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28 July 2014

Healthy Tips for Work Trips

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Slimfast, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #14daystoslim

This blog is no stranger to a weight loss post (Hi, hello, hey you, sup cuz!, oh and hullo to all of you guys). I love food, hence all of the weight loss/gain struggles. I wish I just LOVED dressing-less salads, I wish that was what I craved all day every day. But instead, I crave pizza. And chips and salsa.

I'm happy to say, since I put my foot down in November, I've lost about 20 pounds. Thanks to couch to 5k and Lean Cuisines I really don't struggle to eat a low calorie diet and exercise when I'm at home. Even though I'm not even close to my happy, sustainable, goal weight, (another 20 pounds to go for that) I'm actually satisfied with the slow weight loss progress since I know it is going to stay off for good. 

Then work trips happen....

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn. 

I am physically incapable at staying healthy during work trips. I'm not being dramatic, I can't do it. Traveling with all men, our lunch stops often include Wendy's, Burger King and McDonalds. Followed by dinners at pizza joints and sports bars. Pizza and sports bars, I tell you! How can I possibly say no to anything on those menus?! I can't. I just can't. So shoot me. 

So for this 11 day work trip to Tampa, Boca Grande and Ft. Myers, (which I'm flying home from today, hoorah!!) I set small goals for myself that I knew I could control and achieve. I was fully aware that there wouldn't be weight loss in these two weeks, but if I could just not gain it would be a huge win. 

Those breakfast buffets. Woof. I'm still always hungry again for lunch, yet I end up consuming so many pointless calories. So I decided to say no to every sit-down breakfast that crossed my path, and instead grab a Greek Yogurt and Honey Slimfast Snack Bar to take and eat when I actually felt hungry. Plus, it meant I got to sleep longer than everyone else! And when you're waking up at 5:30am every day, yeah, sleep is good. 

Each bar only has 110 calories and is part of the Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown. To lose up to 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks, Slimfast recommends swapping two meals daily with a Slimfast® protein shake or meal bar, the third meal must be 500 calories. Enjoy three 100-calorie snacks or pieces of fruit per day, don't exceed 1200 calories per day, do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily and drink plenty of water. I also signed up for the Slim Coaching program, to help me stay on track. They also have a great facebook and pinterest page for additional fitspo! 

I got a break each day from around 10am until 5pm, when we picked back up with the afternoon shoot. So I tried to go for a walk/run on the beach each day during that time.  

Like I said, simply not gaining would be a huge win for me, so I'll keep y'all updated on my final outcome when I finally get back to Dallas this evening!  

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this is why we woke up at 5:30am each day...

But I'll be back with more of that ^^^ later in the week! 



  1. First of all, I love your swim suit!! So cute!! Second, congrats on losing 20 pounds!! That's awesome!! These are all really good tips and I would say even could be used on vacation. Of course indulging is what vacation is all about, but only to a certain extent otherwise you're just miserable!! Thanks for the tips!

  2. dressing-less salads should be banned from life. way to go on losing 20lbs! i would get up at 530am if i got up to that! lol. but seriously i need to get on the slimfast bandwagon as I have about 20lbs that wont leave me alone. off to read every single post you linked to...

  3. I love that swimsuit + those sunglasses! I'm sure the beach made it a little easier to get out there, I know I'm more motivated when the scenery is better than the inside of a gym!

  4. I love this! I am up at 4:30 each morning Monday-Friday so I feel you on the 5:30 am wake ups, ick haha. It takes a while to get used to.

  5. I can barely stay on track when I'm at home! Congrats on making your weight goal such a big priority, as another lady that loves her junk food, I know the struggle is real.


  6. I could definitely hold off until dinner on a lazy day (which I have a lot of them), but any time I'm out in the city moving about a lot, I need me some bigger meals! Not sure I could hold off on the little bar but then again I should probably try if I ever want to slim down.

  7. Okay first off I'm really jealous of your view for the last few days!!! I can't wait to hit Florida soon! 2nd - You look awesome! Congrats on the 20 lb weight loss!!!

  8. You are awesome. And I'm only a little bit jealous of your job.

  9. 20lbs?! You go girl!! Love the tips and keep up the good work!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss. The slim fast diet true works. I was doing it for a bit. I will still do a shake in the morning here and there.

  11. AWESOME!! I used to eat SO bad on work trips-- you look wonderful, and like you feel wonderful, which is most important :)

  12. Good on you for losing weight it is the curse of most women and you do look good

  13. Look at you all responsible running in the beach, you go girl!!!!
    Let me know how that 14 day thing works for you, I would looooove to loose a couple of pounds that I gained on vacation and have kept on since :(


  14. Not a bad view everyday

  15. Dat bikini doe. Lookin good girl!

  16. I am so proud of you! you look so good sarah!!!!! also hi i miss you!

  17. This is great and EXACTLY what I needed! Every time I get on a good routine, a week long work trip comes up. You da best! Great job!!!

  18. As someone who travels for work, it is very difficult to stay on track while on the road! But good for you for setting goals. Looks like you took some stunning photos!



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