Way to get after it girl! Looks delicious! xoxo, ganeeban

  13. What good tips! I actually have multiple containers of paprika, because I never check. And I've never gotten sick from raw eggs. Urban legend!!!

  14. Fancy steak! You go girl. I have never cooked steak before because it seems scary.. BUT good call on the twice baked potatoes (that's what it looks like) I made those for my boyf the first time I cooked for him!

  15. Your grocery store experiences are similar to mine unless I have some reason to cook. Don't worry, I set my smoke alarm off at 10 pm Sunday night because I fell asleep while my lasagna burnt... Oops!

  16. Lol but it looks so good!!! Im proud of you! I still burn popcorn =/

  17. Seriously. Cooking is one of my least favorite things to do because I'm just absolutely convinced I'm going to mess something up. CONVINCED. I can make homemade mashed potatoes though and I know that boys like meat and potatoes. So at least I can put in half the effort right? Snaps for you, all the snaps for you.

  18. I thought this post when going to end really badly with the cayenne pepper. Cayenne can totally make things go horribly wrong in the kitchen. I'm glad to hear your adventure to cook wasn't a disaster.

  19. love this post and I love the goggles, to cute.

  20. But did you really set it off?? Good job, though!

  21. I am in shock that you actually COOKED...AND you're still alive! I knew you could do it!! :-) Way to go!!


  22. It sounds like we have similar grocery store routines. I'm so bad about just buying frozen dinners. I want to start cooking more, but I also want to not do things that require effort or skill. Because I also lack culinary talent.

  23. At least it turned out good-- or looks good at least! Next thing you know, you'll end up a food blogger! ;)

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