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24 August 2013

Saturday Sessions: Making Labels

How to Label Your Blog Posts:

Step 1: Go to your post section on your blogger dashboard and click "edit" to edit the blog post you want to label. 
 Step 2: Under the labels section at the right, add a new label name to this blog post. You can add more than one label to a post by separating them with commas. Then click done, followed by update

Step 3: Go to the layout tab on your dashboard, add a new gadget, and then scroll down until you find the gadget called Labels. Click the + sign. 

Step 4: Choose how you want your labels to appear on your blog, and click save. 

 Step 5: Drag and drop the gadget you just made, to where you would like it to appear on your sidebar. Then click save arrangement. 

Step 6: View your blog to make sure you like the placement, and the way the widget is laid out. 

Step 7: Bonus: For you can click each link in that list to see the entire feed of posts with the label football, for example. I suggest taking this one step further, and making snazzy buttons for your sidebar that link to all posts with that label! 



  1. hiiii, just stopping by to say you're a genius.

  2. Thanks for showing us how to do this. I've always wondered how to do but had never gotten around to figuring it out. Simple and helpful. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips! Do you have a Saturday Session about #7, making buttons to see the entire feed of a label?


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