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22 January 2016

The 5 (or Six) Things You Need to Know Before You Go

We made it to FRIDAY! I don't know about you but I'm ready for a little R&R this weekend! Knowing us though, I'm sure that won't happen. Anytime we plan to have a relaxing weekend, we end up with plans for every single minute of the weekend. One thing is for certain though, you can find me posted up on the couch Sunday watching what I think will be two phenomenal conference championship games. 

I've got some really good stories for you today. Some I heard on the radio, some I read online, all are really good though! So good, that I've had to include 6 stories instead of the normal 5! I spiffied up the "5 Things You Need to Know" graphic. I thought the old one finally needed to be retired. I've been working hard to try and get all of my Fan Friday posts labeled and sorted by sport, which can be found by clicking sports in the Navigation bar above! 

CB told me about this first topic on Monday, and even though it's a gigantic story, it still hasn't popped up on any of my social media feeds. BBC, in collaboration with Buzzfeed News, announced an investigation they had been working on, which reveals a massive allegation of match-fixing in tennis. Their study reveals evidence that a core group of 16 players, players they claim you've certainly heard of, are suspected of having thrown matches over the past decade. They didn't name any specific names, but they did say more than half of those 16 players are entered into the Australian Open, which is currently underway. 

At a press conference on Monday, world number 1 Novak Djokovic said that in 2007 he was offered 200k to throw a match, but that although it was a problem then, he didn't think it was a problem now.

What's my take? Well, at this very moment it seems like they've published what appears to be a giant waste of our time. With no specific names listed, you've really got nothing of substance in this story. It's just that at this point, a story. Come talk to me when you have a name. 

In the most GENIUS marketing strategy I've seen in a long time, Butterfinger is trying to bring back the epic touchdown celebrations of yesteryear --is that a word or did I just make that up? -- by encouraging players to "excessively celebrate" and paying any fine incurred, up to $50,000. Joining Butterfinger is the man who helped make the NFL touchdown celebration illegal, Terrell Owens. 

Let's take a step back and think how brilliant this move was by Butterfinger. Say two players take Butterfinger up on their offer, and doing an insane, and "highly excessive" in the NFL's eyes, touchdown celebration. The announcers will most definitely bring it up that Butterfinger will be paying for this, the players will acknowledge Butterfinger in their press conference, radio hosts will discuss the epic celebration that happened during the super bowl... all costing Butterfinger a mere $100k should two players (my money is on Cam) go to town in the end zone. 

Meanwhile, a 30 second commercial during Super Bowl 50 costs $5 million.

You've probably heard by now that the Buffalo Bills have hired the NFL's very first full-time female coach, Kathryn Smith. Her actual title is, "Special Teams Quality Control Coordinator." What does that mean, you ask? I have no idea, but according to Bill's HC Rex Ryan it means, "Doing all the computer stuff, doing all the drawings, all that type of stuff."

Oh, ok. (????)

Any who, what you might not have heard yet is the rant this radio host DOUCHE NOZZLE (yes, douche nozzle) from Cleveland went on, blasting the Bills on hiring a female coach.

He went on to say that the person who hired her is an idiot. How about you wake up, moron. I'm willing to bet Kathryn has forgotten more about the reference points of football than you'll ever know. I've seen Rex Ryan coach football, idiot he is not. 

If you listen to a lot of sports radio, all they have been talking about this week is how easy it'll be for the New England Patriots to win AT Denver. I certainly see where they're coming from, not only is NE obviously very good at football, but Brady has dominated my boy Peyton over the years. The two have matched up a total of 16 times, with Brady winning 11. 

Peyton is certainly not the superstar he's been in the past, but he's still PEYTON FREAKING MANNING, and they're the home team! The announcers are acting like Denver is going to put a squad of cuddly puppies on the field that will just roll over on command. 

My take? Peyton FTW. 

As much as I hate the NFL trying to make high fashion happen, these footballs, designed by members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, that are going up for auction are pretty sweet. The proceeds will benefit the NFL foundation, and how could I possibly hate on a good deed?

Just a heads up, the vast majority of these don't have a single bid on them yet, and start at just $500. Might be a good investment, think about all the instagram likes you'd get. Just don't forget to tag #gamedayvibes.  

This story about Jordy Nelson, Green Bay WR who missed this season due to a torn ACL, is going to give you all the feels. He spent the season as a substitute teacher for his 5 year old son's classroom. Why? Because his son's teacher needed to go in for cancer treatments.

Like I said, all of the feels. This story needed to be included, thus leading to the sixth thing you need to know before you go. Read the whole story on Yahoo!.

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  1. PFM! I'm not as SUPER confident but the Broncos beat them once this season and I'm praying that they do it again.

  2. That marketing idea from Butterfinger is BRILLIANT.

  3. (1) Seriously, let's go Peyton. If the Panthers have to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl again I will have a nervous breakdown.
    (2) I am ALL ABOUT this Butterfinger thing, and my boy Cam better be the one doing it. (Of course that'll just give everyone yet another excuse to criticize him)
    (3) That is SO sweet of Jordy Nelson. I love it.

    Here's to the Panthers killin it this weekend!!

  4. Awww... four butterfingers for you Jordy! You go Jordy!

  5. Oh my gosh! That Jordy story DID give me all the feels!

    And Butterfinger is brilliant and I hope someone really does take them up on it.

  6. Saw the Butterfinger thing yesterday, and I agree. Love it!

  7. That radio show host is the WORST. Also, as much as I love fashion, I don't get designer fashion. One of those footballs looks like something I would have made at summer camp in middle school, with a hot glue gun and a box of beads.

  8. The prep is starting here for the Super Bowl:

  9. Definitely rooting for the Broncos today. Also, that Butterfinger marketing team is insanely good. I really hope a lot of players take them up on that. Especially today because it's National Peanut Butter day. The best day ever in my opinion :-]

  10. That butterfinger thing is the most brilliant ploy i've ever heard. advertising geniuses!! i love that!


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