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03 June 2015

Love Your Curls // A Challenge with Dove

Being a good role model to the younger generation is very important to me. Although I don't have a big family, nor do I have siblings or nieces, or friends with little girls (yet), I do have a voice thanks to this blog. I have a lot of opinions on being kind to one another, and that starts when you're just a little kid. 
As I mentioned in this post I was teased a lot as a little girl, constantly getting made fun of for my brown curly hair. In high school, the boys learned even crueler ways to tease, saying that my hair looked like pubes. I had no idea what to do with the big ball of fuzz on top of my head.  Do I put gel in it? Do I put a flat iron to it every single day? Do I let it air dry? Do I use a diffuser? What am I supposed to do with this hair????

I hated being teased by the boys. I hated it. What I would have given to have someone with hair like mine not only show me how to do my hair, but make me believe that curly hair is beautiful, and that I'm lucky to have it. 

I'm going to take some parts from my "Here's To The Curly Haired Little Girls" post and include it here. I was very proud of that post, and I truly believe that the message that Dove is trying to convey to young ladies is powerful, and can change a life. I'm not being dramatic when I say that. I feel like this campaign from Dove could change the course of a life. You know why? Because bullying, when you're a child, feels like the end of the world. Kids being bullied simply do not realize that this time will pass, and that life gets so, so, so much better. 

What I would have given as a 14-year-old, being called pubes by the cruel boys in high school, for a cool 28-year-old to tell me my hair looked pretty, or beautiful. 

To show me, that as I got older, I would embrace those curls. For a 28-year-old that has her life together, to point up at her head and show 14-year-old me how much she loves her curls. How she thinks her curls are the bomb, and 14-year-old me should too. 

For a 28-year-old's cute boyfriend to tell curly haired 14-year-old me, that he loves my curls because they are so unique, so uniquely Sarah. 

For a 28-year-old to teach 14-year-old me that so much more can be done with curly hair, versus straight hair. The sky is the limit on hair styles, anything you want to do to your hair, you can do it. Nothing is off limits.

You can have bangs, you can have volume, you can have straight and sleek, you can have beachy, you can wash and go... aka you can sleep in 30 minutes later than everyone else. This proves useful when your alarm goes off at 6:30am! You will have boyfriends, you will have amazing friends. I know this, because I've had and done all of those things. All with curly hair.

This is so much more than a sponsored post I'm writing today. It's a challenge. I challenge you, to uplift a little girl with curly hair. Wear your hair curly, show off those curls, flaunt those curls, smile big and walk with your shoulders back in your curls. Let all of the young ladies with curly hair know how lucky they are, rather than how cursed they are.

Dove just introduced the Love Your Curls book experience which is a poetic tribute to all of the curly haired little girls. You can personalize the book for a special curly haired girl in your life, and help curly haired girls everywhere take pride in their curls. 

I don't know about you, but I feel like Dove just kills it on boosting confidence among women with any hair and body type. I want to support them in their message, and in their business. It is pretty easy though, when their products are just as amazing as their message. I personally use the full line of Dove Quench Absolute, which includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Restoration Mask and  the Supreme Crème Serum. All are pictured below!

Like I mentioned before, will I straighten my hair from time to time going forward? Absolutely. But I'll also leave it curly, I'll rush off to work with it sopping wet 4 out of the 5 days of the work week, I might bring back the bangs one day, I'll tie it up in dutch braids, I'll wear a high pony, I'll go sleek, I'll go in a pool, I'll go on a boat, I'll cut it all off, I'll grow it super long, I'll go outside regardless of the humidity or rain report.... 

I can do whatever I want. Because I am so lucky to have curly hair.  


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. This is such a cute post. I have naturally curly hair that I hardly often wear because I think it's crazy wild. It is, but so many people love it...including my fiance. He actually prefers me with curly hair, haha! I love this!

  2. first, can we pause at the gorgeousness of these photos? so pretty! second, i want to go back in time and beat people up that made fun of you! I can't even imagine! curly hair girls rule!

  3. Love this! And I love my curly hair, like you said we can sleep in later, haha!

  4. Ok first you are looking SO fabulous in these pictures girl! I had straight hair until I was 13 then BAM it changed texture in a matter of months. I had no idea what to do with it and it made me feel so self-conscious so I straightened it all the time. I totally agree, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to EMBRACE the curl, because I love my curly hair now - frizzies and all!

  5. I will definitely be checking out these products if they'll help me love my curls instead of hating them!

  6. I was just like you with the curly hair always wanting it straight! I embraced my curls all through my twenties though but once I had a baby it won't curl AT ALL. So damn strange. I love your hair and love curly hair girls! (BTW - I know this post is all about Dove, but I was a DevaCurl girl...check their products out!)

  7. LOVE this post!! You look absolutely gorgeous and shame on those boys! Your curls were adorable back then!!

  8. This is such a great post because it applies to so many things in addition to curly hair! I was always picked on for my weight and now I just want to tell the young version of myself that it'll all work out and she'll be HAPPY someday!

  9. It boggles my mind that little girls are made fun of because of things they are born with, can't help, and should be proud of. It hurts my heart. I'm all for this campaign too. I feel like it's only gotten worse with the media beating it into their heads that they need to look a certain way. It wasn't nearly as bad when I was a kid (or I feel like it wasn't.)

  10. I can't find the Serum ti save my life!!! I only can find the shampoo and Conditioner... =(

  11. I can't find the Serum ti save my life!!! I only can find the shampoo and Conditioner... =(

  12. Okay so the part about CB saying he loves your curls because they're uniquely Sarah made me want to cry. THE CUTENESS IS SO REAL.

  13. Yes to all of this! I wasted so much time in my teens and early twenties straightening my hair because I didn't know my curls could be beautiful. Now, they're my most complimented feature!! I wish I'd realized that when I was younger.

  14. I know it doesn't change anything but I'm sorry you were always teased for your hair. And I'm sorry that made you dislike it then. I've had these corkscrew curls since day 1 and I've also loved them since day 1. My hair is so important to me. It's my standout feature. I've never lusted to have straight hair (I think it's boring) and on the bi-yearly times I do straighten it (for DIY highlights or something) I never know what to do with it.

    I can't praise Dove enough for all the campaigns they do. The love your body one, and now this. I agree that young girls need the reassurance and need to know that taking a flat iron, or relaxer to their curls isn't the answer. Embrace them, love them, let them do their thing.


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