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17 March 2014

Don't pinch! + March Madness Bracket Challenge

Don't Pinch, Don't Pinch, Don't Pinch!!! 
There is green on this blog. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, kids! Also known this year as happy day after Selection Sunday day. I'm not sure how HAPPY it is, unless of course you're Erin Andrews and a Florida Fan. 

I'm a little bitter if you haven't gathered that. Maybe not as bitter as an SMU fan, but I'm still pretty peeved off. My Tennessee Vols are in a play-in game!?! Um, hello... WHAT?! We dominated #1 seed Florida until the last mere seconds (minutes if you really want to split hairs) of the game... We obliterated #1 seed UVA 87-52. YES. 87-52!!! HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN!

Yet, my beloved Vols are in a play-in game against Iowa. *insert open mouthed whaaaaaaaaa emoji here*

Iowa was actually ranked for the majority of the season. My Vols have quite the road ahead of them! Let me just go on the record as saying this is going to be the most ridiculous bracket ever. And I AM PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is ready for #BracksOnBracksOnBracks2014?!?!?!?!?!!?

My only request, this year, is that you keep all limbs and bones inside your body for the remainder of the tournament.

Don't worry, I'm not going to show the Louisville player's bone sticking out of his shin. So, you want to come play in Bracks On Bracks on Bracks with me and Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife? Well here is how.....

Step 1: Add your link below, just like you would for any linkup

Step 2: Send $5 via paypal (as a gift so we aren't charged) to for the giveaway!

Step 3: Click HERE to go fill out your bracket! 

Step 4: Enter the “Pool Password” which is: onbracks (all lowercase)

Step 5: Make your WINNING picks! Fill out your bracks... on bracks on bracks!

Now keep in mind, you must enter and pay your $5 via paypal for the giveaway prizes by March 18th at 6:40pm (EST)! You don't have much time, so act fast! Come play with us, it is just 5 bucks.... Why not!! Please don't hesitate to ask me ANY questions you may have in the comments box! I'm here to help. (But don't ask who I'm picking because I won't answer that question for you my friend) 


  1. I'm way overly excited about this right now! Filling out my bracket tonight!!

  2. i hope you don't hate me that i don't get brackets. please still be my friend.

  3. UK was down by 16 and came back to within 1 against those pesky #1 Gators!!! Hard road ahead for the both of us in a crazy-tough bracket. Ready for some upsets!

  4. I'm so stoked at the seed SDSU got! So down for bracksonbracks.

  5. march madness is better than christmas! but technically i am not allowed to fill out a bracket to win moneys because i am an ncaa coach. womp womp

  6. I have never done a bracket before but I really love March Madness and more reasons to ditch work and drink beer on a weekday. How much research do I need to do to put together an educated bracket? Or can I be like the monkey who picks the stocks and does better than the broker?

  7. the word is fight fight fight for Iowa.... until the game is won!

  8. I love this! And I love that you shielded us from having to view that poor man's shin bone.

  9. Just filled out my brackets. Ready for March Madness to begin :)

  10. Ugh SOOOO not happy about the Vols placement, I really thought after how they've been playin and especially the FL game they'd be higher..thus is life, oh well, fingers crossed for a good run!! Go Big Orange!!

    1. Fingers, toes, shoelaces, arms!! Anything I can think of crossing I've got crossed!!!!

  11. Okay I filled out my bracket, but it gave me an option to fill out three different ones? I got confused and only filled out one so I think I did it right? Helpppp me I'm stupid lol.

  12. So excited about this! I really need to stop staring at my bracket! Its like in school when you changed your answer on a test - you always had the right answer at first and the changed it to the wrong one!


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