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25 February 2013

Weekend Roudup: What You Should Know!

Lots-o-sports-stuff happens on the weekends. If you were in a Nyquil induced coma this weekend (like I was) here is what you may have missed! 

She didn't win, finished in 8th. All that hullabaloo for nothing. 
She did set a record: first woman to lead a lap in a race in Nascar’s top series. 

Thank god it was just one lap... I'd hate to list that 500 times for you. 

First woman to lead a lap
First woman to lead two laps
First woman to lead three laps
Firs..... I'm tired.

Jimmie Johnson won. Hi, you're hot. 
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To whom it may concern at JCrew: Here is your new catalog family.
You're welcome.
Sincerely, Venus.
What in the hyena is this you ask?

NFL combine is a week long camp for college football players (aspiring NFL rookies) to perform physical and mental tests in front of NFL coaches/scouts. Goal is to get NFL offers, obvi.

Physical: You guys are smart. Not sure I need to explain. 
Run fast, lift a lot, be good at athletic football stuff.

Mental: This is where it get's entertaining... 

1. Interviews: Can the potential rookie talk good and junk?
"I is a foutball players, and I want to give ups to God and my moms and my boyz who said I culd do dis"

2. Drug Screen: Uh oh! 
On a scale of 1 to Lindsay Lohan.... how many drugs are in their system?

3. The Wonderlic Test:
50 multiple choice questions that have to be answered in 12 minutes. 
Score of 20 = average intelligence
Score of 10 = person is at least literate

Scored a 48-50: You Probably Went to Harvard
Best Wonderlic score of all time:
Pat McInally, Punter (punter shouldn't count but whatevs)
Harvard grad (of course)
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Scored a 4-5: Stay in Skool! The worst ever to play in the NFL was Morris Claibrone who scored a 4 in 2012. 

Here are the reasons I'm not going to pick on him (in no particular order)
1. He has a learning disability (obvisouly)
2. Plays for my Dallas Cowboys

So instead all pick on someone his own size.
Frank Gore
Running Back for the San Fran 49ers
Scored a 6
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Frank is probably far more street smart than book smart, I'm sure.
They are really hard questions though... 

Let me take a moment to thank God (and of course my parents) for my college education 
Said education allowed me to drink lots of beer and in turn, play endless hours of photo hunt at Hannah's Bar and Grill. 
Wonerlic perfect score here I come.

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So yeah, the NFL combine camp is underway, hot and heavy.
 I miss camp. 
I wonder if waterskiing is included in the cost of camp activities?
Monte Te'o told me it was and he never lies. 
He even made me reservations for lessons tomorrow with his girlfriend! 
What a sweet guy.

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  1. so basically I don't have to watch any sports and I can just come to your blog and understand everything. I am happy.

  2. That's the goal! Do you think I really watched cars drive around the same circle 500 times? We all have our little secrets!

  3. You know I love the McInally reference! WHODEY ;)

    PS- when you comment below someone, for instance Helene, she won't necessarily see it! You'd have to hit reply underneath her specific comment OR if your comments come to your email address, you can reply directly from there too!! :)

    1. Look at that! Thanks for the heads up, I had no idea!!


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