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14 March 2014

March Madness Announcement + MLB Opening Day Drinking Game

In case you didn't know from following me on the Instagram machine, I'm in Turks and Caicos Gonzales, Louisiana.

I'll keep today's post short and sweet because I'm supposed to be cleaning boats right now! But before I get to the manual labor du jour I wanted to announce a little March Madness fun that will be happening Monday with me and Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife!

Full details to come on Monday, because well, Selection Sunday hasn't happened yet. Be sure to tune in Sunday to CBS at 6pm EST! But today I've left you in very capable hands with Tori from A Little Leigh Way. She's bringing you an awesome MLB Opening Day (eeek it is so close!!) Drinking Game. I will for sure be playing, but raising my glass to the Texas Rangers (sorry Tori!!!). Take it away girlfriend!


Hi VTIM friends! I'm Tori & I blog at A Little Leigh Way. Sarah was one of the first bloggers I discovered when I began blogging last year, and I'm so excited to be hanging out on her page today! We share a love of baseball, and I am so excited for opening day at the end of the month.

So of course, I've already been planning some baseball themed cocktails & snacks (aka have spent all of my lunch hour on pinterest) which will clearly require an opening day drinking game. This can be used all season & with your springtime drink of choice!

No matter who you're rooting for (and I hope its a New York team) grab a drink & enjoy the season! I'll be tweeting and instragraming all season & am always looking for some baseball themed nails, drinks & outfits! So stop by and say hi!

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  1. I banned myself from MLB Opening Day because last year I had so many... "pops"... that I went #2 at the bar and my friend had to wipe my butt for me. Yeah. Yep.

  2. always linger on the hot girls! always.

  3. any drinking game is my favorite. even if it's sports related :)

  4. I'm not even a big baseball fan, but I do enjoy any excuse to drink large amounts of alcohol!

  5. Have fun in Louisiana! March Madness, baby!

  6. Love the drinking game because otherwise baseball is boring. I guess maybe it's not to people who aren't Cubs fans, but I wouldn't know.

  7. Per usual, I don't like sports but I might watch just to drink.

  8. That sounds like a perfect drinking game. I might have to play along with my glass of coke!

  9. Yay, March Madness!! I will be taking part in this!

  10. I don't read very closely and thought it was you that was saying go NY teams. I got the sads a bit and thought you abandoned my Cubbies before the season even began :( Cannot wait until opening day!!

  11. What a fun way to combine drinking and baseball... who wouldn't love that?!

  12. Wow MLB opening day is already coming up? How exciting!

  13. Hey Sarah!! Oh my gosh, your so lucky lol! Me and my b/f are dying to go down South on a mini vacay! I'm such a die hard craw fish lover and def. would love to try theirs one day! Enjoy your stay girl! ;) hagw!! xoxo

    1. If you haven't had crawfish in Louisiana then you haven't had crawfish period! ;)

  14. We had season tickets to the Baltimore Orioles last year...this Drinking Game sounds pretty fabulous and I'll be sharing it with friends ;)

  15. My husband asked if he could play on Sunday for the stateside Opening Day...and to the store we go (for beer, of course)!


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