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28 February 2013

Brandi Glanville Guest Post: Scoring in Basketball

Hello, Venus Lovers. I am taking the day off to bring you a special guest post from the one and only...

Brandi Glanville! 
Disclaimer: in no way is this a special guest post from Brandy Glanville, I wouldn't let that crazy bia bia on my blog.

Hi- I'm Brandi Glanville, star of the RHOBH and recently everyone "Saw My Boobs" at the Oscars. 
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You are probably asking, "Why was I at the Oscars?"
I was personally asking,"How'd she get so shiny?"
But that is neither here nor there BECAUSE I am your guest on VTIM today to talk about basketball, not the Oscars. 

I will explain ways to score in basketball based on the many fights I pick with people in my social circle. 
disclaimer: none of these people are in her social circle. Brandi has a vivid imagination

1. The Layup / Slam Dunk

Compare this to my argument with that girl from Sur, Scheana. You know, the one that blinks non stop  and slept with my ex husband Eddie. Well, everyone and their sister slept with Eddie but I digress.

This argument was an easy 2 point basket for me! Girlfriend was kissing my boney behind the whole time, I hardly even needed to put forth any effort. 

 2. Foul Shot = 1 point

Let's compare the foul shot to my 0 on 1 interviews with the camera on RHOBH. None of my attackers can argue back. 
Everyone that hates me can line up and watch, but no one can touch. 

I am left alone with my words, the F bomb and a Bravo television crew. 

3. Three Point Shot

Let's compare the 3 point shot to my blowout with Adrienne and Paul at Maurico's business party. It was 2 on one and they were all up on me. It was a long shot, but I still made this one because they left the party in a huff and I got to stay and drink 17 bottles of wine to calm my nerves. 

3 points for me! 

So I hope I helped you kids understand the ease/difficulty of scoring points in basketball! 

I gotta go back to my dusty brown shack on the outskirts of Beverly Hills where I try and pretend like I'm one of societies' elite every day. 

Shut the F up, already.  

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