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07 May 2014

May The Fab Be With You

Download for Desktop/Laptop
Download for iPhone

I think I may (no pun intended) have made this last year in a different design. I can't remember, but this is my favorite saying for any month in the year. So, May the Fab Be With You, my friends! Enjoy this freebie and if you like it, feel free to pin or share this on your social media accounts! 

Oh, and just as a reminder:
**Note** Remember that with the iPhone5, your wallpaper will get distorted if you don't have "reduce motion" turned on.

To turn "reduce motion" on:
Settings --- General --- Accessibility --- Scroll down and click "Reduce Motion"--- turn that ON

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  1. this is going on my phone right now.

  2. Ok..LOVE the phone screen! The desktop is awesome too, but I was JUST needing something new to throw on my phone! Thanks dear!

  3. And now my phone has a new background. Done.

  4. So cute! You are very talented and funny!

  5. Shared! This is so cute

  6. Love it! You never disappoint ,my friend :)

  7. Love this! Love the gold lettering!

  8. This is now my wallpaper...thanks for the cute design!

  9. Super FAB! :) I'm always up for some pink, gold, and sparkle ;)

  10. This is great, you are so talented!!

    xo, Taylor

  11. Thank you for the way cute wallpaper! It makes me smile every time I unlock my phone :)


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