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01 February 2013

Things Girls Say During the Last 3 Minutes of the Game. {P.S. you should maybe not say these}

The {insert team name} are looking good. They totally have it won.

Other team just scored, down by 7, there is no way {insert team name} can win now.

I really like your team's outfits.

Why do they all have to be so matchy matchy?

When was the last time they lost a game?

Can we watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now?

How much longer?

Tom Brady is so hot. 

OMG! Tracy just posted pictures of her 1 minute old baby and uploaded 467 pictures to her new Facebook album. Let's use the apple TV and look at the pictures on the big screen.

How many calories are in this dip?

What is a touchdown?

What is a first down?

Who are the guys in black and white stripes?

I love black and white stripes. I just got a new coat from Forev that was like totally cheap and super cute, want me to model it?

How many consecutive starts does your quarterback have now without a single injury? 

Ok, so no to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but you totally love when I end up making you watch the Bachelor. He's athletic. Can we change it to that?

My ex boyfriend was a quarterback.

My ex boyfriend played for this team for a while actually.

My ex boyfriend is Andrew Luck, have you heard of him? I don't think he get's to start though.

Is this chicken we are eating or is this Tuna?

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