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12 March 2014

Freebie + A Princess

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because I've got someone I want you to meet! Hah, poet. 

I wanted to direct you over to Heather's blog Glitter and Gloss where I made a "March to Your Own Beat" wallpaper freebie for her readers! You can download for iPhone and Desktop HERE

OH, and I tweeted this the other day...
And because a bunch of you had questions, I thought I would direct you to this old Saturday Sessions post (see tip #3!) which I think will help answer those questions, but by all means, feel free to leave a comment and I will of course help anyway I can! 


So today I have with us the newest newlywed of blog land, Dayna! This girl looked nothing short of stunning on her wedding day--- uh, hello, see that picture below?! But she isn't just a beauty, girlfriend has the brains too! Dayna is one of those bloggers that has an unbelievable talent for writing. From the beginning to the end of each post, her writing will suck you in, entertain and make you want to keep reading page after page of old posts. Today I've got her answering some questions  for us in a blog land Q&A! 

Salutations, People of Sarah Fandom,

I'm Dayna, and I run the blog known as Princess Burlap. You may remember me from Sarah's sidebar; I'm that little black button, typeface proclaiming that my husband is autistic. Say what? Yep, it's true. That means different things to different people, and for us, it makes for some good comedy, a lot of trial and error, but above all, a great love story.

We just got married a few weeks ago and it was a living fairytale. No really. As in, we had it in the woods and I dragged my dress through the mud and there was a spider on the sweetheart table. I understand Miss Sarah had some queries for me. They can be found below, in no particular order.

Q: Is Toast the best dog ever? Is he a better writer than you?

A: Toast has more fans than I do, no doubt about it. He gets tweets proclaiming undying devotion every time he blogs, and I know there exists a giant group of my readership that only subscribes and follows in anticipation of the latest Toast Post. Once he wrote about bottling Toast's Own ankle water and the crowd went wild. I don't even know how he first obtained the login information for my Wordpress account. While I at first tried to keep him off of my Macbook, he seemed to prevail and if I'm being perfectly honest, I've never seen him devote that kind of enthusiasm to anything. Well, except maybe Greenies. And butt scooting on carpets. He denies it all day long, but I catch him reading your comments for him over and over. I love the little guy, he's my first baby. If blogging brings a streak of joy to his stressful existence, then I'm all for it.

Q: What were you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

A: Honestly, I was most looking forward to hearing his vows (we surprised each other with vows we wrote ourselves) and I was not disappointed. I'll be posting those this week along with mine. Funnily, there was a moment even more special, a twinkling beauty upon a sea of moments, that I could never have anticipated and will never forget. Before finance, in another life, my husband had a recording contract with Sony Music / RCA Records. A motorcycle wreck killed his career and almost killed him, and so he found a more desk-friendly ambition. Until our wedding day, I'd never heard him sing. He swore he couldn't anymore. The band called us to stand under the globe lights and twinkles as our song began to play, and there, wrapped in the soft arms of our friends, our family and our love, he sang to me, and I lost my feet under the tulle. We were dancing upon cumulus clouds, the world fading away. It was the most romantic moment of my life.

Q: Which form of social media do you overuse? (Can we follow you on it, please?!)
A: I tend to go crazy with the Cheese Whiz when it comes to Instagram. That will only intensify as I get my photography business off the ground. There is a vivid, uncluttered magic in a photo.

Q: What has blogging taught you?

A: Blogging has taught me... confidence. Blogging has taught me that I have something to offer, something real. Blogging has taught me to be not afraid, because if you work hard, and you love something, it's painted all over your face and your blog and your work. The support of this beautiful community I'm building around me has brought about the elevation of dreams that before were destined to die as dreams too often do. Dreams of writing. Dreams of owning a photography business. Dreams of working for myself. Gifts of that nature can't possibly be valuated or repaid, but I am and will be forever grateful.

Blogging has changed my life.

Q: Direct us to a favorite post or two that you've written.
A: It's so hard to choose. I tend to write about ghosts a fair amount. In both a capacity of fear and of those long passed. I love those posts. Both the fun of writing them and the conversations they spark. Another favorite subject is the quirks and nuances of being in a relationship with a man who is on the Autism Spectrum. Oh. And that time we got busted with our pants down by a possible drug cartel leader in Costa Rica. Here are a few standouts:

Papa Danced With Us This Christmas

And We Never Found That Bag...

Toasted Love on White

Rainforest Sex and Mary Jane's Boyfriend
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  8. omg she looks like a bride in a magazine. Those ones that are so pretty but they're done up and retouched and not actually getting married it's just to show off the dress. You never see that in real life! She's like a fairy princess. I love it. And I love Toast!!

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    Next weekend you guys wanna meet for brunch? Sunday funday :) Text me!

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