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01 July 2014

Tips for Getting and Nailing an Interview: Choosing Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

You guys might think I'm crazy, but I started writing a general "LinkedIn Tips" post, then realized I could build an entire blog post addressing the Do's and Don'ts of choosing a profile picture! So I guess this series just keeps growing. For Part Three (of four, five, six... ?) I bring you, "The Do's and Don'ts of choosing a LinkedIn picture!" 80% are doing it wrong. And yes, I just made that number up. 
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Do's and Don'ts: Choose the Right Picture
This drives my mom bonkers, and I see her point. Profile pictures where you immediately think, "oh my gosh, what are they thinking by making that their image?", should not be used. Here are my do's and don'ts of choosing an image for your profile picture. Because, it matters. 

Don't use a car selfie: 
Maybe we can get rid of these across all social media?! Please? 

Don't use a cropped out group photo:
I see this one quite often. These can cause serious pixelation and just doesn't look professional. Plus, it is distracting when you can see even a sliver of someone else's face in your photo. 

 Don't be an egg
I say "egg" because of twitter. I just call anyone without a picture, an egg.

Don't be goofy 
Yes, you're adorbs. But they can learn that about you later. For now, let them view you as a lean, mean, working hard, serious machine! 

Don't include friends in your photo
You're the star of this LinkedIn show, don't share the spotlight. 

Don't include your boyfriend
No, this is not my boyfriend. This is the naked cowboy in NYC. While this picture is freaking awesome, I'm aware, it doesn't belong anywhere near LinkedIn. Or your grandmother. 

Which leads me to my next don't...
Don't use anything sexy or even remotely revealing
If you would be embarrassed / feel awkward blowing it up, framing it and presenting it to your grandmother as a Christmas gift, don't use that picture.  

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting a sexy example "don't" picture of me, I'm sorry to have disappointed all none of you. Stewie will have to do for now. 

Don't be invisible 
Ok but, we still have no idea what you look like. You might as well be an egg.

Don't show us your nose boogers 
Can we just go ahead and say no selfies at all? This is your career for pete's sake, put in the effort and have someone take your photo. 

Transitions for the win....
Don't pose with the pups or with the kiddos
Yes, I know you love them. I love them. We all love them. Except for hiring managers. They don't love them. 

Don't use old photos 
Limited Too clothes are so last season. 

Don't use wedding photos 
Yes, you looked gorgeous. More gorgeous than any other day, ever. In the history of ever. But unless you're bragging about your MRS degree, professional is the name of the game.
Yes, I know this was the Kentucky Derby, but it looks a little bridal, right? 
Also, no booze. But pretty much everyone knows that....

:::Now for the Do's:::
Do use professional photos if you have them.
Do grab your iPhone, a friend and business attire, and go take your picture in a professional setting if you don't have any suitable images already. Again, this is your career here. Put in some effort. 
Do use Groupon / LivingSocial. I often see headshot photography as the deal of the day.  Like this one!
Do smile big and pretty

So what are your Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn profile photos? 
Do you agree or disagree with my choices? 
Oh, and of course, come LinkIn with me! 

Oh, and I'll just leave this here. Because, America. 
Thanks for the opportunity, Korked Bats. I look forward to hearing back from you in a timely manner. 



  1. These are great tips. I hadn't even looked at mine in a while. Think I have some updating that needs to be done.

  2. oh i agree 100% with this! i might need a redo on mine, haven't thought about that!! and love the bandwagon app!

  3. Great photo tips. I need to take a look at my LinkedIn profile now.

    And I loved your application! Hilarious!

  4. So most of my social profiles are set to private except my profile picture I dont have linkedin but should I make all my social media profile pics professional incase a potential employer is digging for info?

  5. I agree 100% on the LinkedIn photo recommendations. I'd add, though, that you want one that's professional but still approachable - LinkedIn is still social. I'm thinking of redoing mine just because it's walking that fine line between professional headshot and professional mugshot :p

  6. My LinkedIn photo is what you called an egg. I don't have a picture on it. Mainly due to I just opened it up 2 weeks ago. After reading you post. I will make sure I get on it today and get a photo up.

  7. Haha love those last two answers. As an American living in Europe this is how I feel about soccer when everyone else is talking about it.

  8. Selfies as profile photos KILL ME! Yeah, I take a good selfie from time to time, but I don't use it as my profile photo. Blech!

  9. I love everything about this post. But, I especially loved that application form. HAHAHA

  10. Those are great tips! Definitely makes me want to go get some professional head shots and what not done ha ha.. even though I won't be seriously job searching for another four years.

    That application form is great :)


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