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28 June 2013

Forty - Love

With Wimbledon being played over the course of the next week, I thought it might behoove you to know a little about the sport. I really enjoy watching tennis. I'll sit down to only watch a few minutes of a match, then two hours later I'm grunting and sweating along with the Williams Sisters. 

Reasons you will like tennis:
Even the ugly ones are still somehow attractive.... cue Andy Murray. You may remember him better as Kate Middleton's bestie at last year's Wimbledon tournament. 
Far less murderers in tennis than there are in football. That is simply a fact. It is kind of hard to murder someone in a front tie, bow shirt. I mean, I haven't tried. It just seems like it. 
Games make up sets. Sets make up matches....
Let's talk about how individual game scoring works.

Let's say Serena and Venus are playing each other. 

Serena is serving and scores first. 
The score is now 15-Love. 

Venus wins the next point...
The score is now 15 all

Venus wins the next point...
The score is now 15- 30

Serena wins the next point...
The score is now 30 all

Serena wins the next point...
The Score is now 40-30

If Serena wins the next point, she wins the game. 

If Venus wins the next point, the score is 40 all or "Deuce"

At deuce, one player must win the next two points to win the game. If at deuce, Serena wins the next point, she has the advantage. This is called "ad". If the player having the advantage wins the following point, she wins that game. If the player with the advantage loses the point, the score returns to deuce, and they do that all over again.

And here is a more visual example.

Next are Sets. You need to win 6 games to win the SET!

Then finally we have the match. 
In most tournaments, the first player to win two sets (best of three) wins the match. 

After I made all that I realized it was very overwhelming. But I took the time to make it, so you have to pretend to be interested. 

"Ohhh yeah, Sarah, man, that post made so much sense and it really helped me so much! I simply cannot wait to watch Wimbledon this weekend." 

and I'll be sitting on the other end of the computer thinking....
Just kidding, I just really wanted to use those GIFs. 

Hey let's link up with Whitney, shall we? 
For some odd reason I feel the need to explain my song.
Good Mornin Laides..........
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  1. Don't hate me but... I'm still lost. Can't it just be like Kinnect tennis--best out of three?

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I always yelled at Wii Tennis because I felt like we got stuck on "deuce" but now I see it wasn't stuck, tennis is just... different.

  3. I played Tennis in High School and I wish there was someone around here that liked to play! This is a great summary of the game! Great job :)

  4. My brother and I both played tennis in high school and I wish this had been around then! It didn't matter how many people tried to explain to my grandma what was going on, she did not understand. After every match she'd lean over to someone and ask "So who won?".. It was hilarious and a phrase we use to gently mock her to this day!

  5. I came to your blog to link up my Wimbledon post to discover that you wrote about tennis too!! Gosh, I miss Andy Roddick. :(

  6. I think this is a great post! I got into tennis because an ex played in high school and enjoyed still playing so I took a class on it and started watching it. I wouldn't have enjoyed watching at all if he didn't take the time to break it all down for me and once I understood I freaking loved it.

    I think you did a fantastic job explaining it all out. Did you happen to catch Craig Miller talking about the rules the other day on the Ticket? He was explaining why they call zero 'love' and the reason for the 15-30-40 deal as well. I just figured that I wasn't fancy enough to know the reasons why it wasn't 1-2-3-4!

    Great post!

  7. Did you know I actually play tennis?! I used to be really good! Like I won a tournament! Yay a sport I understand!

  8. Hmmm... We have tennis courts at my condos and I sunbathe on them. Does that count? I get good sun there.

  9. i'm still confused by the rules and matches/games/sets (my head just exploded), but i do like the good-looking, fashionable, no murderers thing that tennis has going on. i tried playing a few times and since i missed the ball 80% of the time, i got in a lot of cardio fetching the ball. so i guess that's good? have a good weekend!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $75 anthropologie giveaway

  10. I love your instruction photos. haha and I almost linked up my ten year annv post to this b/c my husband played college football and I am his biggest fan...and I mentioned the cubs. but I spared everyone.

  11. I've watched enough to mostly understand the scoring. I don't get into tennis much, but it's certainly better than golf.

  12. I went to tennis camp one summer when I was younger but was pretty terrible. I lack the athlete gene. I do love to play but just not with anyone who cares that I suck.

  13. It's true that tennis stars are way hot than many other sporties *sigh* . I am not good at tennis but badminton is way easier ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  14. I "LOVE" your visual aids! I used to play tennis; last year I wrote a (much less exciting) post about it.

  15. YES! Colt 45 was the one of the theme songs of my college softball team. Definitely took me back for a sec! Love the visuals, good work! I wish I could say that I know my shit about tennis since I watch it a lot buttt I don't! haha. Thanks for the info!

  16. I love playing tennis, but the scoring confuses me...even after reading this, i might drink some wine under my desk now.

  17. Why couldn't you have been my PE teacher?? Cute illustrations and lots of glitter and bright colors would have really helped me understand/care about sports more back then!

  18. 2 things:

    1) I played on my high school tennis team all 4 years and LOVED it. btw our outfits were wayyyyy skimpier than the cheerleaders!
    2) Now I will have Colt 45 in my head all day, grr

  19. I'm a badminton player and it's getting official! Oh Sarah, dear these charts helped me a lot, thanks for sharing. Hahah kidding!

  20. This was actually pretty helpful! I have to admit that I am still confused, but I think if I read this a couple more times I might start to catch on with the scoring. I've always wanted to learn how to play. One year I signed up for Saturday lessons at a community college just for fun, but that was like the one year that we had a rainy January in California and the class got cancelled. :( Maybe I'll try that over again!

  21. This was so helpful! I'm going to refer to this post always from now on. Thanks for the explanation!

  22. My dad is challenging me to a tennis match this weekend... I think I'm in trouble.

  23. I seriously used to be in love with Andy Roddick. I thought he looked like my ex-fiancé. No idea why because he doesn't.

  24. Aaaaand now I am singing Colt 45 and two zig zags all around my office...and I love it. Is it wrong I have known every single verse of that song since Freshman year in High School? Nah..I didn't think so either. :) I'd rock a cute tennis outfit and carry around a racquet...and that would be my extent of "tennis". Happy Friday!

  25. Oh Sarah of course it all makes sense now... well actually not totally, but I'm already sold on the cute skirts and being classy a la Sabrina (don't sit on the wine glasses though!).
    xoxo Aimee

  26. Too funny less murders in Tennis then football! And a great tennis outfit can do wonders for a gal!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  27. I'm a sports dumdum and always wondered about tennis! I'm not blowing smoke, this was actually helpful! :) Maybe I will watch some tennis whilst drinking some (a lot) of wine, and pretending I'm classy....

  28. After getting beat with a wii controller while playing wii tennis I tend to stay away from the sport.

  29. I loooove that song. It's so outrageous and out there but it's Afro man so it's ok! And every week I look forward to your sports explanations. The pictures are the best!

  30. I grew up on tennis with my family and loved this post and your cute explanations of how to play! :)

  31. I love tennis. As in real love, not zero love. And in high school our tennis uniforms brought all the boys to the yard.

  32. Love this, I am a HUGE tennis fan!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. Love this! Tennis is awesome and a sport I definitely want to get better at. Although, I try to understand it through Wii tennis, it just isn't the same.

  34. Ya know what's funny....I played varsity in highschool and had totally forgotten how the set to match part worked. Lol thaaaaanks for the refresher girl.

  35. Wimbledon is one of my fabourite sporting events [probably second only to the Olympics] so I LOVE this. I also love that you include Andy Roddick on your favourite athletes.

    And well, us Brits have our champion now ;)

    Nicola x
    Photograph each day so we can live forever...


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