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21 March 2014

The 5 Things You Need To Know

It's the third Friday in March. The Vols lived to see another game in the tournament (today at 1:45pm). 
Do you think you have a happy Sarah on your hands today?

#1 - The first thing you need to know before you go: How to watch the tournament games! Just because you are at work doesn't mean you have to miss one second of the action. Big shoutout to my girl Allison for the hookup with this info. 

iPhone: Get the App 
(even alerts you to tune into games that are close, or games on upset watch!)
Boss Button: My favorite feature. Watching the game at work and your boss walks by? Click the boss button real fast and your computer screen will transform to make it look like you're doing work.

#2 - The second thing you need to know before you go: A Cincinnati Reds pitcher,  Aroldis Chapman was hit in the face by a line drive during Wednesday night's spring training game. The fastball he threw was going about 99mph. So after some calculations, it was determined the ball left the batters bat going 115mph, then hit Chapman just above his left eye at 105mph. 

He got hit in the eye with a ball going 105mph. Holy crap. Miraculously, after going through a successful surgery placing a titanium plate above his eye, he is going to be ok, no brain damage, not even loss of eye sight. Here is my question for you... could you go back to the pitcher's mound after taking a blow like that to the face? 

My answer: No way. 

#3 - The third thing you need to know before you go: Barack-etology. How does your bracket stack up against the President's? For the record, I would trust Obama's sports knowledge about as much as I would trust General to not eat a slice of pizza I accidentally left out on the table. 

The man bowled a 37. I realize bowling isn't the end all be all of sporting events, but anyone who bowls a 37 is not to be trusted on an NCAA bracket. That's just the facts. But, if you want to say you're smarter than the Prez, here is his bracket! Oddly enough, he predicted nearly all the upsets yesterday. 

#4- The fourth thing you need to know before you go: Who is upset today.

Ohio State is upset
Colorado is upset
Oklahoma is upset
Cincinnati is upset

What is an upset? An upset is when a lower seeded team beats a higher seeded team. i.e. #11 seed Dayton beat the #6 seed Ohio State. For those of you who use too much social media, those are (#) number signs I'm using, not hashtags. 

#5 (number 5, not hashtag 5) - the fifth thing you need to know before you go: If you are participating in Bracks on Bracks on Bracks, you probably want to know what you are playing for, huh? 

1st Place Prize: $100 smack-a-roos
2nd Place Prize: $35
3rd Place Prize: You get yo 5 dollah back

If you didn't sign up for Bracks on Bracks on Bracks, but want to live vicariously through us and make fun of how dumb my picks were for this bracket you can follow along here. For the record, I'm doing much better in the Yahoo billion dollar challenge... but you know, everyone is an expert this time of year. 

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  1. Yeah damn Ohio teams screwed me.... but yay Horns!

  2. i knew that ohio state loss was coming #struggle street. also totally called harvard winning. god i love this time of the year.

  3. I hate March madness so freaking much. Even more than baseball. I saw the thing about the guy taking the hit to the face though. It wasn't pretty to watch.

  4. Thanks for the info on how to watch the game at work.

  5. I'm not quite sure exactly what brackets and what not are.. but that sucks about Chapman. My great grandpa was a baseball player (he was going to go in the minor leagues) but got hit in the temple by a ball and couldn't play any more. Ouch.

  6. This is all so informative! That pitcher is lucky to be alive! I need that boss button for my life.

  7. Considering how crazy yesterday was, I am happy with only having 3 games wrong. Now, today, it'll probably go all kinds of haywire.

    GO CATS!

    Go Vols! (for you)


  8. I am only doing the Billion Dollar Bracket and those damn tree nuts already effed me. Dayton??? Really? And Harvard... did not see those boys comin either. I need boss button!!!

  9. I don't know how any of those pitchers get back out there -- I was watching the Oakland game when Brandon McCarthy get hit + I couldn't believe how fast he was making jokes about the whole situation + then back on the mound. I mean -- I took some line drives to the face playing first + third base + went back -- but I feel like a softball is moving so much slower!

  10. I'm currently leading in my bracket, but you don't even want to know who I have in the final game. No #1 teams, I'll tell you that. Nor #2, 3 or 4 teams....

  11. This is a true story: I played softball up until high school. I pitched for most of my young career until the day I saw the other team’s pitcher get socked in the stomach by a line drive. I wish it was something I could un-see or get over, but I’m not being dramatic, I was scarred and couldn’t pitch anymore. I ended up finishing my career in the outfield, i.e. as far away as possible from the batter. To be honest, it’s probably why I did track in the ppring freshman year of HS instead of softball, even though I hated running… but I guess I sorta dodged a bullet there anyway. No offense to softball players though, even though I guess that doesn’t work after you imply something offensive.

  12. Speaking of pitchers getting hit in the face: it happened to Jose Valverde a few years ago, but luckily the ball glanced off his glove at a different so it just grazed his face (thank goodness). He fell to the floor and trainers rushed out, but eventually he stood up AND continued pitching to get the save.

    So he is easily my favorite baseball player and I stalked the Astros under the stadium (near the locker rooms) in SF and got his attention. So he comes over and I tell him all this and he was so excited that he was my favorite that I got an enormous bear hug and we had a friend of mine take our picture together! Best day ever.

    [End of weekly sports rant...]

  13. I just love reading your blog! I find your humor so humorous {I guess that's how you say it}. ie. #5 (number five, not hash tag 5) bahahaha!!! Anyways... good luck on your own bracket! :)

  14. Today my bracket is so terrible. I plan to finish strong though. Watch out.

  15. I always crack up reading your posts when you explain how sports work, etc. Maybe it is because I understand it all and can't believe there are people out there that don't! Thanks for always making me giggle :)
    Oh, and my bracket....I already have 5 losses after yesterday :( Stupid upsets! lol!

  16. I've probably bowled a 37... but I also don't claim to know anything about brackets... so there's that. But that website? Hilarious. And General's face made me giggle!

  17. I wish I was into March Madness!! But, I do think the "boss button" is genius!!

    Have a great weekend! :)

    xo, B

  18. HAha the Boss Button is amazing, but I got scolded today for NOT having it up on my monitor.

    General is fierce about that pizza.

  19. I just started following your blog and loved this post! I was watching my New Mexico State Aggies play last night and was wondering what the boss button was for! Haha thanks for catching me up on March Madness!

  20. I am loving these posts! And I totally feel validated as a sports fan knowing all this! That shot to the head was nuts!! I’d have to think long and hard about going back to the mound after that. SDSUUU with the last minute overtime win! I would have been shot on bracks on bracks had they lost!!

  21. Obama bowled a 37?!!

    Sorry, I realize that is not all I should be taking away from this...

  22. The Boss Button is killin' me!!!

  23. I didn't know what an "upset" was until just now. So, thanks for that. And that boss button is hilarious.

  24. So when I first heard this song at a janky scary hole in the wall club I was all like THIS IS MY JAM and proceeded to dance with the nearest black guy. But I thought he was saying "Ressurect" and not "Racks on racks." There is no point to this story except that I really appreciate you putting up this song. And that I am now older and wiser and know now what he is saying. I can't speak to any of the sports things because I'm just clueless about all that.

  25. Chapman had to get a metal plate in his face, so incredibly scary.

  26. sad that my Orange just lost ( so not sorry I missed getting my picks in). Last year we were at a Blue Jays game in Tampa when the pitcher got it with a line drive ( you could hear the ball hit up in the 300's, he is ok but he will never play again, it was horrible to see

  27. I know I'm way behind but I'll comment anyway...BOSS BUTTON?? That is beyooond genius!


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