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13 February 2013

Wow Your Man Wednesday: MJ Turns 50

Michael Jordan (In dictionary under: greatest human to ever play basketball)

I say human because we ALL remember space jam and no one can compete with the Monstars... not even Michael Jordan and that time he competed with the Monstars can compete with the Monstars.
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They were cheating with their stolen talent anyway.
Charles Barkley is still waiting for his back, by the way.

Ole' Old MJ turns 50 this week and here is a look back at his career highlights so you can wow your man with a little MJ info. 

Attended a small school in North Carolina you may have heard of... The University of North Carolina.
I'm sure MJ took into consideration how nicely the powder blue would work on his skin tone. 

Here he is dunking, and here he is dunking, and here he is dunking

While in college he won the Naismith and the Wooden College Player of the Year awards. 
AKA he was MVP.

Won a gold medal in the summer olympics

Won the Rookie of the Year award playing with da Bulls.

Here he is dunking, and here he is dunking, and here is Peyton and Eli after dunking.

Here are the records he holds (and probably will always hold):

Won the ESPY for athlete of the century award. 
That is impressive considering he had only been alive for about 35% of the century. 

Came out of retirement to play with the Washington Wizards. Nothing you really missed with that.

Moving on...

MJ now likes to play golf, get divorces and wear Hanes.
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So happy birthday MJ, Love Venus!

On a not so unrelated to MJ note.. don't forget to get your Beer Bracket Challenge Score Cards in today! You can comment on the post or email your cards to Venus. You don't have to try every single beer... but you know I would ;)

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  1. Amaaaaazing post- as usual. Our copy of Sports Illustrated just came in yesterday and it's allllll about MJ. His 50th birthday and this cover makes his 50th SI cover he's been on- pretty cool! He's the freaking man :)


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