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12 June 2015

The +1's and -1's of Cleveland Fandom

The NBA finals this year are making it so difficult to decide which side to root for. Even though I have a bet going with CB that Golden State is going to win, I, for some unexplained reason, find myself pulling for the Cavs. 

When the finals started, I had no love for Cleveland mostly because of watching their very physical, very vicious round one series against the Celtics.  As the finals progress though, I find myself liking them more and more. I'm on an emotional fan bandwagon rollercoaster over here. I thought I would make a plus and minus system to decide if Golden State is still my go to in this series. Let's get started. 

+1 Point: Matthew Dellavedova 

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When Kyrie Irving went down with a season ending knee injury in game one (wow, no one saw that coming) Cleveland found an unlikely hero in Matthew Dellavedova. The Australian is totally adorable, because that matters, and gives new meaning to the word "hustle." This time I'm not talking about the girl power hustle, but the actual movement of arms and legs in a very quick motion. 

The kid originally went undrafted out of college, and after game 3, had the best selling jersey in the NBA. How can you not give a +1 to the highly unlikely underdog turned hero???

+1 Point: The Mid-Court Bounce Pass via Golden State in Overtime of Game 2 

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If you weren't watching last Sunday night, let me paint the picture for you. 

Down by two with the ball in your best player's hands 
2.2 seconds left in overtime 
Your best player bounce passes the ball into traffic at HALF COURT

No. Just no. #SMH. "I can't believe a bounce pass at half court with 2 seconds to go in the game didn't work out" - Said absolutely no one ever. 

-1 Point: LeBron Being LeBron
Let me preface what I'm about to say with this...

18 years ago today, a sick Michael Jordan dropped 38 points vs. Utah in the NBA Finals.
Posted by Bleacher Report on Thursday, June 11, 2015

LeBron ran into a camera and the world ended. I was blow drying my hair, and CB calls to me that LeBron is covered in blood. I then look up to see LeBron "covered in blood"....

His mommy will kiss it and make it all better...

LeBron gets hit in the head and I just don't care. Stick a bandaid on there and suck it up, you're a grown ass man.  -1 Point.

+1 Point: LeBron Being LeBron
I guess he is decent at basketball. If you're into that sort of thing.

-1 Point: LeBron's Junk
LeBron's junk flash.. did he or didn't he? I'm giving this a minus one because he clearly tried to show us all his junk in the front, and that is worth a minus one in my book. Yikes. 

-1 Point: LeBron's Apple Watch
LeBron gave every one of his teammates an Apple Watch and a Samsung Galaxy Edge phone before the start of the series. I have lots of issues with this. 

Issue #1 - Your teammates are rich, they can buy their own gadgets

Issue #2- His teammates probably opened the present, saw the apple watch and proceeded to take off their $129,000 Rolex to try on the $590 Apple Watch. Grandma's hand-knitted Christmas sweater that you put on to make her happy and immediately take off when she leaves called, it wants its Apple Watch back. 

*side note, I did indeed Google, "Most popular watches among athletes and rappers" and wound up stumbling on this Instagram account, making this post a successful use of my time. 

Issue #3- How you gonna pair a Apple Watch with a Samsung??? WTF? 


So if I tally up the +1's and -1's, that leaves me right back where I started. 
Go Golden State. Steph Curry with the Shot! On to game 5 in Cali! 

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  1. The bounce pass.. OH the bounce pass!!! Have these finals been amazing though or what?!?! I'm rooting for GS, I just can't for Lebron. Can't.

  2. I know nothing about basketball or any of this, but I am loving the Teen Wolf nod. :D

  3. I can't decide who I want to win. I think Steph Curry is awesome (he won me over with the kid at the press conference thing) but I think it's so lame he won MVP this season. I mean c'mon. Cleveland goes from being nothing to being everything... is there really an argument that LeBron is the MVP in the WORLD? I guess I'm rooting for Cleveland. Because LeBron has some baggage in his past and obviously still an issue with his packages but he's just real good. Also:

  4. as a Hawks fan, I'm staunchly "literally anyone but LeBron" in this series, and really in life all around. he pushes my buttons, just like Bryce Harper. ugh.

  5. HA yes about the Rolex and Apple watch comparison! I still have literally no idea who I'm rooting for. Also, I've seen that awesome shirt you're wearing all over the internet and now everyt ime I shake hands after a kickball game, that's all I think of when passing the one person that annoyed me ;) Have a good weekend!

  6. Not the biggest basketball fan, but I can certainly sympathize. Also bahahahaha

  7. Been a Warriors fan for about 40 years. Never thought that this would happen in my life. So, you know who I am pulling for.

    Also, I saw a lot of Matthew Dellavedova play a lot in college at St.Mary's. loved watching him play. He was great. I linked up a St.Mary's game I blogged about two years ago and the bottom three pictures have Delly in them (No. 4 in white.)

  8. Being a Cleveland fan is hard. The universal choke symbol has and always will be Cleveland sport's symbol.

    And YES! How do you pair an Apple watch with a Samsung?!? HAHA DYING!

  9. Seriously though, Bron Bron flashed us all, so that's negative 1,000 points IMO.

  10. I have such a love/hate relationship with Lebron. I love him because he's so dang good at basketball, but I will always hate him for leaving CLE for Miami.

  11. i was hiking in the grand canyon and people were talking about this lebron thing. Or by think i mean Junk. I don't get it. WHO CARES. haha
    Also, did you know I have a thing for aussies?


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