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25 January 2016

The Next Lindsey Vonn

So it's all set now, we've got our Super Bowl 50 teams! Carolina will face my boy Peyton and the Denver Broncos in San Fran in just two short weeks. I'm not going to say I'm torn on who to root for, because my loyalty will always lie with Peyton -- and Malik Jackson and Britton Colquitt, who are all Vols who all play on the Denver Broncos. I will say though that I am a big Cam fan, and if he wins then I'll be ok with that too. 

I'm actually tickled to death that Denver won, because CB and I are headed with a group of friends to Denver on Thursday to go skiing. I cannot wait to feel the Super Bowl fever in Denver, it will be a vibe I've never had the privilege of experiencing first hand. 

Now skiing on the other hand, woof. 

CB, bless his heart, is so excited. He literally set a reminder alarm yesterday to check the mountain's web cam to see what kind of line there was for the lift. Me though? Well, I'm having a hard time getting on his level of giddy. I've never been skiing before, but I have been snowboarding one time -- if you would call what I was doing "snowboarding" -- and I was nothing short of convinced that I was going to plummet to my death via the Bunny Trail. The newspaper headlines would read, "First Woman to Ever Plummet to Death on Bunny Trail" and everyone would giggle.

In general, I consider myself athletic. I pick up most sports pretty easily. Those sports that I cannot easily pick up, frustrate me to no end and I avoid them like the plague... like soccer and/or anything that involves your feet as your primary weapon. Seeing as skiing is not played with the hands, I'm very pessimistic about the whole thing. Plus, this weekend I tried on the snow bib that I bought and I looked like Willy's palest oompa loompa. 

I'm just very nervous about the whole thing, and all jokes aside, I'm worried that I'm going to hold CB back from having fun doing his thing on the mountain. I'm aware I'm going into this with a very poor attitude, so I'm hoping acknowledging that I'm being negative will help. WHO KNOWS, MAYBE I'LL BE THE NEXT....... Wait, who is a famous skier? Isn't Tiger's girlfriend a skier?! Ok yeah, according to Google, I'll be the next Lindsey Vonn! Sweet! 

If anyone has any tips you want to give me, I'm all ears. Preferably tips on how I can get in skiing shape in 3 days, or how to relieve sore muscles within seconds. At the very least, I'll take recs on the best booze to sip in front of a cozy fire. 

On a positive note, at least I'll have this bomb hat that I got in Toronto to keep me warm. 

On an even more positive note, I won $100 on Draft Kings yesterday and I've since broken my arm patting myself on the back. 

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    To be honest, I hate skiing. I took three lessons and couldn't ever figure it out so I gave up because I'm stubborn when I'm not immediately great at something. My advice would be that if you get frustrated, tell CB you need a break and hit the bar while he continues skiing. Works like a charm!

  2. I love, love, love that hat!!!!

    Honestly, I have never tried skiing, but I do snowboard which is a miracle in itself! If I can do it, anyone can. It all depends who is teaching you how to do it. I recommend lots of alcohol and Advil. My legs and lower back always kill me the first few trips of the season, but seeing as you are athletic ( I am very clearly not) you might fare much better!

    As for holding CB back, don't worry, there are always bars on the slopes and tell him to meet you there after his runs.

    Have fun!!!!!!

  3. i would break my arm to pat myself on the back too, $100!!! whoo hoo! and i'll root for whoever you want to win. I'm just so nice like that.

  4. I haven't tried skiing yet but I have been taking snowboard lessons this winter. It's rough. I scream going down the bunny hill. If you're not the first to plummet to your death on the bunny hill, it'll be me. Either way, after you're done on the mountain, make sure to find a hot tub ASAP to relieve tired muscles. And lots of alcohol. Preferably in the form of Moscow Mules.

  5. I have no advice for you on skiing, I've gone ONCE in my entire life, during high school... and yeah, I barely made it up. BUT don't worry about holding CB back! I know he'll love that you are there!

    Just take your time, and take advil, have FUN!!!!!! I am going snow tubing & zip lining and I'm petrified LOL. Make sure you snap chat , and instagram it all I can't wait to follow it all! ♥

  6. Haha I was actually just happen the Patriots didn't make since they beat the Seahawks last year. That was enough for me. I am a terrible snowboarder so I have no suggestions other than maybe being ok with being left on the bunny hill on your own. Everytime I've gone I have let the group & boyfriend know they can leave me and I will entertain myself.

  7. The SB fever is CRAZY here in Charlotte! Seems like everything is blue and black! :)

  8. My tip for having a perfect ski trip? The ski lodge is your friend. And you shouldn't abandon your friend.

  9. Take lessons! Take lessons! Take lessons! I cannot emphasize this enough. Not only does it help you gain so much confidence and give you legitimate skills to build on, it gives the more experienced people in your group time to go do their thing without your having to stress about holding them back. You can fall down and mess up as much as you want with no shame for a while!

    Oh and any drink in the lodge with whipped cream. And the cute gear is very important! Good luck!!

  10. Break a leg!!
    Actually, don't. I've been told that skiing is fairly easy to pick up, so I'm sure you'll do just fine!

  11. You totally summed up my feelings about the Super Bowl perfectly- I love Peyton but I would be happy for Carolina if they won too! And I was the same way the first time I snowboarded, I practically fell down the mountain lol I snowboarded in Breckenridge, CO last year and it was so beautiful!
    I hope you have a good trip!

  12. I'm not sure what team I will root for in the super ball. Your hat is super cute hat.

  13. Okay so can I just say that being in Denver during Super Bowl time is one of the best experiences, weirdly enough. I'm not from Colorado but my boyfriend was stationed there (so I feel like I can claim it ;)) haha - and it's crazy how team spirited people are!! Broncos jerseys EVERYWHERE. It was fabulous & I'm not even a huge football fan. By the time I left, I was practically converted to one!! haha - and I totally feel you on not wanting to hold him back. My boyfriend loves to snowboard and I can hold my own on skiing, but you see, the thing is, I like my life. I'm not a thrill seeker. I don't NEED to go down a black diamond to prove anything. My boyfriend on the other hand, wants to do all these things. My compromise? You can find me drinking hot cocoa at the lodge ;) Truly though, skiing in Colorado is AWESOME!

  14. I miss snowboarding with a PASSION! I haven't been in about 10 years and it makes me want to cry. My old board is actually on loan to my BFF's girlfriend back home - she's had it for about 8 years I'd say... I don't have the heart to ask for it back since she's actually able to use it.

    My biggest word of advice... give it your best... just try, and if you don't succeed there is NO SHAME in making your way to the bar to have a few drinks or some pizza while CB hits the slopes.

    As for aches and pains... I'd say to bring some pain reliever and maybe some epsom salts to take a bath with... It should help a little... bonus points if there is a hot tub.. .maybe that would work?

    You will have a great time - I am super jealous. Last time we went to CO, I actually decided NOT to ski. My husband won't get on the lift, not even the enclosed ones. He's too freaked out by heights. So we went ahead and chilled, had some beers and pizza while the family do their thing on the slopes. I told him that time I'd hang back but my next chance I'm strapping on a board again and hoping I don't break anything in the process!

    You will have a blast! Just warn CB to be patient and when you feel confident on your skis tell him to go ahead, that you'll catch up... and like I said if all else fails.. just go find Pete... Mr. Zza will never let you down ;) ox


    PSS BOOO PANTHERS... I despise me some Cam Newton... (ROLL TIDE!)

    PSSS... Peyton playing for the Vols was before my time in AL, and thus before my time for rooting for AL so he's all good in my book - I adore him :)

  16. You'll do great and will have fun! I've been several times and it is pretty easy to pickup! Just remember, pizza to stop and french fries to go. ;) Have fun girl AND I love that hat!!! PS, you better be snapping it hehe

  17. Just remember the pizza slice is your best friend when skiing, and no I'm not talking about the actual food ;) haha! But for real, I went skiing in Taos, NM last year for the first time since I was 11 (25 last year), and I had to take a lesson to feel comfortable again. Taos is a little intense as mountains go, so I just remembered to relax my whole body because the more tense I was the more I would fall. Also as far as the pizza slice went that was my friend to slow down and making huge turns on more steep areas. I was thankful for patient friends but I for sure let them go on their own to get fall free runs in. haha. Don't stress too much! have fun!! :)

  18. Hahah, that is like my husband--he's a natural at most athletic activities, but when something doesn't come easily he gets really mad (like with skiing and kayaking). Just give it your best shot and remember, don't lock your knees! It's okay if you just can't get it right and end up hanging out in the lodge the whole time, as long as you have a positive attitude!

  19. Everybody in Tuscaloosa hopes both teams lose haha. Not sure which one they hate worse (Cam or Peyton). My husband is from Charlotte and is probably the biggest Panthers fan in Alabama so in order to marry him I had to become a Panthers fan too ;). If it wasn't for me not wanting a divorce, I'd be rooting on Peyton (Go Vols!).

  20. My absolute best advice for you is to rent snowblades instead of normal skis. They are much easier to manuvere and you can have way more fun out there!

  21. I just got back from my first ski trip. I had only skied once before, 17 years ago - yikes! Everyone tells you lessons are the way to go, but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay the extra money (it's already SO expensive!) so we settled on just winging it. We spent most of our time on the bunny hills and eavesdropped on the instructors. Here's what I learned:
    - pizza more than you french fry, you'll go slower
    - falling down is an absolute bitch. make sure CB is there to help pick you up or just take the damn skis off cause standing up on your own isn't a thing.
    - you'll want to stick with the GREEN slopes, they're the easy ones. Also, where we went had signs showing the easiest runs which really helped.
    - make sure your boots fit okay before leaving the rental place. the top latch of my boots barely closed and made it VERY painful on my shins.
    - My first experience on the lift was an absolute full-blown panic attack, real cute. Guess what? There is a bar above your head that pulls down across your lap. I didn't know that and freaked the eff out thinking I was going to plummet to my death. That bar was my savior once I found out it existed.
    - The altitude made all of us feel a little 'off' the whole week, they say it a million times but DRINK WATER! It helps with the altitude sickness. Oh, and packing a small humidifier helps too.
    - if you do any other activities, I HIGHLY recommend doing a snowmobiling tour. It was so freaking fun!

    Hope you have a blast!

  22. My first attempt at skiing was so bad it took me 2 months before I finally convinced myself to go back. Wear a helmet, don't lean back, resist the temptation to look at your feet, and just keep reminding yourself you get to go to the bar at the end of the day. If you get too tired just blame it on the altitude and call it a day early. I have that same hat in navy and white and it's always a big hit! Helly Hansen is a legit skiing brand so you'll look like a natural


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