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17 July 2014


Venus Trapped in Mars

It's #FavTotalSocial time with me and Helene! My original plan was to repost my favorite blog post I had ever written. But I changed my mind, because, I'm a girl and that's what we do.

Side note: I started to make an X chromosome joke just then. But I had to google to confirm which chromosome it was that women had because I was busy doodling "Mrs. Sarah DiCaprio" and "Sarah hearts Ashton" the day we talked about that in Mr. Steven's 6th grade science class. I then learned it was the X chromosome that we have, and the website I was reading said the X chromosome comes with a larger user manual than the Y chromosome. I laughed and laughed and laughed at that subtle gender joke. Get it science, you're one funny kid. Sorry I never paid more attention to you in middle school, especially since I bet you're filthy stinking rich now.

So instead, today I bring you "Sarah's Favorite Things!"

You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car!!!!!!!

Totally playing, you just get to read my answers to this random favorite things quiz. It was the first thing to pop up when I googled "favorite things quiz". I know, I really put in all of the efforts. You're welcome.

Favorite pet I ever had
Gee Neyland. Honorable Mention: Veenie.

Favorite car I’ve owned
Very first car, red mustang. I wouldn't want it back, but it will stand as the sentimental favorite.

Favorite meal out, ever

Melting pot. Give me all the cheese and lobster.
Oh, and of course when I go out to see my boyfriend.

Favorite food I’ve cooked

You're a funny little quiz. I like you.

Favorite food from childhood

Favorite movie of all time
Devil Wears Prada. Across the Universe (go ahead, laugh, I don't care).

Favorite book of all time
The Berenstain Bears: Report Card Trouble

well, or...

The Berenstain Bears: Learn About Strangers.

Please don't make me choose.

Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend

Favorite day out – what, where, with whom
Tailgate, Vols game, Neyland Stadium, 104,000 of my closest friends.

Favorite color
Yellow. Look around and you will see...

Favorite artist
Vincent "huh, what did you just say?" Van Gogh... or.... Miranda Lambert.

I'm not totally clear on the meaning of the question.

Favorite song

Lil Boosie - Wipe Me Down

Favorite paid entertainment I’ve ever seen
Tennessee vs Kentucky. November 24, 2007. Lexington, Ky. 4 Overtimes. BIG ORANGE WINS to make it to SEC Championship.

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours
Blogging. No really, I love it.

Favorite skill (past or current)
I can do an incredibly accurate baby cry. Only a handful of people have seen/witnessed it. But it is real, just ask Magen.

Favorite advice I’ve ever been given

"Girls are treacherous. Watch your back." - my dad

Favorite advice I’ve ever given
Never do zumba without following a two-drink minimum policy

Favorite year of the best birthday I ever had… and why
21. Because, 21. I'd include a picture, but we are this far into questions on the post and I haven't used a single image. I get uncomfortable sticking things where they don't belong. *go ahead and insert (no pun intended) the joke here that you know you are dying to make*

Favorite natural wonder I’ve ever seen

Neyland on game day

Favorite close call I’ve ever had
When I was on the L in Chicago, leaving a night game (followed by a night party) in Wrigleyville and the train stopped for an hour for maintenance. No bathrooms. I somehow didn't pee my pants. But if you look up the definition of close call in the dictionary, you'll see my face from that night.

Ok, fine. Here is a picture....

Sheesh, red-eyed pictures. That's so 2009. 

My favorite flower – purchased
The kind of flower that is shaped in the form of a ticket, with a barcode on the back and a seat, row and section number decorated on the front. Those are really beautiful.

My favorite flower or plant – personally grown
This one. Tree/flower... same thing.

My favorite hair day ever?

This day. I'm of course not kidding.

The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?

When I got to meet Chipper Jones and Chipper Jones' sweater all in the same day.

Favorite unusual pet I’ve ever had
Betta Fish. It was a ritual to gift one to another sister in the sorority. They couldn't be kept with any other fish because they will fight to the death. Odd ritual, no? Yay Pi Phi!

Favorite outdoor smell
Warning track dirt

Favorite Saturday night ever?
Well, just go to this post and build your own answer to that question.

My favorite non-relative adult growing up
Carl Winslow from Family Matters

Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?
Sex and the City. Not Carrie Diaries. I repeat, not Carrie Diaries.

Favorite item no one knows I own?
Confetti shooter. Well, on second thought, I'm sure that isn't too shocking to hear.

Favorite competent activity I do?

Favorite food item I can never run out of?
Lean cuisines. But not the ones that require stirring halfway though. Those are bs.

The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?

Ahh yes, my nightlife.

Favorite secret I still safeguard? (don’t reveal it!)
Now my head hurts.

On that, I'm out! 

I can't wait to read all of your favorites, so come linkup with me and Helene! And if you want to take my questions (errr, their questions) and write your own favorites post, free to do so!

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  1. That's funny, my dad gave me pretty much the same advice, but about boys. Ha! I love the Melting Pot!!! I'm trying to set up dinner with friends there for tonight (supposedly for my friend's birthday, but really just because I want to go).

  2. ok i love The Berenstain Bears. and Van Gogh. and that hair in that picture. priceless. Girls really are treacherous though. Smart man.

  3. Devil Wears Prada is on my top 5 of all time- good choice. Also..Berenstein Bears freaking rock. I wouldn't be able to pick either.

  4. I didn't know you had a red mustang!! that's awesome! haha i love that pic. it's just too funny. your favorite flower reminds me of my favorite. god those are just gorgeous ;)

  5. haha Sex in the City is my fave rerun to watch as well and thanks for pointing out NOT Carrie Diaries! Love this list!

  6. The Ticket Tree would be awesome I want one. I had a green mustang and feel the same way. Probably wouldn't have another but that was my favorite car. Love Total Social. Since I had my Tuned In Thursday on the blog today I linked up my Instagram

  7. That's also one of my favorite pictures ever. It ties with the Starbucks one.

  8. These are my favorite answers to any quiz ever especially because The Berenstain Bears yep I heart you!

  9. "Everyone here gets humpback whaaaaales!" Yesss. I love your Oprah reference. P.S. Berenstein Bears? Totally a hit cartoon show nowadays. As if there was any doubt it wouldn't be.

  10. I just can't stop laughing with this post your too funny; and I'm with you on Sex and the City I can see it non stop and will never get tired but that Carrie Diaries man that sucks. I just had to begin participating in this link up I love it.

  11. We have the same favorite day out... Tailgate, football, greatness!!!! It's so close, I'm already giddy!!!!!! :)

  12. I love your dad's advice about girls, it was spot on!

  13. Girl, I love this link up. I've had such a blast reading some of these posts. And I love how everyone's take on it is totally different. Let me just say, I cracked up multiple times while reading this. The Van Gogh joke? Literally LOL'ed. And Berenstain Bears? Yes. My favorite.

  14. "Lean Cuisines, but not the ones you have to stir". You're awesome. And tailgating and games? How much longer til football season again!? You're more than welcome to come to some LSU and Saints bars w/ me! I don't even mind if you hate on my Tigers (cough, we're still the best, cough) ;)

  15. Wow...I can't believe i've done zumba without the 2 drinks min. How did I not know!

  16. I. Love. Across the Universe! I wish I knew where to get a ticket oak, that's for sure.

  17. Beta fish are the strangest creatures. They put themselves in solitary confinement. I do not understand.

  18. Love the favourite topics! Carl Winslow was the man.

  19. The Berenstain Bears: Learn About Strangers. Hands down.


  20. I love this so much! It reminds me of the MySpace quizzes/surveys everyone used to do in high school procrastinate doing their homework lol!

  21. Ah, Chipper Jones! So dreamy!!

    Love the advice from dad. So true.

  22. I would never laugh about Across the Universe, its one of my favorite movies (and soundtracks) too! Ah, the Berenstein Bears were so good. Oh, and my first car was a red mustang also!

  23. haha. ticket oak is my favorite flower too! and across the universe?!! love. i've been wanting to watching it (again) recently, but i can't find the time to watch it. hopefully this week.


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