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20 February 2013

Wow Your Man Wednesday: Danica Patrick

I'm on a plane. 
Got my nautical themed pashmina afghan and my flippy floppys. 


But really, this blog post is costing me $10. Paid for 60 minutes of wifi got 30 free. Score. 

So you're welcome I paid the $10, better type fast...

Let's WOW your man, shall we?

This may be my first and possibly last post regarding NASCAR. 
I'm not sure why I have never really gotten into Nascar, it has all of my favorite things in life... binge day drinking, red neck watching, Ricky Bobby, an excuse not to shower that day... 

I don't know what to do with my hands.
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Danica "Go Daddy" Patrick
Became the first woman to win the pole position for the Daytona 500 this week.

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I have the hardest time in the WORLD seeing how this is even remotely possible. 
I'm assuming Nascar has never been to the Cheetah lounge during spring break down there in Daytona. 
Women win the pole position every 15 minutes.

She didn't really win anything yet. 
The race isn't even until this weekend. 
She just get's to go first.

To clarify...

But alas, here is my question. Why shouldn't she get to go first anyway??
I can't think of a time women didn't get to go first...

Ordering dinner
Walking through doorways
Exiting the Titanic

Maybe the drivers all just got together and said, "Let's just let Danica go first this time.  Like all women, she'll probably be late anyways. Women drivers, SMH."

Good luck on the pole in Daytona this weekend, Danica. One girl on the pole and 43 men staring at her behind in Daytona. Yup, sounds about right. 
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  1. FIrst off---- you said LYLAS, which is basically the best way to start off a blog post. And girll you are dedicated!!! Paying for wifi for a single post- that's legit :)

  2. I love your analogy! I had no idea what pole position meant, I was thinking like stripper pole!! Haha! Yes, she should totally go 1st!

  3. Thank you for explaining this to be in Super Mario's really the only way I would ever understand/like racing


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