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14 June 2013

Venus Quiz: What Kind of a Fan Are You?

My eyes have not left the jumbo tron since we sat down. Gotta be ready

CUP #1, The ball is under CUP #1, CUP #1 YOU IDIOT!! Didn't you watch?

I just Text 456423 to 32342131 for a chance to win a honey baked ham! EEK! 

KISS CAM TIME, KISS CAM TIME. Stay calm, stay focused, eye on the prize

HAHA he didn't kiss her, stinks for her.

Why is that b---- getting on the KISSCAM?? She isn't even that pretty??!

We are running out of time!!!!!!!!

Ugh, we didn't make it on the kiss cam. Can we go home now?

What is the limit on beers here? Just two? Ok I'll take two, then two each for my two "buddies"

I snuck a flask in my shoe

I snuck a flask in my bra

I snuck a flask in my butt

The female security guard confiscated the flask in my butt

When do they stop serving beer?

Hey, Beer man! 

Do we have time to get some more beers?

Ahh this ball is coming at me but I don't wanna drop my beer. *Get's hit in face*

I just punched an 8 year old in the knee.... she was talking smack.

Hey center fielder. EFF YOU! 

Shoes - 7  Televisions - 0 

If you don't think TOM BRADY is the greatest quarterback of all time I will punch you in the throat

What did you say about Tony Romo?? Oh haiill no, let's take this outside. Now.

My name is Teresa Giudice 

127 days, 13 hours, 21 minutes, 12 seconds until football season

5 seconds..

3 seconds..

1998. Oh man that was the year baby!!! This year will be just like 1998 I know it!!

I love Coach Jones!! Coach Jones 2013 all the way baby!!

I hate Coach Jones. Get him outta here. We need 1998 again! 

It is -15 degrees out here. I feel no pain. Go PACKERS!!  

Go Saints! My friend's sister's boyfriend's second cousin's facebook friend was evacuated from Katrina

Baltimore is my favorite team

Name a player from Baltimore Ravens? Oh uh, that guy, you know, Cal Ripken, right?

I have a Cowboys jersey, a Colts jersey, a Denver jersey, a Bengals jersey and I'm getting a Redskins jersey next year. 

YAY! Miami Heat. Go LeBron Wade. Yeah, team!

Do you like this glitter, tie-die, sequin, fringe crop top I just bought from Victoria's Secret NFL line?

Hey will you take our picture?

Is this beer fat free?

Come on Broncos, homerun! 

Ahh!! We already have six likes on the picture I just posted on Instagram!

Your team's outfits are really pretty.

I could have been all-state if I didn't bruise my shin that one time

If they ever picked me to do the halftime shootout I'd for sure win the million dollars

My 3 point shooting percentage was just as good as Dirk's in high school #justsayin

After this we should totally go play HORSE and see who wins

Hey want to play beer pong?

Want to play flip cup?

We should totally get the corn hole boards out.

Offensive. Charge. Traveling. He was walking. Offsides. Roughing the Kicker. Pick 6.

This is my first NFL game

I have never been to an NFL game before

Ohmygod we need to get a foam finger

I need a tshirt

 Let's get matching pink jerseys

I have never been to an NFL game before, this is my first one. Did you know that?

I'm really excited to be here.

It's cold.

I'm hot.

We are so high up. I can see better on the television at home.

Why are there so many stairs?

I'm cold and hot at the same time. 

This drunk guy won't stop yelling in my ear.

I'm not sure I want to do this again. 

So who are you?
 If you tell me yours I'll tell you mine.

I also wanted to announce the stub hub giveaway winner...........
Chels @ Red River Rooster 
Congratulation, girlfriend!!! Can't wait to hear and see pics about what tickets you pick!!

And a special shout out to my girl Sara for letting me reuse this post! It was originally born as a guest post from me, on her blog and she was kind enough to let this post come hang with us on Fan Friday! 

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  1. I'm some kind f strange mix between yay beer and diehard haha, with a splash of cheerleader when I want to look cute on game day

  2. I'll admit it. I'm a mix of kiss cam and total virgin. Yep. That about somes up my life- attention whore and vir... oh, not really. :)

  3. Yay beer!!! That's me. And of course I'd have to have a pink jersey. I'm just that kinda person. Fun fact of the day...a kid that I went to school with got drafted to the ravens this year as a rookie. His name is Brandon Williams. And our school isn't big and is in the middle of nowhere, so that's pretty awesome. Lol.

  4. I am 100% a yay beer fan. I would annoy the shit out of you at a game. sometimes i don't even make it to my seat.

  5. I'm sure you can't even begin to guess which I am, so I'll just leave that mystery there.

    PS. Why do you make me laugh out loud so many?


  6. I think Pink jerseys should be illegal. haha and my computer wouldn't let me add a song today to link up with miss awesome. I linked up with you anyways cause I am a rule breaker.

  7. Probably a cross between a Die Hard and a Cheerleader-- it's important to look the part! Lol. I'm also pretty ADD in life, so it's hard for me to stay die hard for very long without a distraction... Oh and ps-- I love Tom Brady! Two comments in a row that I've been afraid you're going to disown me...

  8. I'm definitely a BandWagon of whatever my husband likes, which is cool with me. I like sports, but I want to LOVE them. How? HOW?!

  9. I'm sticking with my original answer - "Let's see - I start out as former athlete, then move to Yaybeer because I'm scared of kisscam, too much beer turns me into angry beaver, then drunk me gets a glittery tattoo and becomes cheerleader and I end the night on the bandwagon because I forgot which team i was routing for. Quit trying to put me in a category, I refuse to be stereotyped like that. HA. JK. I'll stick with Die Hard."

    I wish I was more original, but finding that and copying it was way easier. Also, I LOVE that song.

  10. I'm totally a yay beer! I am there for the tailgating, drinks, and social aspect. I could care less about what is going on on the field/rink/court.

  11. Lol , I am so relating in Total Virgin ;) Yay , I am linking up for the first time , probably time for opening secrets.
    Noor's Place

  12. Yeah....I'm a total die hard/yay beer combo. That is possible, right? :)

  13. Haha! This post was absolutely hysterical! I'm mostly a Yay Beer! fan these days. Only because I now live in Seattle and (much to my hubby's disappointment) I am not a Seahawks fan! So I go to all the games for the booze ;) I refuse to like them just because it's "his" team!!

  14. Haha! I'm a cheerleader... and a little bit of a jumbo tron watcher. Probably the worst combo! Hey, at least I know it! Happy Friday!

  15. Haha, I love this! I'm definitely a die hard - I could endlessly talk about past games/seasons or rattle off random stats, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've got an ongoing countdown to the start of the NFL season on my phone...

    Great post!


  16. I'm either a cheerleader or a total virgin, depending on the sport. Unfortunately the ONLY sport I follow is college football, lol.

  17. I’ve been going to ball games my entire life, and I am all of the above…minus the virgin obv. I’m proud to say that I am 9-1 on the hat shuffle this baseball season :]

  18. DIEHARD all the way!! GO PACK GO! :)


  19. If Angry Beaver and Die Hard had a drunk sex then got pregnant. I would so be that baby!


  20. obviously i am the former athlete. i mean i could probably play just as well as they are right now. put me in coach! i have my spandex on underneath my dress! (but no really, i wear my combat pros under my dresses all the time...)

  21. Definitely the YayBeer fan!! My husband and I almost always sneak in alcohol. And, we get hammered beforehand. It's moreso because we're broke. However.....with this new stupid bag policy I'm pretty sure that won't be happening anymore. :( This is stupid!!

  22. Hahaha I'm totally YayBeer fan! Never tried sneaking a flask in my butt before though, maybe that will be next on my list! Haha.



  23. I think I'm a mix between an angry beaver and a cheerleader. And next year I'll be 21 and be all like "YAY BEER!" in public. Because then I can do that.

    Xo, Samantha |

  24. Oh man I a am an angry beaver! I've come close to breaking a few bones in my hands from slamming my fist on table and have been motivated to punch the wall. I've said my life would be a lot easier if sports didn't run my life.

  25. Hey girl! I'm a new follower, just stopping by to say hello :) I think it's awesome that you blog a lot about sports. I'm an obnoxiously huge baseball fan and nobody seems to appreciate that! Right on, love.

  26. Fan style: DIE HARD.

    Life every day: YAY BEER. Duh, so duh.

    And I was a cheerleader in high school. But the cool kind who forgot to do cheers because she was too busy watching the game. So I win points back. That's how this works, ya know.

  27. I am never interested in sports until it comes to the player, yeah die hard fan girling!
    Linking up with you, gotta catch it every week! Though remembering that my hot athlete crush is married now hurt badly.

  28. DEpending on the seems as though I am some awful combination of die hard...cheerleader....yay athlete. wonder my daughter doesn't talk to me during college football and basketball season. (She's 7.....)


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