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10 August 2013

Saturday Sessions: Custom Post Signature + a Giveaway to Help Grow your Blog

If you click on the Saturday Sessions tab at the top of the page, there is a link to put in a request for a Saturday Session tutorial. Feel free to put in any kind of request you like, if I don't know the answer, I'll find it out then share my knowledge with you guys! 

Danae from Duh! Danae! asked me how I did the "Follow Me: FB // Twitter // Pinterest // Insta // Bloglovin" as part of the signature of each post! Now prob... here's how...

Now this will be similar to last week's tutorial so I'm going to skip the pic monkey step. You can reference that post for some help with designing your signature in pic monkey. This is perfect timing for this question because I think I should go ahead and update my signature now that I have this new design. 

Step 1: After uploading the image you want to use for your signature to photobucket, visit the image mapping site. (note: this is the same as last week's post)
Step 2: Click "rectangle". That will then add a box which you can make larger, large enough to cover the area of the picture you want to be clickable. I'm starting with making the word twitter clickable to my twitter account. Then repeat for each different link you want in your signature. 
Step 3: Change the box labeled Base URL from to your URL, in this case Then UNCHECK the box labeled Show Text Links and click Get Your Code.
Step 4: Click on the tab labeled HTML Code, then copy that entire selection of code provided. 
Step 5: Now head back to your blogger dashboard, then to settings and finally to posts and comments. Take that code you copied, and paste it into the section labeled post template and click save settings. 
Now when you go to open a new post, your signature will automatically appear in any new blog posts. One thing to note, this will not automatically update previously published blog post signatures. If you want your old blog posts to have your new signature, you will have to manually insert that same HTML code you copied in Step 4 into the in-post HTML editor, at the very bottom of each old blog post.  
As usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 


Now I have a special treat for you today, Alycia from The Crowley Party is here to tell you a little bit about her ebook, Blogging at the Next Level. I thought this book would go hand in hand with Saturday Sessions. Alycia has been incredibly successful at building and growing her blog to where it is today (HUGE, duh!) I had the opportunity to read the book, and at only $5.00, it is a no-brainer purchase for anyone who wants to gain more followers, start monetizing their blog or even just improve their content and curb appeal, so to speak. So I'll let Alycia take it from here...

CREATE a community, GAIN a following, and make some MONEY along the way.

Take your blog to the next level through this eBook! I started out with a personal blog about my life and over the years have created a community online that has resulted in a variety of different opportunities to meet and work with some great people and brands. In this eBook I candidly share everything I have learned along the way.

The most common e-mail I receive is “How do I get more readers for my blog?” Or “How do I get more followers?” Most bloggers want to take their blog to that next level, and they want to know how.

I am going to share with you how I personally took my blog to that next level. That level where you can work with other bloggers, brands, and make money. And I am going to share with you how you can really create a “brand” for yourself.

What you can expect to find in this eBook...


DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS………………………………………….. 1
What, Why and “IT”!

LOOKS MATTER..………………………………………………….. 6
What makes a good blog design?

QUALITY IMAGES………………………………………………... 10
Quick tips for great photography

TREAT IT LIKE A BUISNESS……………………………………. 13
Want to make money off of your blog?

GETTING TRAFFIC……………………………………………….. 15
People are not just going to FIND you

SOCIAL NETWORKING………………………………………….. 18
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook

NETWORK………………………………………………………….. 19
Giveaways, Guest posts, Link ups, Sponsors & Affiliates

NIFTY SERVICES………………………………………………….. 25
Some things you should know about if you don’t

EXTRA TIPS AND TRICKS……………………………………..… 27
When it comes to blogging…

This 30 page eBook is chalk full of valuable insight and information regarding taking your blog to the next level that I wish I had when I was first blogging. For only $5.00 you can get all this information, which is much cheaper then buying ad space on someone's blog, and this will be much more beneficial to your growth! 

Purchase of this eBook will also get you a free copy of any additional materials I write as well as the ability to correspond with me regarding any specific questions you have about blogging from these materials.


Plus one lucky reader can enter below to win a copy of the eBook, plus I threw in some free ESPN2 ad space on Venus Trapped in Mars, just for fun!

Image Map


  1. Very useful Saturday Session, you never let the people down Sarah. Oh and I'm in it for the ad space, because I wanted the eBook so bad I jumped the gun and purchased it already!

  2. really really needed this!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I got her e-book, it's great! Especially for a baby blogger like me :)

  4. Love a good eBook, and this one looks awesome! Also I now have a new blog to spend the majority of my Saturday looking at, which makes me happy.

  5. I have always wondered how to make those signatures into links! Thank you :) && I literally love Ebooks! My favorite :)

    xo. Kailagh

  6. It's so hard to justify why "I" need that E book but I can try :-)
    My blog is brand new, I have no computer knowledge, the blogging terminology confuses me like you wouldn't believe (rss feed?), I don't know any other bloggers I can ask...
    And I would be eternally grateful :-)
    Thank you

  7. As a newer Blogger I would love this E book. I would love any tips and suggestions I can get to take my blog to the next level!

  8. I NEED this book because I love learning about how to make my blog better. :)

  9. My little blog is only a month old and any help I could get would be wonderful!!

  10. I have somewhat of an awesome blog, just need to get in traffic to prove it. Need to learn how to stop being overlooked as a blogger.

  11. I'm excited about this book. I've been wanting to take my blog to the next level! AND would love to win that AD space on your blog as well... regardless if I win or not, I'm considering it, so we'll be in touch!!! Thanks Sarah!

  12. I've never even read an ebook before butI wouldn't mind reading this one! I should win because it's my 1 year wedding anniversary today :)

    -Brittany Ruth

  13. I love love love that tutorial! and well, I'd love to win the ebook because I'm always trying to Build A Better Blog (shameless plug of a feature on my blog) and Alycia Crowley has been someone I've looked up to since I first started blogging!


    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  14. I'm the new kid on the block.. And let's face it, I can use ALL the help I can get!

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!!!


  15. I love blogging, I've been doing it for years but it was always a hobby. I want to learn how to take it to the next level. :) Because, yeah, I love writing but I'd also like having an audience, you know what I mean?

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  16. well shucks, i might just have to make me one of these fun little guys.

  17. A million reasons that would blow up your Disqus...

  18. How have I not known about this image mapping site?! I've always just done it on my own, using my own html. Thanks for making my life 1,000,000,000x easier.

  19. If I decide to stop being damn lazy, I will definitely be making a signature. Great tutorial because I seriously had no idea how to do any of this crap.

  20. SOOOOO MUCH EASIER!!! Your life will be transformed!

  21. Hmmm.... seeing as I don't care for this disqus thing yet, you could've totally blown it up!! :)

  22. Yes!! Let me know if you have any issues with the tutorial! :)

  23. Sounds good! Thanks for entering and good luck!!

  24. take out the word somewhat. I love your blog.

  25. It is a really good book! Good luck, buddy!

  26. Yes! And this book has all that! Good luck!

  27. If it makes you feel any better, RSS feed and all that jazz confuses me too!

  28. Yes!! Hope you were fully entertained by her blog!

  29. You should have seen how long it took to figure how to add a picture to a post lol It was so embarrassing once I finally figured it out.
    And I actually googled what is HTML ?
    I was a sad panda for sure :-D

  30. I already own it and its a great read. So I think she should give me ad space instead if I win.

  31. as always, excellent tutorial! other than i could use the extra help in "blogging world" i have no superb reason why I should win.. other than the fact it would be nice !

  32. Oh this sounds like a great read!! And that is a great tutorial!! If I get to feeling motivated I really want to try it out :P

  33. Who do I think should win!? That's a silly question--me, of course!!

    Thanks for the tutorial, by the way! I've pinned it on pinterest so I can test out my skills later. :)

  34. I love reading and I love blogging, plus I feel like most of the "grow your blog" posts I've seen in the blogsphere are pretty similar, and I'd love to get a different perspective and some fresh ideas!

  35. Question, do you know how to get rid of the little blue box that appears when you click on one of your image mapped links?

    Thanks dear,

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  36. Hey Sarah,
    I finally got around to making this one for my blog. It was hard for me to figure out how wide I needed to make it. I checked my blog widths under the custom template settings and figured it out through some trial and error. Just wanted to let you know in case you had some tips for ppl.. ;)

    As always, I love your tutorials! It makes me feel good to design things for my very own blog.


  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hey! I've seriously spent ALL DAY reading and admiring and trying to copy your Saturday session posts! Sadly, I am a total noob and I can't get anything to work :( I just made a "About" picture to put up on my sidebar, and I did it just like this tutorial. However, I have a WordPress site (.org) and the text widget won't let me display images. The image mapping and html seem to be working fine though, cause I can click on it and go to my links ;) But the image itself just doesn't show up. What can I do?
    Sorry about the long ass comment and thanks SO much for taking the time to do these tutorials!

    1. Okay so I decided to try it out by hosting the image on photobucket first and that way it worked! Thanks again! :)

  39. Okay, so I am trying to put this code in after following these instructions and it says:

    Your HTML cannot be accepted. Tag is broken: AREA

    I cannot figure out why!

    Here is the code I'm trying to put in:

    < div style="text-align:center; width:400px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
    < img id="Image-Maps_3201311122142091" src="" usemap="#Image-Maps_3201311122142091" border="0" width="400" height="124" alt="" />
    < map id="_Image-Maps_3201311122142091" name="Image-Maps_3201311122142091">
    < area shape="rect" coords="7,69,57,119" href="" alt="The How To Mom - Facebook" title="The How To Mom - Facebook" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="56,69,106,119" href="" alt="@thehowtomom" title="@thehowtomom" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="102,69,152,119" href="" alt="/kylieharris" title="/kylieharris" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="150,69,200,119" href="" alt="@thehowtomom" title="@thehowtomom" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="199,69,249,119" href="" alt="google+" title="google+" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="248,69,298,119" href="" alt="bloglovin'" title="bloglovin'" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="296,69,346,119" href="" alt="feedburner" title="feedburner" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="344,69,394,119" href="" alt="" title="" />
    < area shape="rect" coords="398,122,400,124" href="" alt="Image Map" title="Image Map" />
    < / map>
    < /div >

  40. thank you so much for this tip! i inserted in a new smancy signature (well block of social media links) and i have one looks weird on my iphone! the block image goes off to the right...any suggestions on how to fix this? mucho thanks in advance! xo jillian ( - )

  41. I submitted a request to have you do a tutorial on this and then DUH! I found it.

    Except I'm using Wordpress, and when I tried to do this I was left with a double signature (one with clickable links - one without!)

    Any help?

  42. Did you just bring this back because I definitely did not see this before!? I just requested this and thank you SO much for doing a section about this! You make the world of blog design SO much easier! :)<3 Much love!

  43. Wait ... how do you do the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest instead of having having the links just direct people to those pages?


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