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05 August 2013

Here's a story...

Here's a story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up one very lovely boy
He was trained to pee outside by his mother
and calmly play with toys. 
Here's the story, of a dog named Venus
Who was busy terrorizing a foster home
She was one dog, who was crazy
And could never be alone
Till the one day when the lady met this Venus
And they knew it was completely insane
That this group would somehow form a family
That's the way we all became the Pee Everywhere Bunch
The Pee Everywhere Bunch.
When I first got Venus, her foster mom assured me not to worry, she is totally potty trained. 


After months and months of trying to train this stubborn Jack Russell puppy, I can get her to pee outside each time we go out, but this dog has more dang pee inside her than a college student that broke the seal, and continues to pee inside as well. Up until last week, I had been using these unsightly pee pads as a backup plan, just so she wasn't peeing directly on the floor.  And then I was contacted by Doggie Lawn, asking if I wanted to test their product. 

Doggie lawn is a subscription service that offers a never ending supply of fresh grass, right to your door, so your dog can go when they need to go. Or if you have a puppy like Venus, she can go 100 times a day if she so chooses. This is great for pup moms that are sooo close to having their dog potty trained, just not quite there yet! 
This is honestly just a really cool concept. Every two weeks, a new box comes right to your door, and you simply throw away the old box! I was worried about the box leaking, but it didn't leak once. I never had to clean up after her. It was really a great product that I would absolutely recommend. Plus, it wasn't totally gross looking like the training pee pads I was using that need to be replaced twice a day. 
I didn't need to do any training since Venus knew to use the old pee pad, I just placed it in the same location. Just beware of beagles trying to bury their bone at the bottom of the box.... silly pup! 
Doggie Lawn is offering not only $10 off your first month's subscription with the code VENUS10, but are also giving away 2 FREE DOGGIE LAWN BOXES! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your most memorable, or maybe not so memorable, pup potty training experience. What works for you, what doesn't? I'll pick two people at random to try out the box for free, you just have to live in the United States and it is best if your dog is smaller, 12 pounds or under.

I'll pick the two winners by Wednesday at 5pm CST.
This giveaway has ended: Winners are Ellie and Madi 
Make sure you aren't a no-reply blogger so I can reach you if you win! :)
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  1. That is a great idea. I grew up with beagles and they are the best!! Also..that is the cutest pup ever!

  2. that is seriously the coolest thing, we have a 105 lb. chocolate lab or who took FOREVER to potty train, I will definitely keep this in mind for whenever we get another dog... wonder if this will work on our non-potty-trained 2-year-old human child?

  3. Haha yes! These things are so cool.

  4. Love the DoggieLawn. They sent me one, too!

  5. My most memorable potty training experience:

    When my dog got up on my bed and peed about a gazillion gallons of pee while I was screaming at her no running to the bedroom when I saw her as she just stared me down probably saying "In your face mom".

    Yeah, NOT FUN. Bought myself a waterproof mattress protector the next day because mattresses are expensive to replace!

  6. Currently I am trying to litter box train my dog... which is much harder than it sounds. I've never heard of doggie lawn, but omg that would solve the problems. I work an hour from my apartment, which means Ted is without a bathroom break all dang day. I feel terrible and it also means I can't go to zumba after work because I have to frantically get home to him so he can uncross his paws. :( *poor guy* I'm thinking that the grass JUST MIGHT WORK! I'd be so excited to try it! :)

  7. I need this soooo bad. My 3 year old shih tzu will pee everytime he is out, then come in and pee on the trash can, and the cats litter box, and anything that is sitting in the floor. I can't be mad though he is just too cute.

  8. You should be proud... I sang the title to this post before even reading the rest of it. Brady Bunch FTW!

  9. oh my gosh so crazy! go doggie lawn!

  10. I am lucky that my dog was toilet trained before moving in with me, but I wanted to tell you that your brady song was inspired :)

  11. This is such a neat idea! It doesn't smell or anything? Luckily both of my dogs are potty trained.. and they are both over 70lbs ha ha!

  12. I wish I thought of this. Brilliant idea.

  13. Sounds like an awesome idea, did it smell bad though?

  14. That is a really great idea, I could have used it when I was training my pup, she would never use the puppy pads! She only liked going on our rugs in the bathroom.

  15. My dogs are potty trained now, but that certainly wasn't the case in the beginning. This sounds like an excellent idea that I wish I'd known about then.

  16. What a great idea - I'm desperate for a puppy but my boyfriend is refusing because we live in an apartment (I want to get a small one that doesn't need to run around a yard all day long) and he is convinced that potty training will be a nightmare... but now I have new ammunition - thanks!!


  17. Coming over from the giveaway on Glam Hungry dogs are trained but occasionally my puggle has accidents.

    The Tiny Heart

  18. Jonah is slowly getting the hang of using the bathroom outside, but he like Venus holds soooo much pee inside of him I can't believe it. The most memorable experience definitely had to be with my old dog Jaks; we lived in an apartment and had just taken him outside to use the bathroom. It was raining, so he instantly came right back upstairs, not having it. As WareBear and I sat in the living room watching TV, we heard Niagara Falls start rushing down. I kid you not, Jaks peed for about 3 minutes straight. WareBear and I couldn't even yell at him because we were so impressed that he had just peed for so long.

  19. Looks amazing, I'm worried though that drunk boyfriend would think it was for him too though (?)

  20. Training my papillon wasn't too had, but she still has accidents or is stubborn (spending 10 minutes outside and coming back in in the morning and still going potty on the carpet). The most memorable accident she had as a puppy, however, was when I took her outside for a potty break at work and the hot/jerk maintenance guy tried to befriend her by picking her up. She peed on him. I think she was really just trying to warn me that the guy was not worth my time.

  21. Awwww the dogs , love them both . I never own a pup but my neighbours have a lovely+annoying one who pees at our door and barks at the same place . They should get something like that asap!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  22. Hahahaha! Love the theme song for your pee bunch ;) And the lawn patch pretty much was the savior when it came to training Bella within just 2 weeks!

  23. I'm glad this worked out for you!
    Venus looks like a sweetie!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  24. That's a GREAT idea! I remember when I still lived at home, I somehow convinced my Mom and Step Dad to buy this dog at the pet store. She was really cute and rambunctious.. and they fell for it! Then, she turned out to be SO BAD. In the end, we had to move out of province and we had to give Dixie away. (Where we were moving only took two dogs..not three.) So my sister stepped up and took her. She still has Dixie, but every time Dixie visited my house (my own house, once I moved out of parent's home) she would pee on the back bedroom bed. I still think of that as my punishment from Dixie for giving her away. I was a bad puppy mom!! OH, just wanted to share my story.. but I live in Canada AND I don't have a dog. But, still such a great idea. (Sure would have helped with Dixie!!)

  25. What a cool idea haven't heard of this one before

  26. Wow! My pups would love that! I have a 6 year old and a 6 month old Chocolate Lab--- Maddie and Sage. Maddie, the 6 year old, attempts to teach Sage to go to the door when she has to pee but sometimes she doesn't make it! She gets so excited that Maddie is paying attention to her that she pees AT the door. ALSO, she pitters when she jumps on the bed.... lovely. The best part about this is that the other day, while home alone for a few hours, Sage decided to pee by the back door -- my mother came over the drop off some books and stepped right into it!! Gross. :) this thing is the coolest! xoxo

  27. Oh how I would LOVE to win this. Our pup is a 4 lb. chorkie. He is full grown. We got him at just a few months old and tried to train him to go outside, but like your dog, there's too much pee and too small of a bladder! Not to mention, that we can't take him outside in the winter - he can hardly walk in less than an inch of snow - and we live in Michigan!

    We finally bought a reusable grass patch that has done wonders. The only inconvenience is that we have to clean it about every week or so. It would be so nice to have a real grass patch and just to be able to toss it after 2 weeks!

    Thanks for the info on this fantastic product!


  28. Agreed, great idea!

    Too bad it is not their idea.

  29. I'm curious if the boxes come in more than one size, or is it one size fits most? I'm just thinking big dogs would probably have great difficulty peeing on such a small area of grass.

  30. Interesting that this worked. They contacted me and I totally was not sure if I should try it. I think I will!

    gayle | grace for gayle
    I'm a #Previvor


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