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24 July 2014

How To: Perfect Hair Waves

Dear Mosquitos,

The all-you-can-eat of Sarah Webb buffet has officially closed its doors. You have eaten everything. Your mosquito bites have mosquito bites. Also, it was my understanding that bathing in OFF! would keep you from feasting. It did not. I will chalk this up to the growing obesity problem among your species. When I have bug spray on, do you just see that as the 5 second rule? 5 seconds probably being 48 hours in mosquito years.? 

"Oh, Sarah put bug spray on. That's ok, because.... 5 second rule!!! Dine on!" 

I hope you're proud of yourself. The first words out of everyone's mouth when they see me is, "Whoaaaa something really has been biting you alive!! Are you wearing bug spray?!" 

Yes. I smell like the inside of King Tut's tomb I've sprayed so much bug spray. So you win. Congratulations. The only thing on my body that doesn't itch are the ends of my hair. 

That is not a challenge. 

With zero love,

Sarah Webb
Chef / Restaurant Owner / Management
Sarah Webb's All You Can Eat Free Mosquito Buffet

Before I left for mosquito country, I asked Ashley if she would be willing to take over the blog one of the days I was away! She was kind enough to say yes and deliver a phenomenal hair tutorial post that I know you'll love! 

Hey! I am Ashley - but my good friends call me Ash! I write The Grits Blog. If you aren't familiar with my space, it's all about crack dip, hair tutorials, beauty tips, and good ol' life in general. The name of my blog is an ode to where I am from - the South but you can read more about that here

Sarah invited me to guest post today! She suggested a drinking game - but truth be told, I like to test everything I post about and I couldn't even get half way through my drinking game without passing there's that. In case you are wondering, it was a True Blood game (yes, clothing required...or not, whatever your fancy). 

So I thought - what would Sarah's readers like??? Would they like a food post...nooo....a post all about muah.....noooooooooooooo...what would they like?! Then it hit me. Start at what I am good at - HAIR. Not to mention one of Sarah's first tweets to me was about my hair (thank you Sarah), so I figured why not! 

So without further ado:

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves HOT IRON HOLSTER

One hair style that I posted a few times on my instagram is my hair waves.  I actually took a vote to see if you guys wanted a tutorial and it turns out you did! SO this is how I get my Perfect Hair Waves.

Step One - Separate your hair into layers. We will start from the bottom first. Lightly spray with hairspray.

Step Two - Grab a decent size chunk of hair - about an 1-2 inches. Then, using a 1 1/2" curling iron, curl your hair starting at the top of the hair section. Hold for a few seconds and then continue to curl down the hair section. Once you have the hair section completely wrapped up in the curling iron hold for about 7-12 seconds and release in a downward motion. Lightly spray and continue through the rest of the sections. Repeat this step for the rest of your layers. Typically I have about 5 layers (the top section taking up two of those). One key thing to remember when curling your hair is to curl your hair with the barrel. When you curl away from the barrel your hair will kink!

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

Step Three - Grab the section that you want to pin back - typically I grab the group of hair right above the half way point (at the eyebrow level). Separate into three sections, twist back each section and insert a bobby pin to hold.
How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

Step Four - Tease as necessary. My hair doesn't need it because of all the volumizer I use. Finish with hairspray.

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

Step Five - Done! Don't brush the curls out, they will relax into waves throughout the day. Because of the size of the curling iron, your hair won't have tight curls to begin with so don't worry. This is how my hair looks right after it's curled. The second picture shows my hair after a few hours at work. Not bad right?! The trick is not brushing it out after curling.

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

The tools that I used to complete this look are my curling iron, hair spray, bobby pins, and Hot Iron Holster.
Pin this for later - because you know you will want to come back to it!
How To Get Perfect Hair Waves

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  1. My hair is too short for the perfect waves, but sorry about the mosquito attacks! When I was down in Honduras this winter I was attacked repeatedly by sand fleas and it was horrible. I still have scars.

  2. I feel you with the mosquitos! I am ALWAYS getting bit. My husband stands near me just so he won't get eaten!

    Makeover With Aspen

  3. Oh man. Mosquitos ruin everything. Mosquito bites on me swell to the size of a half dollar, so I feel your pain!

  4. Those a really waves! I need suck at styling my hair so need to read more tutorials like this one!

  5. honestly mosquitos are the worst. and i can't believe that happened! i love ashley's hair but about the only thing i do is wash it and that's all i can take. i'm LAZY

  6. Ugh, mosquitos are the WORST! They LOVE me. I feel your pain.


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