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18 March 2014

Lifestyle Blogger Drinking Game

A couple of things before I let my awesome special guest take over... Thing #1-- March Madness Brackets... go fill them out right meow, you're running out of time! Thing #2: I brought an old March Madness post back from the dead and submitted it to Buzzfeed... fingers crossed it will be like The Devil Wears Ziplock all over again! A girl can dream right?!!?

Today I've asked one of my favorites, Ashley from Modernette, to take over the blog while I'm getting back in my groove at the office today after being away for a few days. Ashley's blog has everything you could ever need from DIY projects, to blogging tips, to gorgeous graphics, to music playlists filled with artists and songs you'll want to immediately add to your Spotify playlist! She's also hosting a giveaway below, so I'll let Ashley take it away!


As lifestyle bloggers, we deal with a lot of weird stuff that other people don’t.

For example, I almost referred to people who don’t blog as “normies.” Like, is that even a thing?

Anyways, while sitting here thinking about how strange the world of lifestyle blogging can be, I started a list that – well – eventually turned into a drinking game that is also illustrated with my favorite reality tv GIFs.

Cause we’re bloggers, guys, and that’s how we play. Hard.

Drink 1:

- Whenever you ask yourself a question out loud (“What the hell is a layer?”)

- For every unanswered email currently sitting in your Inbox.

- Whenever another blogger leaves a comment on your newest post that contains a grand total of three words followed by a really obvious link to their own blog.

- When you can’t find the right photo for a semi unplanned post, so you resort to using a picture of yourself taken last summer. Okay, two summers ago.

- Whenever you sit down to write a post, and end up on Pinterest instead.

- Everytime you pin something to come back to later, and can’t remember what board you pinned it to. Is this the Bermuda triangle, or something?

- Whenever you receive the Liebster Award.

Drink 2:

- For that moment of terror you feel when your blog doesn’t immediately load, and you come to find out your host is down.

- Every time you have to put together a makeshift background for photos that isn’t your television or the empty wall behind your bed.

- Anytime you’re on Google Plus.

- Everytime you rant about Blogger or Wordpress on Twitter.

- Whenever you can’t think of a good title for your post.

Finish It!:

- When your WiFi decides to stop working for no reason at all.

- Right before you decide to make your first video blog.

- When you actually remember to update your blog’s Facebook page.

- Every time a random overseas company contacts you to send you weird clothing.

- When you change one line in your website’s HTML code, and your entire layout goes totally haywire.

- When you resort to illustrating your post with GIFs. Problem?!


So now, if you're not too many sheets to the wind yet, let's have a giveaway shall we? Ashley is giving away a copy of her ebook, Hustle and Blog, as well as a month of her ‘Totally Bitchin’ ad space which is the highest/largest ad spot she offers at the moment! I'm also going to throw in ESPN sized Ad Space for Venus Trapped in Mars to sweeten the pot! 

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  1. I love this. I think Ashley is my spirit animal for writing it.

  2. ohh heck yes. and now i'm drunk. (off of diet coke but still)

  3. 115. The number of drinks I have to take just for my emails.
    Send help. And possibly a stomach pump.

  4. Haha! I think we ALL might need our stomachs pumped. Also, today might need to be canceled due to drunkenness.

  5. Wait. I'm in love with this. 11:30 isn't too early to start, right?

  6. I would be drunk every. single. day. after less than an hour. My wifi goes out multiple times a day and makes me want to choke something!

  7. I think I am going to need a bigger bottle of wine to play this game. Pretty sure it would be finished though lol.

  8. I'd be drunk constantly! I should be blacked out right this moment!

  9. I literally laughed out loud through this entire post!! I think this is your best drinking game yet :)

  10. hahah omg this is great.. i would be drunk all the time. i was SOOO frazzled the other morning when i was trying to finish a post (before work) and my internet wasnt cooperating. ugh. blogging problems for sure. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. This is so freaking funny. :D "Whenever another blogger leaves a comment on your newest post that contains a grand total of three words followed by a really obvious link to their own blog." We'll all be wasted before we get out of bed in the morning.

  12. Hahaha... "normies" that is classic and so true!

  13. Oh lawd and I am so wasted and the ceiling is spinning #everydrankcounted

  14. I just read both your buzzfeed articles and while I'm more partial to the march madness one (college basketball all the way!!) they were BOTH great!! It takes a rare woman to actually know the real stats behind a team to make an educated guess...and then there's still no guarantee you'll be right, I love the tournament!!! AHHH!!

  15. I would be wasted if I played that drinking game. And then I'd be no closer to answering those emails or finishing that blog post!

  16. I can't even put into words how much I love this...nailed it.

  17. - Whenever you sit down to write a post, and end up on Pinterest instead. ~ I'd be drunk everyday! I spend WAYYY to much there

  18. ha, this is amazing. if i played this though, someone would have to help me to bed, and i really wouldn't be getting any blogging done.

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  19. First off, I am still new to the party and had NO idea you were BuzzFeed famous! What what!? Those posts are great and I even shared them with my husband (who, if you remember, works in athletics). We'll be on the lookout for future posts courtesy of THE Venus.
    Second, that drinking game is super funny. I haven't experienced these all myself, but I can get them enough to laugh, which is the whole point obviously...Love it!

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