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13 January 2016

Where Do I Go From Here? (Part 2)

Let me first start by saying, THANK YOU for all the kind words on yesterday's post. You guys left me feeling excited and supported to get back, full force with blogging again.... whatever kind of blogging it is that I decide to do. As I started to jot down some notes on the direction and goals I want to set for VTIM, I thought it might be more productive to make it a blog post. 

Who knows, maybe some of the questions I've asked myself recently will help you guys who said you've been struggling lately too! Let's get started! 

1. What Topics Do I Blog About? 

2. What are my favorite 3 things to blog about?
The Pups
Learning Photography 

3. What posts am I most proud of?

Those posts where I spill all of my insecurities in the hopes of moving past them and possibly even helping someone else struggling with the same thing. 

4. What can I teach people?
- Hair Tutorials. Oddly enough I have like, two hair tutorials on my blog. I LOVE doing hair and I would really enjoy incorporating more hair posts into the blog. When I was little I had a dream of opening my own hair salon, which is kind of funny seeing as I've never even remotely pursued that field! 
- Sports. Rules, scoring, my tips for attending games, what to wear to different sporting events, current events in the sports world. The reason why I started this blog!
- Career. I guess you could call this a "girl boss" category, but I would love to do more "growing your career" inspired posts! 
- Graphics/HTML. These specific types of tutorials are not nearly as prevalent in the blogging world. I think it would be fun to bring back Saturday Sessions, but with the major focus on graphic design and understanding HTML for your blog. 

5. Money, Clothes, Etc... How do you hope to profit from your blog?
Money is of course an obvious, duh. Honestly though, the number one thing I want to get from all the work that I put into my blog has not changed, tickets! I started this blog because I wanted to convince all of my girlfriends that there is no better form of entertainment than attending a sporting event. I wrote this post nearly 3 years ago, and my attitude hasn't changed one bit. Tickets are a girls best friend. 

6. What is my biggest challenge?
Instagram. I think every blogger will probably say that these days. I have a hard time understanding what will get likes, and what kind of images will help you grow. Pictures I personally think are awesome (i.e. holding out an ice cold beer in front of a football field) tend to flop. On the other hand, pictures I don't think will do very well (a photo of dirty pumpkins) get a sickening amout of likes. It's the first social media platform to truly leave me stumped. 

7. Where I need to improve?
- Sharing my posts on social media. I am TERRIBLE at sharing my own posts. Terrible. It's lazy and silly that I don't remember to do this.

- Labeling and categorizing every blog post

-Reaching out to companies I love and want to work with, rather than just waiting for more random opportunities to come to me. 

8. One large obstacle?
That dang boyfriend of mine. That sounds horribly corny, but I genuinely adore spending my free time doing all of the fun things with CB. I need to better organize my time so that I can still spend plenty of time with him, but also save the time I need for the blog. 

9. Something you look forward to posting about? 
Cocktails!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drink on Fleek. Everything from taking the photos to taste testing is a blast for me, and I always look forward to hitting publish on those posts. 

10. Blogging + Traveling for Work
Aside from the obvious option of writing posts in advance, which I've actually done before (shocking, I know) I need to find a way to get motivated to pull out my computer and work on a post when I get to my hotel room at the end of the day. I wish I could sit here and say I have NO TIME to blog while traveling, but the truth of the matter is that I do. I'll usually be done and free of responsibility by 9pm. MUST NOT BE LAZY! 

I still want to make people laugh, and I never want to forget the main reason I started this blog which was to promote the world of sports to my girlfriends. I am a sports lover, and although I'm by no means an expert, I do have the passion to successfully write about this topic every Friday. I need to remember to keep it simple and stick to the things that I know and enjoy: sports, cocktail recipes, social media, graphic design, career, life and love! 

Another thing.... I really love sponsored posts because I put so much time, photography and effort into them. I need to remember that a post doesn't have to be sponsored to put time and effort into it! 

So there it is, in black and white.
I'm pumped for blogging now! (At least I think I am...)

What are your biggest struggles with blogging lately? 
Have you found anything that helps inspire you to sit down and start writing?! 

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  1. I completely agree with you on instagram. ITS SO STRESSFUL. haha I know it's stupid to say this, but I feel so self-conscious of posting something on there. I love all your topics you blog about & can't wait for you to get back into the blogging game all refreshed and ready to go :)

  2. Insta is a weird beast. Can we all just play on snapchat? I'm feeling the urge to get back to blogging myself. Just talking about whatever I want to. Remember when we all started blogging? And we all read all these GREAT blogs, because we were basically reading stories from each others lives. What a time. I like the hair post idea though!! I'm all about trying to do new things with this mop! Can't wait to see what comes down the pike!!!

  3. I 100% get what you're saying about CB being an "obstacle." Because in the evenings and on the weekends, I want to spend time with Chris and the kids and not sitting in front of a screen, ignoring them.

  4. When I started coaching cheer last year, I feel off the blog bandwagon. I've got a planner and list of posts ready. I'm going to try really hard to get back into it. I miss it.

    This post is a huge help. You know I love your sports posts. I would also love to see the HTML and hair ones! I don't typically read the dog posts, but I do look at all of the adorable pictures. :)

  5. Boys ruin everything. JUST KIDDING. love this sarah. and i think you always post great things, i truly mean that. i wouldn't read a blog if I didn't love it.

  6. I definitely would love to know more about how to go about contacting companies for a collaboration...just if you ever get around to blogging about that. ;)

  7. Glad that you wrote it all out! I would love the HTML crash course, although make it during the week as I mostly don't go online on the weekends, so I might miss it...and I hear ya on the getting posts done ahead of schedule, always the best intentions, but it never works out for me, hehe.

  8. You're right- these questions do help me! Lately I've been struggling for ideas and also the fact that I have big dreams for the blog but don't know how to go about them! ha.

  9. Your last two posts were exactly what I needed to read. I agree with Helene - you always post great things. Please keep the sports posts coming - I love reading them on this site because I can't find many other blogs that do a great job with them. Keep up the great work - you are an awesome blogger!

  10. I meant to tell you this when it happened. I am a football fan through and through. Its sad I am stuck in a basketball state. My daughter told me she hated football because she didn't understand what was going on. I tried to explain it. I found myself trying to draw a diagram. Finally, I gave up and told her you had a blog post that did a better job at describing it. So I pulled your post up. She now happily watches games with me and no longer just roots or the team with the prettiest colors.

  11. Girl boss posts! I would loveeee those. And don't worry too much about Instagram. I think genuine is a lot more important than pretty. Just keep doing you! :)

  12. You go girl!
    Ugh school is the biggest obstacle taking away my time from blogging. I spend a majority of my day working on class work that by the time I get to blog my mind is BURNT out lol. I'm hoping the Social Media Management class I am taking inspires me to put out some better content but only time will tell!

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  14. Yes with the graphic design teaching! Please! :) I'm glad you're back on board. P.S. Sorry I'm a day late on my commenting haha

  15. Thank you for being so honest and forthcoming with your thoughts and struggles with blogging! While blogging can be super awesome, at times I get overwhelmed and then despondent and discouraged too-- this list is a great one to save for times when I need some perspective. PS: I think your blog is awesome just the way it is :)

  16. I love these questions for when I am blocked thnk you!

  17. Saturday Sessions - yes!! Would love to see more of those. :) As for time, I hear ya - I would much rather spend time with the husband than behind a computer screen for hours at a time. I found I was able to really get some good writing done when my husband was in his travel seasons (football/baseball), but not so much when we were both home for a while. Maybe there's an excuse to send him out with the guys on a regular basis??

  18. Those are some basically amazing questions. I think I need to ask myself the same and reevaluate! Thanks!

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