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05 June 2015

The Next Best Thing

I don't know about you, but I'm really starting to feel the football deprivation sinking deep, deep down. My heart is lonely and eager for Fantasy Football season to barge through the front door, take me in its arms with a strong and powerful embrace and kiss me hard, right on the lips. Or, you know, something like that...... 

I know you might not care much for watching any sport other than football, so I'm here today to make some recommendations that might fill the void football season has left in our hearts and on our televisions sets. 

Are these options as good as football? Well no, nothing is as good as good as football, but football left us right when we needed him most, didn't he?!? We can't keep wallowing in self pity, ladies. It has been 4 months and it's time to pull yourself together, put on some red lipstick and move on and find something else. 

1. Golf

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There are some big perks to watching golf on television. First, they only show you the good stuff. There are so many players on all 18 holes at any give moment, that they are forced to only show the things you need to see. It is like watching a football game where every play is a touchdown pass.  

Want to test the golf waters? Start watching the Memorial Tournament on Sunday around 3pm EST on CBS. You'll just be watching the last 4 or  5 holes, which are the most exciting, and the leaderboard can change constantly. 

OR... you can at least just tune in to see if Tiger playing us all.

2. Tennis

For a very confusing tutorial on tennis that won't help at all, go here.  
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Tennis is one of those sports where watching the girls play is just as good, if not better, than watching the boys play. Our girl Serena is competing on the clay courts in the French Open FINALS tomorrow morning at 9am EST, against Czech Lucie Safarova. The French Open is a Grand Slam tournament, aka one of the 4 most important tournaments of the year. Serena is fun to watch, I suggest you set your alarm for this one. 

If you want to see one of the best tennis matchups possible, you better tune your television to NBC right now, because world number 1 Djokovic is battling world number 3 Murray in the semifinals of the French Open. 

3. The Belmont Stakes - Where History Could be Made

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It's a long shot, but history could be made this weekend! The Triple Crown, horse racing's most prestigious title, is when a horse wins the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. Although many recently have come close, no horse has won the Triple Crown since 1978. 

American Pharoah won both the Derby and the Preakness this year. Can he leg out the competition at the Belmont Stakes and grab the first Triple Crown in 37 years? Tune into NBC around 6:45 EST to find out! 


If you think this list sucks, I guess you'll just have to find something or someone else to knock your door down and kiss you on the lips for the next 91 days. Byeeeeeeeeee
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  1. I just purchase a set of golf clubs. I can't wait to try them out.

  2. THIS REMINDS ME. we need to play tennis. Next week? I could text this but whatever.

  3. The fact that all four golf majors happen in the drought of football is TRULY the only thing that gets me through. And the triple crown races. Other than that? I'm pathetically lost.

  4. How cool! Can't wait to see if American Pharoah pulls it off!

  5. I miss football so much! Nothing can compare, but the Belmont Stakes will be interesting to watch at least!

  6. I vote for golf!! And I spy some Top Golf Dallas :) I am excited to watch the Belmont this weekend, though :)

  7. I'm so ready for football and fantasy to return to our weekends! Xo, Stephanie

  8. Haha thanks for trying but ... I really just want football to start again!! A for effort, though. ;) I guess at least the Warriors are in the NBA Finals. I'm not an NBA fan (but I love college basketball!), but I live in the Bay Area, so it's kind of exciting. :)

  9. I love playing golf. It's a lot of fun. I need to get back on the course because it's been way too long.

  10. I am not a sports fan and I don't understand golf

  11. I feel you. I am not the biggest football fan but life is just different, better, when football is being played. The men are happier, or more miserable if their team is losing, but generally more emotional. Emotion is a good thing. I used to be a basketball fan but not anymore. I even fell asleep last night in the middle of the Cavaliers victory. I was actually very cavalier with my watching)
    The Triple Crown win was awesome. A first for our generation. History and all that. But after the race, that's it.
    Can't wait for football season!

  12. Okay not to be totally fan-girl creepy (jk it's definitely fan-girl creepy) but you are what my internet life has been missing! Definitely about to look through (creep through?) all your social media and old blog posts. So glad I found your blog!!

  13. The NHL playoffs, friend! That must be included in our off-season sports watching!


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