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30 July 2014

5 Tips to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

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Thigh talk: Keeping the lumps and bumps at bay

The lumps and bumps that appear on thighs are one of the most dreaded changes to a woman’s body. Cellulite, dimples and the ‘cottage cheese’ appearance of lumps and bumps on the thighs drive many women (and some men) to seek the help of expert cosmetic surgeons, such as Dr Joseph Ajaka.

Why does cellulite appear?

Very few women will have no cellulite at all in their lifetime. Cellulite results from problems with circulation and, if you have poor circulation, you are susceptible to cellulite.

Most fat that builds up in other parts of the body is caused by overeating and insufficient activity levels. In contrast, cellulite is toxins, lymph fluid and fat that is trapped in the skin.

Surgery is just one way to treat the problem of cellulite and other lumps and bumps on the thighs. Surgery is usually very effective in redressing this problem; find out more here. However, there are other ways to address cellulite in the thigh area.

Change your diet:

Increasing your consumption of green vegetables, including spinach, celery, broccoli and the superfood kale, is helpful for cellulite reduction. You should also reduce your intake of red meat, poultry, salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy to help combat thigh lumps and bumps.

It’s also wise to replace your morning coffee with a mug of hot water and lemon juice, to fire up your metabolism and help with toxin removal. Throughout the day, you should drinks loads of water and herbal tea.

Get active:

There are many different exercises that you can do to help combat cellulite. Jumping is an activity that boosts the lymphatic system and other good exercises to try are: jogging, skipping, bouncing on a trampoline, burpees and jumping squats.

Take care of your skin:

Many people recommend dry body brushing as a way to combat cellulite. Dry body brushing increases your lymphatic circulation, as well as exfoliating your skin. It is recommended that you use a good quality brush on problem areas at least twice daily. Brush your body with gentle sweeping strokes towards the heart.

Cellulite gels and creams can be applied to smooth out the skin and make the appearance of cellulite less apparent.

Enjoy massage:

Other than its enjoyable and relaxing effects, massage can be a quite effective way to facilitate drainage, lymphatic flow and circulation. Of all the various styles of massage, light lymphatic drainage techniques and hot stone massages are the most beneficial.


Many aromatherapists testify that cellulite and other unsightly lumps and bumps may be minimised or improved with essential oils. Essential oils including juniper berry, geranium, rosemary, ginger and cypress blended together and diluted in jojoba, wheatgerm or almond oil, can be effective when massaged into the skin at least two times each day. However, it’s important to get the ratios of essential oils and carrier oils correct.

If cellulite is a problem for you, there’s a very good chance that you want a strategy and remedy for its unattractive visible signs, but also its causes. The good news is that there are solutions, ranging from surgery to dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes that help to combat cellulite.



  1. Seems like a vegan/vegetarian diet can aid with the reduction of cellulite. I ought to cut out more cheese! :] // ☼

  2. hmm perhaps I should change my diet.

  3. Great tips!



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