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22 July 2014

16 Weekend Plan Ideas

Today I've asked my ESPN2 girls to introduce themselves, their blog and give us all some ideas of the perfect weekend plans, for when you have no weekend plans! Because, Tuesday. #blehhh.

September Farm
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and a weekend i could ditch the kid and not be pregnant? i would do way more than five things...

1. i would take my farmer to brunch and drink too much champagne.
2. then we would pack up the cooler and kayaks and go whitewater kayaking. it's what we used to do before we bought a farm.
3. then we would head back to the big city for some dinner and dancing and beverage. probably lots of beverage. my farmer is quite the dancer, so we have to incorporate that.
4. i would force myself to stay up as late as possible knowing i could sleep in late the next morning.
5. is it wrong to say we would drink more champagne? i feel like no farm and no kid and no pregnancy for an entire weekend is a reason for celebration.
*6. there has to be a #6. at this point i would need to sober up to collect my daughter.

The Style Dunce 
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1. Sangria somewhere. Anywhere.
2. Shopping like I had all the money to shop.
3. Drinking craft beer somewhere to show I have substance.
4. A hike in the mountains to work off the craft beer.
5. A concert at night where I just sway back and forth to hide that I can't dance.

Seeking Sunshine
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1. Drive up to Toronto if the Blue Jays were in town, watch a game and do a little shopping.
2. Take my dog to a dog beach somewhere.
3. Go on a wine tour in the Finger Lakes.
4. Finally go camping in the Adirondaks which I have been dying to do for a few years.
5. Make a very long trip to the local Marshall's and grab some sushi afterwards.

Oh, and follow me on insta if you like Florida, because that is where I am.... all. week. long. 



  1. This is such a fun way to get to know your sponsors. I like it!

  2. Such a fun post and can't wait to visit all these ladies!

  3. Fun!! And I found a local blogger because of it!


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