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02 January 2016

Fantasy Lives On

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Well y'all, I've finally done it. The one reason I started this little blog of mine, and I've actually managed to make my goal a reality.  I've created absolute fantasy football monsters out of the vast majority of the women in my life, and today I want to talk to you about my next new obsession, Yahoo Daily Fantasy.

Before I get into that though, let's talk about you guys who helped me form an insane, 20-person, uber-competitive, all-female Fantasy Football league. Then there is my Mom who really didn't stand a chance, because, well, she birthed me and we are pretty much the same, football-obsessed person. Next were my girlfriends here in Dallas who came over to the house nearly every Sunday this Football season. Do you think they were coming to see me and CB?!!? NOPE! They came over solely to take advantage of our two television + Red Zone channel setup. Well that, and to yell at Eddie Lacy at a volume that I'm sure concerned the neighbors. Oh, and for the Bloody Marys, of course.

Then there's my 90 year old grandma, Nan. Nan now plays Fantasy in our family and friend's league. Does she really know the rules of football? Not even close, but I'll tell you what... she can name the exact number of passes caught, and every yard that "E. Sanders" has gained for Denver this season. I say E. Sanders rather than Emmanuel Sanders, because I'm certain she has no idea what his first name is. She simply knows him as E., the way his name is listed in the Yahoo Fantasy Football system.

I've insisted you join. I've insisted my friends join. I've insisted my family join.
And now? Well now it's all over and there's a big, dark, musty hole forming where your fantasy football focused life once lived. 

It's a sad, sad day when your fantasy football season finally comes to an end. Maybe you've won the playoffs (like Krista in VTIM's all-girl league), or maybe you finished in dead last and the playoffs are about as foreign to you as they are to the Bills who haven't appeared in a playoff game in 15 years. Or maybe you're like me, and you dominated the entire season only to have the most pitiful performance of the entire year happen during the all-important playoffs. In CB's dude league, we are talking pure domination. Heck, I even finished with a better record than anyone else, but does that matter?! Answer: a whole lot of, NOPE! I'm told close only counts in horseshoes.

Either way though, you've spent so much time researching, studying depth charts and hoping to find that hidden gem under a pile of waiver wire rubble, that you feel like a part of your soul has died after you play that last game of the season. It feels like your besties Calvin, Aaron, Julio and DeVante are leaving for boarding school and you'll have to wait so painfully long to get to see them again. 

"All of the fun in my life is gone now, what the heck am I going to do with my life?!?!" plays through your mind, over and over and over again. Why even have a Sunday without fantasy football on the agenda? 

Fear not, you Fantasy Football expert, I have just the solution for you and your highly impressive skill set: Yahoo Daily Fantasy!

Anytime it's gameday, it can now be a payday for you! I've been playing daily fantasy this whole season, and I fully intend to continue now that my Fantasy Football regular season is over. Not to mention, having specific players to watch and root for makes watching football way more fun. Seeing as my Cowboys are now out of contention, I'll need a new reason to cheer during the playoffs! 

The kinds of daily fantasy contests where I've had the most success are the 50/50 challenges, where the top 50% wins! You can also even challenge friends or family in a private league contest. CB and I competed a couple of weeks ago, head-to-head, for just a dollar. Sadly, he won.

To play:
1. Sign in with your normal yahoo ID. If you played in my season-long Fantasy League this year, just use that ID to login.
2. Add funds if you'd like to play in a paid contest
3. Enter a contest from the options in the lobby
4. Pick and submit your lineup with the allocated salary cap. 

You will also get a bonus with your first cash deposit, so make sure to check out the lobby page for special contest details! 

So go forth, fill that Fantasy Football void in your life with more--- well--- fantasy! 

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  1. Thank you again for putting the league together. I had so much fun. Can't wait for 2016 and I will be continuing my daily fantasy. I just can't stop!

  2. I second this - Thank you for setting this up. I am happy to have finished 5th... lol

  3. what an awesome idea! and can totally see this will fill the void for anyone who is missing their fantasy football!


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